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A Guide To What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

Colors play a huge role in our lives. They influence our moods, emotions, and even our health.

Some colors are associated with certain personalities as people with specific character traits are more drawn to certain colors than others.

Colors also affect our behavior. In fact, some studies show that wearing a particular color can change your mood.

For instance, wearing red makes us feel more energetic and optimistic, whereas wearing blue makes us feel calmer and happier.

In this article, we will discuss the most common colors that are chosen as favorites and go through the personality traits that are often found in people that favor one of the colors below.

How To Find Your Color Personality

Often your favorite color may not be a color that you wear the most often, your favorite color is the color that you are most attracted to.

To find your favorite color simply look at a color chart and see what hue you are drawn to. This color is in most cases your favorite color.

If you find that you are drawn to two different colors it can be worthwhile reading about the personality traits associated with favoring these colors to uncover and learn more about yourself.

You may not relate to every trait listed and that’s very normal. The traits listed below are the main personality traits and maybe only one will apply to a person.

After working out what your favorite color is, it can also be worthwhile looking at what colors you dislike, if any.

Often there is a psychological reason why and it can be beneficial to try and work through this to prevent being further affected by this color and the negative association that you have with it.

How To Find Your Color Personality

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What Your Color Personality Says About You

Now that you know what your favorite color is, let’s take a look at what this says about you!

As mentioned before, all the traits listed under specific colors may not apply to you, this is very normal.

Don’t worry about it, just enjoy learning about what other people who favor that color too may be like.

White Color Personality

People with a white color personality like things to be clean and organized.

White Color Personality

They are extremely organized in their personal and professional lives. And also struggles when other people don’t follow suit and do things in an organized and efficient manner.

As a result of their organization, these people are also very serene. There is no stress or unknowns in their daily life as they follow a routine that allows them to be relaxed on a day-to-day basis.

Their serene nature disappears the minute their organization is ruined.

These people are also optimists. They have an incredibly positive mindset as a result of their organized lifestyle. They can see and aim for the good in everything.

Yellow Color Personality

Yellow is a beautiful bright and radiant color that has the ability to uplift people from either wearing it or seeing it.

Yellow Color Personality

A lot of people that love this color are excellent communicators. They have the ability to communicate strongly about any matter but also can listen to whomever they are engaging with.

This color represents how tuned in they are when conversing with others.

Many creative people like the color yellow and tend to choose it as a favorite color when asked. These people are right and imaginative and constantly think outside the box.

Bright colors don’t distract or scare them, they inspire them.

One negative trait that yellow lovers often share is that they tend to hide behind bright colors and hide their feelings.

Try to work on expressing your feelings through your work if you struggle to put them into words.

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Orange Color Personality

If you love adventuring then most likely orange is your favorite color. Those that like orange are constantly hoping and looking for adventure and exciting opportunities.

Orange Color Personality

You are not afraid of anything and immerse yourself in new situations and experiences constantly, always looking for ways to grow and enjoy life.

Those that like the color orange are enthusiastic people and this enthusiasm is contagious to everyone that finds themselves in your company.

You are always the loudest in a group situation, encouraging others to get stuck in and to have fun.

Orange fans are very social people and don’t like spending time alone. There is a constant need to be around others and they feel bored when they are left alone.

Pink Color Personality

Those that love the color pink are caring and loving people. They are the person that friends go to when they are feeling sad or struggling.

Pink Color Personality

The kind and caring nature of these people means that they will do whatever is necessary to help anyone who may be in need.

These people also have the ability to put anyone at ease and they are like a human magnet as people crave to be around them and their charming personalities.

Their charm is a very natural trait and so it never comes off as false or forced.

The innermost desire of most people that like the color pink is to be loved and to have someone to love unconditionally.

Their personality traits make them fantastic romantic partners but it can be hard to find someone who can return the level of love and care that they offer in return.

Red Color Personality

Red is an incredibly powerful color and is used to represent success and a lot of people that favor the color red are ambitious people.

Red Color Personality

They are focused and driven on reaching high expectations within their careers. Their ambition drives them and their colleagues to great new heights and they are admired by many people.

