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Yellow Jade: Meaning, Healing Powers & Uses

The crystal “Yellow Jade” is not an actual jade or jadeite gem rather a cloudy quart having an inclusion of mid to dark yellow coloration. Sometimes a single piece can have inclusion of all shades. Due to its wide range of inclusion of yellow shades from Zesty as a lemon to gentle like a late afternoon sunbeam, it is often termed as “golden jade," "butter quartz" or "butter cream quartz". Let’s dive into the complete guide.

Yellow Jade: Meaning, Healing Powers & Uses

Yellow Jade Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning of Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade stone is one of the varieties of common Jade that has yellow ray vision. It is composed of calcium magnesium iron silicate. On a physical level, it scores between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its elegant colours of the stones vary from a soft lemon-like vibrant yellow to a deeper and darker golden tone. When it is much light in colour, and looks to have a shade of green in it, then it's commonly called lemon jade.

Yellow Jade Meaning of in Legends

Ancient Chinese has highly regarded Yellow Jade from decades ago. They perceived a belief that Yellow Jade stone was a very powerful crystal that attracts prosperity and good luck. Moreover, this elegant gem is related to one of the meridians of Chinese medicines.

The Ancient Egyptians regarded Yellow Jade as a balancing stone that brings harmony, inner peace, love and harmony. It has higher esteem than gold to the Central American Aztec, Mayan and Olmec.

Yellow Jade Meaning as Birthstone

Yellow Jade stone is not a current birthstone. But historically it was assigned to the people born under the summer months. Babies born during this time are under the protection of this powerful stone. It brings an immense change in life when paired with April birthstone. It helps to see true oneself.

Yellow Jade Pebble
Yellow Jade Pebble

Yellow Jade Symbolism

Yellow jade is often correlated with march. It is a symbol of wisdom. It eventually represents wisdom gathered in peaceful peace and tranquillity. It is a denotation of success, happiness, warmth and joy. It is an excellent support system for encouraging oneself to embody a better version of oneself as it invites self-confidence, courage and abundance. It is also deeply connected to the feeling of joy, optimism, wealth, good fortune, friendship, and loyalty.

Yellow Jade Zodiac Sign

Yellow Jade is associated with the Zodiac sign Virgos. These people are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. People born under this zodiac sign are trend to be loyal, kind, hardworking, humble, self-effacing, industrious, and practical. They are methodical and quick thinkers. The energy of the Yellow Jade enhances the best traits of Virgos.

How mystical powers play significant role?

The balancing stone Yellow Jade is renowned for its metaphysical magic and is often used for the purpose of emotional healing, connecting with higher realm and dream work. It is an amulet for good fortune and a phylactery to welcoming abundance, peace and wellbeing.

It realises yellow nurture ray that gives strength that attracts good fortune, luck and friendship and eases the feeling of anxiety. It provides protection against negative energies and bodies.

Yellow Jade Meaning when worn according to western astrology

Yellow Jade can be included in everyday wardrobe. It should touch the skin most particularly the pulse point. It can be carried in a purse or pocket or put in home or office.

Yellow Jade is helpful digestive system including food allergies and boosts up metabolism. It also cures skin diseases such as eczema. It is also helpful in maintaining contiguity with divine forces and revitalizing spiritual awareness. It balances the yin and yang which is the positive and negative energy.

Yellow Jade Healing Properties and Benefits

Yellow Jade Physical Healing

Yellow jade stone has immense benefit in physical alignment of the body. It contains myriad of minerals that are very much useful to the human body. This specific crystal can alleviate the symptoms of typhoid, spleen issues and poor digestion. It also acts as a helpful remedy for chronic disease.

It also has capacity to boost up general cognitive capacities and creative inspiration. It can be used to treat diseases related to blood like improve blood circulation, larynx, bladder, and kidney. It is also beneficial to the heart.

Yellow Jade Emotional Healing

Yellow jade is an excellent gem to build up confidence and identify true version of oneself. It is associated with fire energy which resembles identity, self-definition and ego. It dispels all negative thoughts and energies imparting wisdom in silence and tranquillity. It enables self-sufficiency.

It helps to disburse emotion in a healthy and appropriate way and brings emotional well-being. It is a magical dream gem that has power to release thoughts and emotions as dream and helps to work on making them success by enhancing personal power.

Spiritual Healing of Yellow Jade

Yellow or butter jade is an enchanting gem that stimulates guts by balancing mind and spirit come back naturally. It is also one of the best healing stones which has spiritual symbolism and useful in meditation as it strengthens love, care, and concern for own self.

