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A Complete Guide On Super Scorpio Gemstones

Scorpio is the eight sign of the zodiac. It applies to those born under the Scorpio constellation between the dates of October 23rd and November 22nd.

You don’t mess with Scorpios – that is a rule that everybody knows and respects. Why? Because Scorpios are some of the feistiest people out there who will fight back when threatened.

It’s easy to see why their symbol is the ferocious scorpion. If you try to take on a Scorpio, don’t be surprised when you end up stung.

Scorpios do not know intimidation or fear. This also represents the symbol, taken from the monstrous scorpion that took down one of the greatest Greek mythological heroes, Orion.

The scorpion is the perfect symbol for Scorpios. Because they are quiet yet can be incredibly dangerous when they are on their guard.

All of this feistiness often leads people to assume that Scorpios are fire signs when in reality, they’re not – they are actually water signs.

Scorpios are actually very in touch with their emotions and far more sensitive than some people would initially think. This is why they bite back with such ferocity. If you hurt them, they feel it and want you to feel that pain too.

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Another unique trait about Scorpios is that they actually have two ruling planets – Mars and Pluto.

Pluto represents the dark side that resides in all Scorpios as Pluto is named after the Roman god of death. Hence why it represents the more negative aspects of a Scorpio’s personality.

Mars symbolizes the more positive aspects of a Scorpio. It includes their determination and passion as Mars is also closely related to the Roman god of war.

This may sound like all doom and gloom for Scorpios. But they are actually some of the most interesting individuals alive.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

They are brave and loyal, making great friends and colleagues who you know will support and encourage those around them.

They are also very creative and naturally curious. Thanks to their connection to the element of water. This also makes them very adept at figuring out other people’s emotions and motives.

Scorpios are often regards with caution, but they are just as human as everyone else. Treat them well, and they won’t cause you any trouble. Cross them and…well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A Complete Guide On Super Scorpio Gemstones

Birthstone And Crystals

Scorpios get a bad rep from other zodiac signs who write them off as the destructive. Evil sign of the zodiac.

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

But Scorpios are not those things. Sure, they may have a dark side that can show itself in many ways, but it’s not fair to paint all Scorpios with the same brush.

While they all have similarities. They also have traits that differ from each other, making every Scorpio unique in their own way.

Because Scorpios often feel misunderstood and overlooked, they tend to lash out using their fiercer side to hide the deep emotions they are feeling.

Scorpios require balance to help them channel all of that negative energy without showing their vulnerability to others.

Gemstones and healing crystals are a great way for a Scorpio to do just that, helping them expel their negative energy in a way that will not damage their image in the eyes of others.

Despite their courage, Scorpios do not like to appear vulnerable or meek to others (hence why they cover this up by being overly feisty and fierce) so a gemstone is the ideal way for Scorpios to balance themselves in private.

Two great gemstones to use are the two birthstones of Scorpio. The first is Topaz as it is the birthstone of November.A nd also Opal, one of the two birthstones associated with October.

We will talk about each one in a bit more depth later. But, both stones are great for neutralizing negative energy.

Scorpios require balance, and another great way to solve that issue is to pair them with bright, dazzling stones that bring a lot of warmth and color to their lives.

Due to their strong emotional side, a Scorpio will be able to reflect the stone’s radiance in their own behavior as they can empathize with its aura and channel that through themselves.

So it just makes sense for a Scorpio to cling onto a bright, colorful stone in those moments when they feel their dark side taking over and negatively impacting their life.

It should not be the case that the gemstones fills the Scorpio with toxic positivity. Everyone is allowed their downtime when they don’t have to feel positive and upbeat. But, if a Scorpio feels that they need a little balance in their life to help set them on the right path towards success. Then some of the following gemstones could be just the trick.


Topaz is a main birthstone for Scorpio as it is the gemstones for the month of November. It’s a bright, dazzling precious gemstone that can come in a range of colors, each just as mystical as the next.

Image by John Vossen from Pixabay

Yellow topaz is a great gemstone for bringing brightness and optimism to a Scorpio’s life. It helps them turn away from their dark side in order to get things done.

