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A Guide To The Amazing Amazon Crystal

For centuries, gemstones and healing crystals have been in use in lots of different ways, mainly for spiritual and physical healing. One of which is the Amazon crystal.

They are all embedded with their own unique energies and powers that have special effects on their wielders. Some encourage confidence, others provide protection, and some soothe anxieties.

One such crystal is Amazonite, often just called the Amazon stone or Amazon crystal. It is a brightly lustrous stone that is part of the mineral class of microcline.

Available in lots of shades including gray and purple but is most common in a beautiful blue color.

It is very popular for its soothing properties and ability to enhance clarity. Leading its way into many healing crystal collections all around the world.

So if you are thinking of owning some Amazonite or already do, the next thing to think about is the kind of crystals that best complement Amazonite.

Each crystal is unique, some work much better with certain crystals than with others. That is why it is important to pair your Amazon crystal with the right partner.

Here, we are going to take a closer look at Amazonite and its properties so we can find its best possible partners. This can then bring more balance to your life and improve your health both spiritually and physically.

About Amazonite

Before we move onto looking at the crystals that best complement Amazonite, let’s take a closer look at its properties so we can better understand its powers and abilities clearly.

Amazonite is named aptly so as its beautiful teal color instantly reminds wielders of the largest river in the world - the Amazon River.

However, its name origin actually comes from its connection to the Amazons, a tribe of warrior women from Greek mythology.

These crystals have a lot of ancient history. They are said to have lined the shields of the Amazons and were even discovered buried in the Tutankhamen tomb.

Its nickname is Hope Stone due to its positive energy and bright aura.

In addition. Amazonite is a soulful crystal that helps strengthen its wielders. It also improves emotions related to commitment, allowing those who struggle with staying on track to do just that.

Because of this, Amazonite is often used in talismans and amulets to encourage feelings of hope. It is a crystal closely connected with water, the element of healing, and also connects well with the throat chakra.

This connection to the throat chakra, this crystal is in use to improve communications, allowing words to come out softer and for emotions to be able to flow more easily into words.

It improves truth and honesty, allowing its wielders to talk about their emotions and thoughts openly.

This can help strengthen and build deeper and more trusting relationships. Making it a great crystal for those who often struggle to open up to others.

As we said earlier, Amazonite is a healing crystal but it does more than just heal relationships and self-confidence. It can also bring a lot of physical healing benefits including balancing thyroid problems and aid those with calcium deficiency.

This is because they say Amazonite helps the body absorb calcium, strengthening bones so they are healthy and durable. This can also help in strengthening hair too so it is flexible and shiny.

Amazonite is a great crystal for that recovery period pick-me-up. It regenerates cells and its cool surface makes it great for drawing the heat out of rashes and other skin conditions like acne.

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Mentally, Amazonite is also great at soothing anxieties by filtering out stressful thoughts and feelings from your mind.

It connects to the heart chakra as well as the throat, encouraging it to open up and unblock itself by shedding the heavy burden of negative energy.

Amazonite can then replace that with feelings of sincerity, honesty and clarity - all which can then further help with communication.

This can lead to you finding professional help, or speaking up about how you suffer due to others. Encouraging you to step up and find the confidence to cut out those toxic people from your life.

Amazonite is also a crystal used for clarity. It helps in improving intelligent thinking so its wielder can look at the bigger picture and make important decisions backed with wisdom.

Instead of relying on your heart to make decisions, Amazonite can encourage you to step in and stop you from making rash, impulsive decisions that could have disastrous effects.

So, now we know a lot about Amazonite, the next step of pairing it with other great crystals will be easy! Let’s take a look at some of the best crystals to use alongside Amazonite!

Pink Tourmaline

Nurturing and compassionate, numerous people are making use of Pink Tourmaline to improve their gentleness. It is a naturally protective and grounding stone which is unusual for a crystal of such a light color.

Despite this, Pink Tourmaline also radiates an aura of playfulness and joy. This is often the reason for its pairing with Amazonite.

Amazonite is a crystal of communication and signs like Capricorns, Aries and Scorpios. They often find that their words can come across as cold and blunt.

Amazon color
Image by Ursula from Pixabay

By pairing Amazonite with Pink Tourmaline, communication comes easier yet softer. It allows emotions to flow more freely into words that inspire compassion.

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Those who wield this combination will find their words are better received. Their playfulness with others improves and they find it easier to be gentle and kind to others.

This can greatly improve relationships, allowing for a healthier mentality with all.

Pink Tourmaline and Amazonite also share a lot of similar physical healing properties. Both are great with helping the body absorb more calcium, allowing both teeth and bones to strengthen.

Pink Tourmaline also helps with the immune system and digestive system. It provides tender loving care to the areas that need its help the most.

Whether it is physical or spiritual healing you are after, Pink Tourmaline and Amazonite are a great combination. Use to them to help nurture yourself and your relationships.

Tiger’s Eye

The reason why Amazons love Amazonite so much in mythology is most likely because this crystal is great for improving confidence, courage, and fearlessness.

It is no surprise that the Amazons used this crystal to line their shields which protected them in battle. It protects them not just from arrows and swords but from fear and cowardice.

Another crystal that achieves this is Tiger’s Eye. This stone is aptly named as it is the same golden color as the iris of a tiger. Plus, it sometimes features dark stripes that resemble its coat.

Amazon crystal
Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Both Amazonite and Tiger’s Eye radiate confidence. Bringing the two together provides an ample amount of support to face difficult situations and take on challenges head-on.

If you are starting a new job, new school or just need to get out of a dark mindset, this combination is definitely one you need to try out.

Tiger’s Eye in particular is great at building up your inner strength. It also connects you to the ground through your root chakra.