It has several other benefits like enhancing maturity in relationships, increasing fortune and grounding. It has a strong vibration that can shift blockages by ensuring cleansing and promoting a healthy flow of energy through the heart centre.

Yellow Jade Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties Overview
Meaning It's name is derived from the Greek iaspis, meaning “agate,” the Assyrian ashpu, and the Hebrew jashpeh.
Zodiac Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Libra
Symbolism Prosperity, Success, and Good Luck
Birthstone Never found its way into a birthstone.
Chakra Heart Chakra

Places and location

Yellow Jade at Home: this energetic healing stone can be used to enhance dream. It can be placed under the pillow or even inside the pillow case. It brings peace allowing having a great and restful sleep and a lucid dreams self. Or it can simply be just kept inside a bowl or carried in the pocket.

Yellow Jade at Work: it possesses and nurtures yellow ray energies. It dispels positive energy and motivates to work better. it gives a sunny mind-set to work and perform better. Yellow jade makes you to remain focused eliminate fatigue and complete any task at one go.

In home Feng Shui: Yellow Jade stone considered as an ultimate Feng shui Crystal and is highly valued in China where Feng Shui was developed. It bears a charming feature that attracts self-sufficiency, self-esteem, good luck, and friendship. It brings about balance in Feng Shui.

People and Relationships

Pregnant women and babies: there is no scientific evidence that Yellow Jade is helpful for pregnancy and fertility. But it is also true that people have been benefited using this crystal. Clears anxiety, calms mood swings, and improves to release birth related fears. It also decreases pregnancy related insomnia and stimulates restful sleep.

Romantic relationships: Yellow Jade is a beneficial stone when it comes to love and relationship. It draws in good relationship by finding reliable partner or mate.

Children: It is an excellent gemstone for giving protection to children. The ornamental stone yellow jade will bring good luck and joy in kid’s life.

People dealing with trauma and crisis: the worry stone Yellow Jade crystals are most useful stone to relieve stress. It is also helpful in nervous and stressful situations or to keep idle hands busy. Lemon jade also erase all negative vibes as yellow jade does.

Yellow Jade Meanings
Yellow Jade Meanings

Yellow Jade and Numerology

The Numerical for name Yellow Jade is 4. Person with number 4 as name numerical are usually stable, calm, home loving, detail oriented, obedient, logical, active, organized, responsible, trustworthy and trustworthy.

Yellow Jade and Chakras

Chakras & Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is associated with solar plexus chakra its ability to reduce anxiety. The solar plexus chakra is located just in front of the aorta. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the emotional centre of our bodies. Its energy centre is in the pit of the stomach. The chakra works closely for managing ego, governing the sense of autonomy and personal power. It also supports authenticity and liberation.

Yellow jade And Wealth

Yellow Jade is an excellent crystal for attracting good luck. It’s also very effective stone for increasing wisdom and living a long and full life. It is helpful increasing focus for which any destruction from financial goals can be avoided.

This yellow color gem can increase your focus so that you will never be distracted from the financial goals, and it will help to weed out the distractions by helping to stay motivated and enhancing leadership qualities.

How do you use yellow jade stones for protection?

It acts as protective armour and tackles anyone wishing to harm them by placing it close to the body. It also provides protection to anyone having set for a long journey by building a protective shield around the body. Use yellow jade jewelry so that it can help you as a shield in your body.

It also provides protection on emotional level by enabling to forget past crisis and traumas and easing past bad experiences. It initiates to make better memories that make it possible to live a satisfied and contempt life.

What are the colour energy of Yellow jade stones?

The yellow crystals invite the power and energy of clarity that come from true consciousness and concentrated yellow ray energy. These energies bring in more motivation and helps to feel more enthusiastic and energetic about our long life.

Most Popular Crystal Healing Techniques

Simple Ways to Use Crystals for Anxiety

  • Placing the small crystals in clothing pockets for the day
  • Meditating with the crystals on the corresponding chakras
  • Wearing the crystal as a piece of jewellery or placing it around various times throughout the day or night.

Make a Health Crystals Body Grid

The easiest way to make crystal body grid is stated below:

  1. Choosing the intention
  2. Picking up the suitable crystal
  3. Deciding on a scattered geometry
  4. Getting created.

Best Crystal to Combine with Yellow jade

Yellow jade’s benefit multiplies when used with appropriate complementary stone and crystals. This stone is also similar with many stones. Also pair with other stones nicely.The Best Yellow Jade Combination go nicely with other yellow-colored stones and crystals.

According to colour combination Yellow Jade works well with Yellow Sapphire enabling to remain focused on mind and removing all tensions from the head. It helps to get rid of unnecessary emotions and thoughts.

