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White Crystals - A Guide On The Benefits Of These Wonderful White Crystals

Crystals hold all sorts of mystical and wonderful powers. The influence and effects of certain crystals can bring positive energies into your life. They are greatly beneficial for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Today, let us find out more about how white crystals can help us.

There are many types of crystals in the world, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Different types of crystals have different purposes, but certain features can link a group of crystals.

For instance, the color of a crystal can indicate its effects and properties; this can have a link to different color auras, or the colors associated with chakras and their energies.

White crystals are one such example of this. There are plenty of different white crystals out there. They can vary wildly in their shape, size, and structure. However, many types of white crystals share similar properties and are linked to the same things.

If you have interest in learning more about the mysterious and incredible powers of crystals, then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we've gathered some of the most notable and powerful white crystals.

Here we'll take a look at these crystals' effects, how and when they are useful, and some of the ways they are linked. So let's dive right into the mystical realm of white crystals!

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What Are The Benefits Of White Crystals?

Crystals come with all sorts of positive effects and magics, which can range from healing to protection to spiritual guidance. White crystals are no different. Though there are certain specific benefits to these crystals that set them apart from other varieties.

As we mentioned earlier, the color of a crystal can indicate its powers. There are several things that white crystals have in common with each other.

A mix of crystals is the best way to achieve a balanced spirit. White crystals are great at amplifying and complimenting the effects of practically any other crystal.

Whether it's the firm foundations of crystals in use for the root chakra or the loving warmth of crystals in the heart chakra. White crystals are capable of adding to these powers whilst bringing their own positive and powerful energies.

These crystals are typically associated with purity, cleansing, and protection. They are also often useful for healing, and even have links to the divine.

The clarity of white crystals links them to the divine and higher planes of existence; some varieties of white crystals have close ties to the angelic, while others can help manifestation and ascension.

There are also some more specific ways white crystals are connected, whether through shared traits and effects or their purposes in other spiritual ventures. Here are a few of the most common uses of white crystals.

1) Astral Projection

White crystals serve several purposes during astral projection. These can include protection to keep you safe from negative energies during astral travel. They can also provide clarity and purity to prepare you for the astral plane.

In addition, they can also be useful to connect you to spirit guides, as well as to let you communicate with higher beings.

White crystals are even able to help you traverse different dimensions during astral projection. Whether you're shifting to a different plane of existence or experiencing an alternate world/time.

Harnessing the power of white crystals during astral travel can keep you safe from harm. As well as allow you to experience higher states of being.


2) The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the highest chakra in the body and has a strong connection to white crystals. Opal, selenite, and clear quartz are all closely linked to the crown chakra and can influence it in several ways.

White crystals have the power to open, unblock, and align your crown chakra. This helps your spiritual energy flow through your body.

They can also help with spiritual healing and boost your aura, as well as amplify your energy. The crown chakra is associated with the highest states of being, including ascension and enlightenment; these are also commonly linked to the powers of white crystals.


3) Divination

Divination refers to seeing a vision or gaining knowledge of the future through divine means. Using white crystals during meditation, astral projection, or some other form of spiritual training can help you achieve divination and gain insight into what your future holds.

Some types of white crystal can refine and hone your vision, or amplify it.

white crystals

They can also help you enter the state of mind to experience divination if you use them during preparation.

Some forms of divination such as lithomancy use crystals themselves to gain insight into the future. White crystals' links to the divine and spiritual communication make them ideal for this purpose.

These are just some of the benefits of using white crystals and are shared by many types of white crystals. However, there are also plenty of unique traits and powers that some crystals have. These set them apart from each other.

15 Beautiful And Powerful White Crystals

Let’s take a quick look now at some of the most beautiful and powerful white crystals out there. We have a list of fifteen below for you to enjoy.

1) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most popular and recognizable white crystals in the world. It is one of the most well-known crystals overall. Clear quartz is notable for several reasons and contains many powerful qualities and effects.

This crystal has a chunky structure and smoky tendrils of opaque white streak through its clear surface. It is known for its purity and has links to things such as your crown china and enlightenment.

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There are plenty of uses for clear quartz. Whether during meditation or if you simply want to keep some on your body.

These include purity and cleaning before/during meditation, as well as to aid with crown chakra healing. Clear quartz also has an incredibly high resonant frequency. This makes it great for use during astral projection or when communicating with cosmic entities.

2) Opal

This glistening crystal harnesses the powers of light and space. Opal is a milky white gem that glows with a pearlescent sheen. It is a bringer of light and radiates peaceful and healing energies. Opal is held in high regard for its cleansing properties and the clarity it can grant.

Unlike other white crystals that are associated with the crown chakra, opal is more commonly linked to the sacral chakra. Opal can help increase feelings of creativity and release you from your inhibitions.

It can also cultivate sexual energies, which are also governed by the sacral chakra. Opal's benefits are great at helping to stimulate your mind and brighten your surroundings.


3) Calcite

Like many other white crystals, calcite embodies purity and cleansing energy. Calcite is a gentle crystal with a calming flow that brings peace to those around it.

While calcite is similar to several other white crystals that has a link to the crown chakra, it also has a connection to the third eye chakra too.


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Calcite bridges the gap between our plane of existence and spiritual realms. Making it a great crystal to keep with you during astral projection.

The energy surrounding calcite is peaceful and calming, which is beneficial for meditation and other spiritual training.

This crystal is all about inner peace. Allowing you to look inside yourself and beyond to gain the wisdom and understanding required for spiritual enlightenment.

4) Magnesite

The calm, reflective nature of magnesite makes it ideal for use during meditation. Magnesite appears similar to a white stone (such as limestone or chalk). But it's identifiable by the strata of deep gray that runs through it.

Magnesite can help to bolster creativity, imagination, and the visualization of the metaphysical. Its peaceful influence creates a sense of tranquility and relaxation during meditation. While its creativity-boosting properties help you to reflect on yourself and your surroundings.

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The effects of magnesite can be used to treat insomnia and restlessness or to promote a more active brain.

Meditating with magnesite over your third eye chakra will bring you clarity and purpose. While wearing it or keeping it nearby while you sleep can help you to get the rest you need.


5) White Agate

Most varieties of agate reduce negative energies and amplify positive ones, as well as revitalize your spirit and bring you balance. White agate presents these powers in their purest form; it can cleanse and replenish, introducing positive vibes into even the darkest moments.

This is a crown chakra opener. Its purity and balance make it a perfect crystal for preparing to manifest or travel to the astral plane.

The cleansing power of white agate allows you to access your spirit guides during astral travel. And its energy forms a protective shield around you to keep you safe from harm.


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6) Howlite

Howlite is one of the purest white crystals, and its powers are capable of aiding spiritual ascension and enlightenment. However, you might not know that by looking at it, as its translucent milky-white surface is segmented by a spider's web of gray lines.

Howlite encourages you to turn away from your material worries. It helps you find solace in the beauty of your surroundings and your inner self.

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An enriching and soothing crystal, howlite can cleanse you from negative energies and rejuvenate your spirit. It can reconnect you to your purest form, helping you reconnect with your inner strength and beauty to become a truer version of yourself.

Much like howlite itself, it is what sets you apart that makes you so special. Howlite fosters this idea of self-love and helps to nurture those energies within you.

7) Moonstone

As its name suggests, moonstones are filled to the brim with cosmic power. More specifically, moonstones are charged with lunar energy that is ideal for periods of change or transformation. The moon travels in cycles, waxing, and waning.

Moonstones harness this changing energy to help you stay balanced and in control during difficult and tumultuous times. This also helps to keep your spirit growing, with the cycles of the moon reflected in your personal growth.

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The power of the moon has many special properties, from healing emotional wounds to amplifying cosmic energy. Its pale white glow is carried within moonstones, and they are used to help you keep your mind and spirit balanced in times of change and struggle.

Unlike other crystals that are meant to keep you grounded and secure, moonstones are best used to navigate new situations and to assist you while making decisions.

8) White Topaz

It may not be white or clear, but the pale golden glow of white topaz carries just as much spiritual strength as other white crystals.

White topaz is a highly energetic gem, and this comes through in the form of increased creativity, vitality, and ignited passions. It also helps bring you clarity and boosts your self-reflection to help you understand your inner self more.

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White topaz is all about fostering your individuality, whether through bursts of creativity and personal dreams or by encouraging you to explore every aspect of your body and soul.

It doesn't have the same calming and relaxing characteristics as some white crystals, but its high energy means that its powers are just as potent as any other white crystal.

Topaz's unique effects make it a valuable crystal for those looking for balance and to boost their mind past their current restrictions.

9) Beryl

There are few crystals as effective at blocking out negative influences as beryl. These gems come in all sorts of colors, but as you may have guessed by now, white gems are typically the most potent and pure. White beryl is an incredibly powerful cleanser that filters out any negative energies in its presence.

Beryl doesn't just act as a form of protection in the physical world; it can also be used to create a shield of light to prepare you for astral travel. This keeps you safe from unwanted influences while helping you to focus and relax enough to travel to the astral plane.

Beryl can be worn or kept close during astral projection and meditation to purify your spirit and prepare you for the transition between realms.