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It repels feelings of jealousy and envy, guiding Scorpios towards positive relationships built on understanding and fairness.

However, it is blue topaz that is the gemstone that connects best with Scorpios is great for communication and spurring a Scorpio into action.

This radiant energy can be a huge help. It is when a Scorpio feels it's their turn to do some apologizing and make up for their actions.

It takes a lot of courage to do something like that and while Scorpios are hardly short on bravery, it can’t help to hold onto some blue topaz to help inspire them even more.

Blue topaz helps clear the throat chakra. By allowing communication to come more easily and softens the words that can sometimes come across as a little blunt or sharp.

It’s ability to inspire action also pairs great with a Scorpio’s lack of passivity as they are the first ones to jump to someone’s defense when they are wrong.

Overall, blue topaz is a gemstone that symbolizes the mediator, someone who can solve conflicts with the power of words.

As Scorpios are natural warriors and defenders, blue topaz is a gemstone that just speaks to them on many levels.

It’s beautiful and incredibly versatile, making it an ideal gemstone for the collection of every Scorpio.


Healing is very important to Scorpios as they often find themselves coming to blows with others and their connection to the water element makes them deeply emotional and thus, easy to upset.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

Negative energy thrives in a Scorpio’s heart. So it’s essential for them to purge it as typically as they can using incredibly effective stones. One such stone is opal, a light that counters the darkness that resides within Scorpios.

This precious Scorpio gemstones is closely linked to the moon. It symbolizes comfort and luck with constant comparisons to imagery of milk and pearls.

This kind of energy that just oozes out of this bright, pale stone is perfect for soothing the irritated patches of a Scorpio’s soul, cleansing the heart and healing wounds.

Opal is a gemstone that lends a different kind of strength than other stones. The kind of strength that inspires one to look towards the future with optimism despite the pain.

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Its comfort is akin to knowing that while the heartbreak hurts, it won’t last forever. Opal is great for recognizing pain, validating one’s emotions. But also reminds them that the future is still bright and that things will change.

It’s a great support to have after a breakup or when moving away from home – the change can be tough, but things will get better and a few opal worry stones can help support you through that process.


Scorpios find it very easy to get worked up. They are highly emotional which makes them great at empathizing with others, but they can often be quick to anger and lash out the moment they feel wronged or hurt.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

To balance this, beryl is a great gemstone to help counter that Scorpio instinct to rain fire down on those who have crossed them – at least until they can think of more subtle ways to get their revenge.

Beryl is the stone for calming minds and hearts thanks to its pale green color. It is delicate and soft, radiating gentleness and kindness that a Scorpio can channel to keep their cool.

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Beryl emits soft vibrations that speak to the heart, filling the chakra there with sweetness and positive energy.

That is not to say that beryl encourages you to lay down like a doormat and let other people do what they please.

No, beryl can inspire rationality and wisdom for a Scorpio to see a more mature path that can help them cut out the toxic influences in their lives and still leave the battlefield looking like the bigger person.

It is the kind of energy a Scorpio needs when dealing with impossible clients, insulting bosses, and irritating relatives that simply blowing up on can spell more disasters for the Scorpio that would seriously impact their life.

When in these kinds of situations, beryl is the supportive stone that can help a Scorpio hang in there until they can find a new job or move away from their suffocating family.

So if you are in a tight spot, beryl could be the comfort you need to help you keep your cool until the time is right to get up and walk out.


A perfect counter to the dark side of a Scorpio is citrine - a bright yellow stone that just screams sunshine and happiness. In fact, despite their differences, Scorpio and citrine actually have a lot in common.

Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay

Both are very sharp with a lot of confidence that refuses to be overlooked or outshone. Scorpios have courage in abundance, so they connect well with citrine despite their darker side.

It is perfect for sending positive vibes in a Scorpio’s way, allowing them to channel that kind of energy and reflect it in their own mood and behavior.

Just as citrine can shine as bright as the sun, it can help a Scorpio glow similarly to leave good impressions on those around them and to build stronger bonds with others.