Yellow Jade and Cat’s Eye are a perfect crystal combination that is used to properly categorize positive and negative energies.

The combination of Yellow jade and Fluorite helps to identify if any external force is trying to manipulate or control oneself.

Yellow Jade combines well with rose gold in jewellery for its elements as a result it is widely used in making engagement ring.

Yellow Jade and Yellow Jasper is an excellent combination is and is usually utilized as protection for the spiritual and physical realm. All these are best combination for this gem.

Yellow Jade Ring
Yellow Jade Ring

Yellow jade and meditation

There are several types of meditation to do with this gem like-

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra Chant
  • Guided Meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Pain Relief Meditation
  • Visualisation meditation

Yellow Jade has several usages in meditation like

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Improving energy levels
  • Breaking unhealthy habits
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Helping to release harmful energy

There are several techniques and tips for extracting maximum benefit from meditation.

How to Cleanse Yellow jade

Yellow jade isn’t a self-cleansing stone, but it can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water. Or it can just be cleansed with a simple cleaning solution to avoid any damage.

The stone should be cleaned at least once a month. If the stone is uses repeatedly, the energies it possesses can drain out with usage leading to some negative or stale energy. Cleaning and charging it on regular basis will ensure the utmost result from the stone. The butter cream quartz can be simply charged out in the sun or with Quartz.

Yellow jade being a water safe crystal, it can be cleaned very easily.

  • Holding it beneath the running water and letting it towel dry.
  • Exposing the lemon jade crystal under the full moon overnight and taking it back in the morning.
  • Burring it under the soil of the garden at least for 48hours.
  • Creating a saturated saltwater solution and submerging the stone in it for up to 24hours.
  • Placing the stone in Himalayan salt for 48 hours.
  • Cleansing the stone with meditation and prayer
  • Placing it under the downpour in case of rainstorm
  • Taking help from other self-cleansing crystal
  • Lighting a smudge stick, Palo Santo or sage and encircling the stone in its smoke.

Cleaning mistakes to avoid

  • Using harsh chemicals, harmful detergent, jewelry cleaners or cleaning material
  • using abstractive tools
  • Exposing to high temperature
  • Not dusting it daily
  • Not sealing the stone after use

How does Yellow Jade work for disease?

One of the best healing crystals yellow Jade functions well many organs of the body. Thus, it can assist in curing and preventing many medical conditions with its healing energies. It cures gastrointestinal problems by improving the efficiency of internal organs. It also aids to clear fatigue and chronic tiredness. It can also cure kidney dysfunctions.

Yellow jade Stone Physical Properties

Physical Properties Overview
History The common species Nephrite was only given its distinction and characteristics in 1863.
Names Used Also known as Nephrite Jade
Color Light to dark green, yellow to brown, white, gray, black
Streak White
Luster Vitreous to greasy; dull.
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Translucent to opaque
Cleavage None
Tenacity Brittle
Density (Weight) 2.90 to 3.03
Diagnostic Properties Splintery To Granular
Chemical Composition Silicate
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Uses Jewellery and Ornaments
Occurrence Occurs deep within the Earth when conditions allow for it.
Hardness (Mohs Hardness) 6 - 6.5

Yellow jade History

Yellow Jade has a long history with ancient Asian culture. Ancient Chinese civilizations used it as a vital tool also.

Yellow jade was first discovered accidentally in Canada by Chinese settlers in 1886 in British Columbia. they were looking for gold but found yellow stones. Despite not being a true jade, it is called Yellow Jade due to its pale to mid-dark yellow coloration that occurs due to Iron and dyes inclusion in the stone.

Yellow Jade is widely available in Japan, Myanmar, China, and Alaska. As it is found in only a small number of countries scattered across the globe, it cannot be extracted from abundance of sites.

Yellow Jade Feng Shui
Yellow jade History

Yellow jade Occurrence

Extremely tough yellow Jade is a much natural stone that occurs deep within the surface of the earth when conditions allow it to do so and can create light dispersion. Yellow Jade is either found in either a variant of jadeite or nephrite when occurs in mineral form.


Vibrant color yellow jade has always been known for its features- intellect, logic, and wisdom. It is also widely popular for enhancing communication and willpower and as well as strengthening memory and concentration. The stone possesses intellectual and creative energy. During the darkest day of the life, it gives happiness and a light of optimism.

It boosts up confidence for dealing with odds and taking challenges. It provides immense support on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional level. It helps to get free by encouraging being more expressive, curious and experimental. It brings laughter and joy in life by disbursing the feelings of fear, shame, hate, prejudice, bitterness, or resentment.

Yellow Jade: Meaning, Healing Powers & Uses