It should also be kept near to your bed or on your person to remove any negative energy from your surroundings. Beryl's powers and effects make it a great crystal to keep with you anywhere you go as an easy way to keep your spirit enriched.

10) Selenite

Selenite is surrounded by a soft, warm divine energy. This pale crystal is frequently associated with the angelic and is one of the most significant crystals linked to the crown chakra. Selenite's divine power can be used to achieve higher states of being by channeling its energy through your crown chakra.

In astral projection, its influence can be used to contact and communicate with spirit guides and other divine beings. It is one of the most powerful crystals, and selenite can set your mind, heart, and soul free from your physical being to ascend your consciousness to a higher plane.

Along with its divine influences, selenite also brings clarity and introspection. By blocking negative energies and balancing your emotions, selenite grants the insight and wisdom needed to free yourself from your troubles.

11) Citrine

Although citrine is most well-known for its bright yellow and orange hues, its chunks of pure white combine the cleansing and healing nature of white crystals with the shining energy of the solar plexus chakra. As a result, citrine is a sunny crystal that is bursting with positive energy.

Citrine is a highly resonant crystal that can be used to amplify the vibrations of your aura. When this happens, you will feel more energized, motivated, and inspired than ever before. If you're feeling down or stressed, citrine can help lift your spirits and put you back into a positive headspace.

12) Petalite

Petalite is a high-frequency crystal filled with healing energy. Its ability to clear away negativity makes it a useful tool for dealing with emotional blockages. Petalite can be in use to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. It also clears the aura, allowing us to see our true selves in a balanced way.

Often, people consider this as a stone of love because it helps you connect with others on a deeper level. It can also be useful to open up communication channels with higher beings.

Like many other white crystals, petalite's effects are in use to heighten your spirit and heal your soul. Its powerful effects can clear your mind and energize your soul. It can also be helpful if you find yourself overthinking things too much as it reduces the negative influences on your mind.

13) White Chalcedony

A softly shining crystal with a slight pearlescent gleam, white chalcedony envelops you in loving warmth. White chalcedony also has an association with love, compassion, and peace. It is popular as a stone of harmony. Its calming influences can undo the pain caused by negative experiences and energies.

Using white chalcedony can increase and amplify your capacity to love, helping to craft new bonds of care and companionship while strengthening existing ones.

White chalcedony is a good crystal to use if you're feeling isolated or struggling with previous pain. This crystal shines a warm light on darker moments, and its aura helps to cultivate heartfelt friendships and blossoming romances.

14) Scolecite

Scolecite is a high-vibration crystal and has powerful rebalancing properties that can help unblock and align disordered chakras. It can facilitate spiritual transformations and bring your energies into balance, aiding you in finding inner peace.

Scolecite activates both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, being in use during meditation to prepare your spirit for ascension. It resonates and attunes to these chakras, channeling your energy and letting it flow beyond your physical form.

While scolecite has incredible powers and high resonance, it has far calmer and gentler energy than other crystals with similar effects. Scolecite isn't the trigger for deep spiritual changes and self-actualization, but its power helps to prepare the body and soul for transformation.

Using scolecite during meditation can help attune your body to the flowing energy of the universe, and start you on your way to enlightenment.

15) Marble

Marble comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, but white marble is the purest form of all. Unlike other white crystals that have an association with the higher chakras, marble is more similar to crystals that has a link to the lower chakras.

It is a stabilizing crystal that grants strength and positive focus that can help you withstand the toughest of times.

It also has benefits for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well. Marble provides a strong foundation for your emotions, keeping you in control.

It also strengthens your spirit to keep it resilient against negative influences, as well as centering your physical form.

Marble is a crystal filled with potential. Keeping marble with you while you meditate or as jewelry can help you to carve your path like a sculptor carves a marble block.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - 15 of the most magnificent and powerful white crystals. These gems all hold great amounts of energy that can provide you with all sorts of benefits to your physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

While white crystals come in many shapes and sizes, there are just as many things that link them as set them apart.

Many white crystals have a link to specific things, such as divination and astral projection, while others are unique in the wonderous effects they possess.

No matter what issues are troubling you or what you want to gain from your crystals, there are endless possibilities at your disposal.

Whether you want to cleanse and purify your spirit during meditation, activate and align your upper chakras, or even harness the power of the divine, the many types of white crystals can accomplish nearly anything.

Thank you for taking a look at these incredible crystals. If you have interest in gaining the positive effects of white crystals to benefit yourself, then you can use the crystals listed here to start on your journey to self-actualization.

All of these crystals are brimming with positive energy, so there is guarantee to make a good choice!

White Crystals - A Guide On The Benefits Of These Wonderful White Crys