Citrine is the Scorpio gemstones to use to inspire self-confidence, positive energy, and just feelings all around feeling good.

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It’s the perfect summer gemstone to help Scorpios through some of the most tiring time of the year, powering them up, so they can party and enjoy life from dawn to dusk.

It’s great to wear as jewelry as it radiates warmth and happiness that really lift the mood at a party.

So, it just makes sense for a Scorpio to use citrine to bring a little sunshine and warmth to their life.


Although gemstones can help bring warmth and cheer to a Scorpio’s life, obsidian is one of the best stones for them to use when it comes to just chilling out.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

As we said before, balance is vital for a Scorpio to thrive and sometimes too much citrine or topaz can be a bad thing. Everyone is entitled to their downtime, to just not be up things today and no sign knows that better than a Scorpio.

It’s important to remember that their dark side is a part of themselves that needs attention and love too. It’s best released in quiet meditation and chill time when a Scorpio can recharge alone from the irritations of others.

This is where obsidian comes in. It’s the perfect stone for those dark days when all a Scorpio wants to do is to focus on themselves. Obsidian is as black as ink.

It’s a dreamy kind of dark that is reminiscent of a night without a moon. Because of this, obsidian is an amazing grounding stone. It can help a Scorpio rest and recover after long periods of interaction and emotional stress.

Obsidian is also a great protective stone. It can cloak a Scorpio in a barrier to help shield them from emotional bombardment. Also, keeping them safe and sound in their own shell until they are ready to burst free and flaunt their fierce personalities once more.

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It’s all about balance and obsidian is the stone that counters the brighter, sparkly gemstones on our list.

It’s the must-have gemstone for Scorpios to counter too much positivity and reminds them that darkness is not always bad. It can be protective, comforting and grounding, and deserves just as much to solve as the other parts of a Scorpio’s being.

Using And Cleansing Gemstones

When it comes to using the gemstones you have chosen, there are many of potential methods you can use.

Some gemstones are more suited for certain methods than others. For example, topaz and citrine would make for better jewelry pieces as they can be worn and admired due to their bright colors and amazing shine.

Scorpios can benefit greatly from this as it allows them to radiate positive vibes while having these important gemstones close to their skin at all times.

Skin contact is very essential when it comes to using Scorpio gemstones. It allows energy to be soaked into the person with ease. Also allows the vibrations to work more effectively at clearing chakras.

However, Scorpios are not always about flash and glamour. Sometimes, they prefer to try to sort their emotions out in private as lashing out can often land them in hot water.

So, worry stones or stones used in altars for meditation are also a great choice for Scorpios to use their chosen gemstones.

This works especially well for opals and obsidian. They can be passed from hand to hand, offering guidance and strength during those private, emotional moments.

Overall, there are many ways a Scorpio can use their chosen gemstones. But, they should all remember to cleanse them frequently.

Scorpios, as water signs, go through a lot of emotions and emit a lot of negative energy naturally. This means that their stones fill up very frequently.

So, empty your Scorpio gemstones of negative energy by running them under warm water or smudging them with some sage. Then, you can recharge them by either leaving them in moonlight or sunlight until they are ready to use again.

Seeing as Scorpios are such emotional beings. It’s probably wise that they stock up, so they always have a stone at hand when they need it the most.

Birthstone and crystals for Scorpio


Scorpios are often underappreciated and unfairly disrespected individuals who have a lot of good to give to the world.

They are great at standing up for themselves and others, and although some may see them as aggressive. It’s only because they hate to see injustice and wrongs committed.

Their darker side is frequently use as an excuse for people to look down on Scorpios. But this part of them should be love and accepted just like the rest of them.

That dark side can easily be countered with precious Scorpio gemstones. It can manifest in other ways that can actually prove to be beneficial to Scorpios and those around them. So long as it remains balanced.

So, if a Scorpio is ever in need of balance or brightness in their life. Then the above gemstones are ideal for helping them grow emotionally and strengthen their spirits.

A Complete Guide On Super Scorpio Gemstones