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Taurus Colors: Everything You Need To Know

Our brains can perceive the beauty of colors, but color can affect us on deeper levels. When you were just a kid, you are often asked about your favorite color. This may seem a simple question, but your answer can give great insight into your personality traits as well as highlight what your zodiac sign is.

Colors bring about several visceral reactions, they elicit emotional reactions, both positive and negative, and also have an influence on energy levels, libido, appetite, creativity, and memory.

Colors has a connections to different elements. Using them in conjunction with the zodiac helps people to achieve optimal health. In the piece, we look specifically at the sign of the bull, Taurus, as a zodiac sign before delving into details about Taurus colors and colors that Taureans should avoid.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

People born between April 20th and May 20th are born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Bull symbolizes this zodiac sign and there is a belief that the planet Venus rules this zodiac sign.

The Taurus zodiac sign has an earthy, sensual, and nurturing nature. It represents a person who loves to be in love with life and enjoys being around people and animals. They are very passionate about their family and friends.


The Taurus personality type is a practical, down-to-earth, and stable individual. Taureans have a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards others. They can be stubborn at times, but they also have a good heart.

Spending time with their loved ones and enjoying doing things together as a family or group is a treasured thing for these people, and they are extremely loyal and honest in relationships.

They are usually calm and patient people both in their personal and professional lives. They are not impulsive and do not like change.

Taurus personality type is also related to the element of fire. Fire is a positive energy that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. For Taureans, they do not hold the fieriness that most other zodiac signs hold.

The element of fire represents the passion that these individuals have more so than the aggressive drive that is often associated with the fire element.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Taurus Personality Traits

There are personality traits those people born under Taurus star sign. Below are the explanations.

  • Passionate – Taureans are passionate about everything they do. They want to share their ideas and feelings with others and it is this that makes them very social and outgoing.
  • Sensitive – They are sensitive and compassionate and they feel deeply for other people’s feelings. They are easily hurt and will try to make up for it later on.
  • Loyal – They are loyal and trustworthy and believe in loyalty and honesty. Dishonesty is something that is not received well by Taureans. They are faithful and committed in their familial, platonic, and romantic relationships.
  • Patient – They are patient and tolerant and often choose to take things slowly and patiently. Their patience is often tested as they do not like change or new situations.
  • Responsible – They are responsible and reliable and consistently follow through on commitments and obligations. They work hard to earn money and save for future needs. They are sensible with their money but are not frugal in their spending.
  • Steadfast – They are steadfast and determined and stick to their principles and values even when faced with challenges.
  • Generous – They are generous and kind-hearted and often give without expecting anything back. They are willing to help others out of kindness.
  • Protective – They are protective and caring. They protect their loved ones from harm. They are loving and supportive.
Taurus Zodiac Sign

Now that we understand more about the Taurus zodiac sign, let's take a look at how Taureans interpret color and what colors are lucky and best suited to them as well as what colors they should avoid.

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Taurus Colors

Taurus is an earth sign and so it is a very stable zodiac sign that doesn’t change easily. This sign occurs in the springtime when there is new growth around.

Flowers and the green grasses are the first signs of this growth as well as flowers and clear white colors.

Taurus Colors

The majority of colors that has connection to Taurus colors are represented in nature, particularly in the springtime. Below we look at these colors and what they mean for Taureans.


As a matter of fact, the primary color associated with the Taurus zodiac sign is Green. It is the ideal color for Taurus people because it represents nature, growth, abundance, money, and harmony.

In addition, green is the most common color that is in use in the world. This means that there are many opportunities to use this color in your life.

Taurus is inferior with Venus. Green is the color of Venus. This is another reason why this color has a linkage to this zodiac sign. Also, it has an influence your personality because it makes you happy and calm.

Green represents new beginnings and growth. Taureans have a strong need to be renewed by nature. They often seek to try to grow in new areas of their lives.

Add plants to your house for liveliness and luck! These plants will be frequent reminders to keep you focused on your goals when you are blooming in different areas of your personal life.

Money, wealth, and success has also a connection to green, and it gives the extra push you need to succeed financially. Wear green to make yourself feel more powerful and successful.

Your company should have Taurus color schemes too. Doing this allows you to open your Green Chakra which opens up your ability to see things from an earthy perspective.