Ambition requires a lot of energy and luckily these red lovers have energy in abundance. Their energetic personalities mean that they are always ready to work hard and do what needs to be done.

Their energy also makes them fun people to be around and they can light up any room that they are in.

The last most common trait shared by people that love the color red is that they are very passionate people.

They love and feel strongly for everything that they aim to achieve. Their passion may seem too intense for some and so it is worthwhile trying to dial back when necessary without altering the way that you would normally act.

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Green Color Personality

Green is a peaceful color and many people that like this color are very diplomatic. They want everyone to live in harmony with one another and also with the surrounding environment.


They are down-to-earth people and will always try to prevent any negative dealings between people.

Green color fanatics are also generous people. They are generous with everything, from their time and skills to their things.

Generous people tend to give and give without receiving anything in return and so it is important to ensure that you are aware of how much you are giving out to avoid leaving yourself feeling burnt out.

These people are also positive people and others enjoy being around them. It is their positivity that guides them when helping to create harmony between others.

You don’t always have to be the person making everyone smile or to be the problem solver, make sure you think about yourself too.

Blue Color Personality

Blue is a very soothing and inviting color and so it is to be expected that people who like the color blue tend to be very friendly.

Blue Color Personality

They are welcoming to everyone and are always there for a friendly chat or a smile.

They also tend to be honest people who focus on doing good and struggle to do anything that may negatively impact something or somebody.

Honesty can be seen as a sign of innocence so it is important to manage your honesty and also to ensure that your honesty is not brutal in a way that your words could hurt or upset someone.

Honest and friendly people are also incredibly reliable and this enables them to be the best friend possible.

You can trust these people to show up when you need them and to make their actions into words without failing.

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Brown Color Personality

People who favor brown over other colors tend to be extremely dependable people.

Brown Color Personality

They are the type of people that can be trusted to do what is asked of them, no matter how big or small the task is.

Being dependable does mean that you need to be able to put up boundaries to ensure you are not taken advantage of as you will be everyone's go-to person as a result of your dependability which can result in having very little time for yourself.

Many people that like the color brown are very genuine people.

There are no ulterior motives and these people make fantastic friends as they constantly have the best interest of everyone at the forefront of their minds.

Being realistic can often be viewed as a negative attribute in a person but being realistic is actually something to be respected.

It is because of the realists in the world that processes run efficiently and fewer people are given false hope.

In modern times there is a need that people feel to be unrealistic in order to be kind but often being honest and realistic can better help someone.

Gray Color Personality

Gray is a neutral color and people that like this cool tone are often extremely calm people. They casually make their way through life and never feel the need to stress over small things.

Gray Color Personality

Their calmness is a comfort to others and often they are admired as both friends and partners.

Those that favor the color gray are also said to be very stable people. There are never any unexpected dramas with these people. And they follows a plan that allows them to achieve their goals.

Their stability makes them great authoritative figures as people know they can depend on them in times of difficulty and crisis.

It is also found that people that like the color gray are very practical people.

They do not have time for fuss and simply get on with things that need to be done, even if it is something that they do not want to do.

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Black Color Personality

People that are drawn to block colors like black are usually incredibly determined people.

Black Color Personality

Other brighter colors are seen as a distraction and so that is why you are drawn to plain, darker colors.

You want to focus on one thing at a time rather than having your focus pulled in other directions.

There is also an element of mysteriousness often that can be associated with the personality of those who like black.

Often people that wear black are striking looking with an air of mysteriousness. Mystery as a personality trait means that you hold your cards close to your chest and only trust a few people.

You do not need many friends and that gives you an air of mystery as people are intrigued by you and the way you act.

Those that favor the color black are also very independent people. They are happy to stand alone and can comfortably spend lengths of time by themselves.

Their independence allows them to stay focused and get things done without needing the input of others. This can often slow things down.

Final Thoughts

You can learn so much about yourself simply by looking at the colors that you like and dislike.

We look at colors every day. Many people don’t realize just how much the way we interpret colors can say about us.

We hope you have learned more about yourself after reading this piece or found a way to understand a family member, friend, or romantic partner.

Understanding yourself and others will help you to communicate and build relationships with others.

A Guide To What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality