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A Guide To The Must-Have Perfectly Pink Gemstones

Pink gemstones have been useful to make jewelry. We are not surprise that it also has been energy-giving centers for hundreds of years!

These gorgeous little stones come in an array of stunning shades and patterns. We would want to have them on our skin and around our house, too!

Each type of pink gemstone not only looks unique, but also has a special set of properties and powers, if you have interest in the spiritual elements of crystals and gemstones.

To discover your favorite type of pink gemstone, take a look at our list below. This covers all of our most loved pink gemstones, with a description of each one.

Pink Spinel

First on our list of pretty pink rocks is pink spinel. This stone is so gorgeous that it is often in use as a more affordable alternative to rubies. This is why it is seen in plenty of luxury jewelry items.

The color of these stones tends to range from bright pink to pastel pink. They are always transparent and sparkling.

Pink spinel is extremely rare, even though it is relatively affordable. So, it can be a great option for those who love pink sapphires or rubies but cannot afford them.

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We love this gemstone. We don’t know why it is not as popular as other pink gemstones. This is why we put it at the very top of our list!

Pink Apatite

Next up, a gorgeous light pink crystal. This can come with a clarity ranging from translucent to almost completely transparent.

Apatite is commonly in shades of green, as well as blue and gray, but we definitely prefer the pink gemstones.

This rock is fairly common due to apatite being one of the most commonly found phosphate minerals. So you have probably already come across it in jewelry stores and stalls.

However, this stone is fairly soft and difficult to work with, so many people prefer to keep it as a healing stone.

One of the properties associated with pink apatite is its ability to promote personal growth.

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People think that the gem has the power to clear your mind and help you to align your priorities. Which in turn helps you to pursue the right paths.

Some people also believe that the stone has physical benefits too and that it can help to heal bones.

Pink Coral

This gemstone is also available in white, blue, red, and black, but we absolutely love the light baby-pink coral gems.

Commonly found in Italy, this gemstone is smooth, shiny, and - like pearls - it is formed by actual living organisms in the sea!

They think that pink coral has the power to increase one’s clarity of mind. It can improve focus as well as the ability to heighten confidence and bravery.

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Pink coral is stunning. If you want to have the best chances of benefitting from coral’s energies, it is thought that red coral is the strongest of the coral gemstones.

pink gemstones
Image by starbright from Pixabay

Pink Diamond

We did not know this until pretty recently, but diamonds don’t just come in a translucent colorless form. They also come in a range of colors!

Diamonds can be white, gray, orange, red, yellow, and green, and of course we are extremely happy to find out that diamonds can also be pink!

Forget a classic clear diamond engagement ring, we want a pink one!

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Diamonds are considered to be the most luxurious gemstones, so, unsurprisingly, pink diamonds come with a hefty price tag.

If we had the money, though, we would fill our jewelry boxes with these gorgeous bright baby pink gems!

As well as being beautiful and expensive, diamonds also have very high frequencies that are able to illuminate one’s mind and spiritual energy.

Moreover, people also think that diamonds have the power to promote creativity in those who wear them. It help people follow their intuition.

As if we weren’t sold already, many people believe that diamonds help to combat the effects of aging! What more could you ask for from a little rock? This gemstone really has it all.

Pink Moonstone

This gorgeous glowing gemstone is similar to mother of pearl in appearance; it is sort of iridescent and really shimmers like the moon because of its adularescence. As well as pink moonstone, the rock can also be blue, green, gray, and brown.

For hundreds of years, people have worn moonstones as a source of protection. Also, they are called moonstones not only because of their appearance, but because of their strong ties with the moon and its associations.

Moonstone promotes strength, personal growth, mental stability, and is particularly helpful during new chapters of your life. This is because of its inspirational power. We could all use a little more mental stability - watch us add ten of these to our shopping cart…

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Although pearls are classically white - hence the phrase ‘pearly white' - these little round gems can also be found in pretty much every color under the sun. Pearls can be black, blue, purple, ivory, silver, gold, and - you guessed it - pink.

Pink pearls are predominantly sourced from freshwater mollusks, and can range in color from very light pink to a deep blush. We personally love the subtlety of very light pink pearls, but all of the shades are beautiful.

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Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June. It is in use to make all types of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and all other types of jewelry. Pearls are very classy gems, and can really elevate any look.

One of the main associations of pink pearls is of innocence, and their pink color also relates them to romance. Pearls are thought to promote spiritual growth, and are often used by those who are trying to find their spiritual purpose.

Because some types of pearls are grown in the sea, there is an urban legend that wearing pink pearls whilst in the ocean will protect you from sharks.


Most of the pink gemstones on the list so far have been pretty light in color. However, if you are looking for something a bit more vibrant and eye-catching, pink pezzottaite might be perfect for you.

Pezzottaite is actually only available in shades of pink, and these shades can range from deep fuschia to very light rose.

The mid and dark shades of the stone are tremendously brilliant. They reflect lots of light, but are also very interesting to look at; they are mostly translucent but they also have lots of markings within the crystal.

Pezzottaite is pretty rare, so you would be lucky to come across it at an affordable price. Investing in the gem would be highly worth it though, because not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also has great powers.

Pezzottaite is thought to calm its owner, and provide them with a sense of peace and clarity. Alongside this, the gemstone is known to boost bravery, and even has detoxifying capacities.


This next gemstone is intriguing and unique. It is not just one block color, but alongside the pink shades, there are also some darker gray lines, and hints of orange and ivory streaks.

It is a fairly soft stone, but it is still commonly used to make artistic jewelry items. You can find rhodochrosite in faceted gem forms, as well as in the form of beads.

Rhodochrosite is not just a pretty face; it is considered to be one of the strongest and most potent love gemstones.

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

It connects with your heart, and helps you to direct your romantic emotions in the right way, all whilst strengthening those emotions. Because of its beautiful appearance and renowned romantic powers, rhodochrosite is fairly pricey.

It is not the most expensive gemstone on the block, but each carat is going to set you back at least a couple of hundred dollars. Money can't buy you love, but buying a rhodochrosite might help…

Rose Quartz

This gemstone is one of the most popular pink gemstones in the gemstone collecting world. As the name would suggest, the color of this stone is usually a pale rosy pink. However, rose quartz can also be found in deeper shades of pink, and even rose red.

This gemstone is used for multiple things; it is used for ornamentation and decoration, it is used to make beauty products, it can be made into sculptures, and is included in lots of jewelry.

Rose quartz has very strong associations with romance and love, and it symbolizes the healing of emotional wounds.

Image by Oscar from Pixabay

Because of this, many crystal users turn to rose quartz when they are facing a crossroads in their romantic lives, for example if they are going through a break-up or are questioning their relationship.

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Benefits of the gemstone that also help in those situations are its ability to foster self love, and its gentle vibrations.

Many people think that wearing crystals on the skin makes it easier for them to absorb the qualities of the gems, which is why rose quartz is often worn as a pendant near the heart.

Pink Sapphire

Sapphires are most commonly blue, and blue sapphires are definitely attractive and beautiful, but pink lovers will be pleased to hear that sapphires can also be pink.

In fact, sapphires come in pretty much all colors of the rainbow, except for red, for some reason.

Pink sapphires are the second most sought after sapphires after blue ones, which makes them very expensive and quite a luxury.

Photo by Sabrianna on Unsplash

Lots of people are turning to pink sapphire engagement rings as colorful alternatives to the classic diamond ones.

As with lots of other pink gemstones, pink sapphire has strong associations with romance and love. It is thought that the many qualities of the stone can help you in your search for finding a partner.

One of the reasons for this is because they have a strong connection to the sun, and therefore have the ability to give their wearer brightness and confidence.

Sapphires are also associated with prosperity and success, so when that is combined with their romantic elements, these stones are very useful for someone who is struggling to find their dream partner.

Pink Garnet

Garnets are most frequently used in their red form, and are a staple ingredient in high-end jewelry. The garnet is the birthstone for the Aquarius star sign, and is sometimes referred to as rhodolite garnet.

Most of the pink garnets still have a tinge of red to them, but can range from deep reddish pink to a light rose shade.

If you are struggling to picture it, the stone looks very similar to the stone used in the Harry Potter films to represent the Philosopher’s stone!

Pink garnet is beautiful on its own, as well as in jewelry pieces. In terms of the stone’s power, it is recognized as having the ability to strengthen one’s kindness, love, and spiritual capacity, and it should be worn close to the heart for users to experience its full potency.


Morganite is a beautiful crystal, which comes from the same family as emeralds and aquamarine.

Morganite is pink in color, but can range in depth from deep salmon tones to light pink ones. Some of the gemstones even look slightly purple!

It is a very beautiful stone, and it has great qualities to match. Morganite represents love, balance, and harmony, and can be beneficial to those seeking guidance in their romantic relationships.

Because of the associations of light pink, very light pink morganite gemstones can also be seen to represent innocence and pure intentions.

Pink Opal

Pink opals are one of the rarest types of the opal gemstone. They are incredibly beautiful gemstones, and they have the same iridescent qualities as regular opals.

They can be any shade of pink from pinky-white, all the way to deep dark pinks. Sometimes, they are even a bit lavender-y in color!

They are not transparent, like many other pink gemstones, but they are opaque. Interestingly, each pink opal has lots of water stored inside, which means that they are quite sensitive to sunlight.

If you keep your opal in the sun for too long, the stone could dry out and even break.

As with lots of pink gemstones, pink opals really resonate with one’s heart and romantic aura. This gem is able to connect deeply with your heart chakra, and fills you with its calm and soothing vibrations.

Because of this, many people turn to opals for help when they are going through a breakup or experiencing some kind of romantic turmoil.

Overall, this stone is rejuvenating and positive, and would be a great addition to anyone’s gemstone collection.


Most people place this gemstone in the purple gemstone category, because most amethysts do appear purple in color.

However, there are plenty of amethysts out there that have strong pink colors, and reddish tints.

Amethyst is believed to have the power to purify its surrounding area, so lots of people use the stone around the home as decoration. Also, its beauty makes it a popular choice in jewelry.

Because purple is a regal color, amethysts used to be strongly associated with nobility and royal families.

When this was the case, there was a time when only royal people were allowed to wear amethyst! Luckily, the beautiful stone is now available to anyone who wants it.

As well as its purifying properties, the stone is also considered to bring bravery and strength to those who own it, and give them more conviction in themselves and their decisions.

Its purifying qualities also mean that if you wear it, your mind will be cleansed and your whole aura recharged.

Pink Aventurine

Although most of the aventurine gemstones are green in color, there are a few beautiful pink ones that slip through the net.

Pink aventurine has a very interesting appearance; it has strong undertones of pink, but is mottled with grays, whites, oranges, and more.

Because of this beautiful marbled appearance, pink aventurine can be found in all sorts of items, ranging from high-end jewelry to household crockery to statues.

One of pink aventurine’s strongest powers is its ability to give the wearer strength, and to improve success when facing difficult times.

Because of this, it is widely believed that the stone was used by warrior queens of the Amazon to protect them and keep them safe from harm.

Although this example is pretty intense, its strengths can be applied to every day, mundane life, and can fill anyone with inner strength and protection.

Where Can I Buy Pink Gemstones?

Pink gemstones are so beautiful and versatile that they are constantly in high demand. Because of this, most types of pink gemstones will be available to purchase on most online gemstone or crystal stores.

It can be really nice to pick out your own gemstones in a physical store in the real world, so we would highly recommend finding gemstone stores in person before you start your online search.

However, the rarer types of pink gemstones are unlikely to always be in stock in these physical stores, so finding them online might be your best bet.

As with any online purchase, before you add to cart, make sure that you are buying your gemstones from a legitimate company or jewelry store.

Sometimes finding online reviews of the website will help you to figure out if the site is trustworthy or not.

Final Thoughts

Pink gemstones are, in our opinion, some of the most beautiful naturally-occurring things that Mother Nature has to offer us. They are colorful, cute, pretty, dazzling, and every single one is unique.

Alongside their evident beauty, each type of pink gemstone has a unique set of powerful qualities that are believed to improve your life and bring healing into it.

Whether you decide to find some pink gemstone jewelry, or opt for larger crystals to keep around your home, we would really recommend trying out these gorgeous things.

Even if you do not obviously feel their benefits immediately, you are guaranteed to have something gorgeous to look at whenever you please!

A Guide To The Must-Have Perfectly Pink Gemstones