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Pink is the luckiest color for those born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Most of the time, it is observe as a feminine color but this is however not the case. Pink is more muted tone of red and symbolizes love and passion.

Some attributes classed as feminine are warmhearted and patient, just like a mother is expected to be, and so that is why this pink color is favored by Taureans as it symbolizes many of their respected and admired personality traits and attributes.

A person who is born under the sign of Taurus is very loyal and faithful to loved ones. They love affection and are very protective of others. Taureans are also very giving and generous. The color pink is a calming color that elicits only positive feelings from those who are born under the Taurus zodiac sign.

White And Cream

As mentioned above, Taurus is an earthy sign and falls in the springtime. In the springtime, dark and gray dull skies of winter is fading away and the sky is beginning to be filled with blue as well as gorgeous fluffy white and cream clouds.

These clouds represent calm and their color elicits a wave of calmness over Taureans, particularly in times of stress.

White and cream are beautiful colors for Taureans. When combined with other colors, they create a harmonious blend that calms the mind. White and cream help people who are having emotional and mental difficulties by easing their minds.

Taureans often have white and cream in the living spaces in their home to create a calm and clean oasis where they can heal and restore their energy after a day of giving and caring unconditionally to those around them in their personal and professional life.

Having a space to unwind is very important to Taureans and without it, they can become incredibly irritable, like a bull seeing red.


The last color considered to be a Taurus color may be surprising as it is one of the darkest colors. Black is a strong color that stands out but it also represents power, dominance, and professionalism.

Black also represents the bull. Bulls are extremely similar to Taureans, this is why this animal represents and symbolizes this zodiac sign.

Bulls are calm animals unless something triggers them, usually by the color red. Bulls and Taureans both show anger for very short durations of time and then return to being stable and reliable creatures and people.

The color black  is an incredibly stable color. There are no alternative hues or tones, it is simply one color. This gives Taureans great comfort as they know exactly what to expect with this color and there will not be any changes that could happen which could cause frustration.

At the moment, you know what colors can bring peace and serenity into the life of Taureans. You now understand why colors can be triggering in certain ways for them, or you if you are a Taurean.

Knowing the correlations of colors to your zodiac sign gives you a unique opportunity to fill your home with colors. This will benefit you emotionally while also providing something for your energy to bounce off from.

Energies charge colors. If the color you dislike is surrounding you, your position can make you feel unwell both physically and emotionally because of the negative energy you are fed off.

In the next section, we take a look at what colors Taureans should avoid and not include in their environment when possible.

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Colors That Taureans Should Avoid

There are a number of colors that elicit a negative response within Taureans which they avoid.

While you cannot avoid certain colors in your daily life, understanding why you feel negatively towards them can be beneficial in enabling you to shift your reaction when you see the color in question.

Primarily, Taureans should avoid the color red because it can be overpowering and irritating. Bulls get angry when they see red, so the color should not be used on the palette. Taureans are also very strong-willed and motivated. They are also very careful about what they say.

When triggered by their environment, or certain colors, their energy comes out as heat, but it doesn't last long. Taureans are not emotional people, but when they get angry, they can be fierce.

Another color that should be avoided is yellow. This color is too fluorescent and bright. Also, many different tones and hues of yellow are making Taureans feel that this color is somewhat unstable and not truly rooted.

This color can cause irritation and frustration to Taureans and can cause distractions when focusing on certain tasks and things.

Avoiding these colors that trigger you is beneficial in avoiding negative feelings stirred in your daily life.

Final Thoughts

Taurus has one of the best palettes among all the zodiac signs. However, it is important to use the right colors to complement each other. If you want to attract more Taureans into your life, then make sure you are using the right colors.

You can attract Taureans by wearing colors they like or decorating your environment using these colors. If you are not a Taurean yourself, ensure that none of these colors would act as triggers for you or affect your energy balance.

For Taureans, the colors associated with your zodiac sign can be found in abundance. If you are struggling emotionally or mentally try to include these colors in your daily life and you will see results in a matter of days.

By incorporating these colors into your life you are surrounding yourself with healing and comforting energies, giving yourself the opportunity to heal and recharge.

The study of colors is continuous. Because of this, more meanings are found that help people learn more about not only for themselves but also for others, benefiting communication with others and relationships in general.

It is incredibly worthwhile taking time to learn what colors corresponds to your zodiac sign to improve your life.

Taurus Colors: Everything You Need To Know