By cleansing your root chakra of blockages caused by fear and anxiety, you will feel more grounded in reality rather than be washed away by drama and emotions.

This can help put you in the right mindset to make more confident decisions. Further aided by the clarity created from using Amazonite.

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While Tiger’s Eye and Amazonite complement each other, they do work a little differently towards the same goal. This will provide you with extra balance and all the benefits you need to progress forward.


Opal is a crystal that has a close connection to water. It is in use for both an amplifier and a healing stone to inspire feelings of hope.

A crystal of great versatility as it contains so many different variants and colors. Each one was as dazzling and brilliant as the next. They are very mystical and powerful, making them perfect alongside Amazonite.

Each type of Opal connects strongly with a different chakra. As Amazonite connects well with the heart and throat chakra, it works best alongside Blue, Pink, and Green Opals as these are variants that work best with the same chakras.

Pink and Green Opals help the heart to open up. It helps in easing out the negative energies there and replacing them with emotions of love and feelings of trust.

Amazonite can also help inspire confidence too. It adds feelings of hope that go hand in hand with love and trust.

Blue Opals are great for communication and allows truth to flow as easily as water flows downstream. Obviously, the go-to choice for improved communication alongside Amazonite.

Opals have a lot of potential so their versatility and powerful abilities make them a great choice for those seeking a crystal to complement their Amazonite.


Another crystal used to improve self-confidence is Aventurine. This crystal is closely related to Amazonite in many ways, right down to the turquoise and green color that radiates from its surface.

Both has a close connection to elements like water and earth. They also has a correlation to the heart and throat chakra. So, it comes as no surprise that combining the two together is is a must-try, especially in jewelry pieces.

Amazon crystal
Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Many are using Green Aventurine as a stone of good fortune and luck. It is deeply powerful and contains a lot of positive energy, used to inspire and boost your confidence.

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Amazonite has similar properties, many are treating this as an inspiration of hope and confidence. Hence, why these two stones often appear next to each other on lucky talismans.

Of course, Aventurine can be found in many different colors that also work well with classic Amazonite. Blue Aventurine provides spiritual guidance that connects to your third eye chakra as well as your throat chakra. While Red Aventurine brings passion to your life force that goes hand in hand with the confidence brought by Amazonite.

Even though Green Aventurine is the most popular type of Aventurine used with Amazonite, why not shake things up and use its other variants for extra support and guidance when you need it the most?


This crystal is often overlooked and underappreciated. Moldavite is actually a very beneficial crystal that pairs amazingly well with Amazonite.

Moldavite comes in two main variants - dark green and turquoise - and it is often a sign of fortune and transformation.

It has a rich history of being born from fiery volcanoes or landing meteorites. This means that it was formed under some pretty rough conditions.

This only strengthens Moldavite. Making it even more special, appealing to those who have been through trauma themselves and long for something to connect with.

Those undergoing a transformation is using this beautiful crystal. Meaning that they are stepping out of their shell and into a new self.

Its earthy surface radiates a warmth that many find comforting, which hints at the huge healing powers that Moldavite contains.

Also, lots of people are using Moldavite to encourage healing and rejuvenation, helping cells to repair themselves after damage. Plus, it is not just physical healing Moldavite helps with, it is also great at healing the mind and soul after emotional pain.

Like with Amazonite, it connects strongly to the heart and encourages its wielders to open up. It helps in letting the pain go and hurt they have experienced.

It is great for draining negative energy away from your heart chakra. When used with Amazonite, it can instill feelings of confidence and courage instead.

Because of all of its amazing properties, many make use of Moldavite as a beacon of hope. It is their guide to get through the darkness which is why it pairs so well with Amazonite.

Together, these crystals can provide a lot of emotional support and healing to those leaving behind a traumatic past. Leading them to a brighter future.

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Lapis Lazuli

Amazonite is a crystal that appeals especially to the heart and throat chakras, meaning that it is great for promoting openness and good communication.

This is why people often pairs this with Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue precious stone that is also known as the Stone of Communication.

Both work amazingly well at unblocking your throat chakra which can often become clogged with negative emotions like depression and anxiety.

amazon crystal
Image by Graciela Zerpa from Pixabay

Both Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli can help unblock that chakra by improving your self-confidence and inspiring self-love, which will allow you to find the courage to speak more clearly and communicate your thoughts and emotions more effectively.

Those in positions that require a lot of communication are using this pairing, like translators or diplomats, but also by actors who wish to clearly communicate the emotions of their characters.

Star signs like Scorpios and Aries who struggle with good communication can really benefit from using Lapis Lazuli alongside some Amazonite to help them build stronger relationships through learning to open up and be honest with those who care for them.

Clear Quartz

And finally we have the great amplifier, Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is a pristine, transparent type of Quartz that pairs with pretty much any kind of crystal or gemstone.

This is because of its transparency and great powers, it works as an amplifier to intensify the powers and vibrations of other stones and crystals.

Image by Robert Strasser from Pixabay

It is a very useful crystal to have in one’s collection, so it makes sense that you would already have a few pieces that you use to combine with other crystals and gemstones.

Clear Quartz also works great with Amazonite, improving clarity and truth so you can communicate openly with others and also make wise decisions by allowing your mind to consider all options and advantages open to you.

So, it just makes sense for you to use Clear Quartz with Amazonite just like with all other crystals.

How To Use Amazonite

A bunch of people are utilizing Amazonite to inspire hope and wisdom. It has a close connection with the water element, so it is also great for healing and improving communication. But just how versatile Amazonite is not limited to its uses, but how its functions too.

One popular way Amazonite is used is in talismans and amulets. A lot of people use this as a convenient way to carry Amazonite with them to keep hope alive and feel confident even when stepping out of their comfort zone, soothing their anxieties no matter where they are.

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Because of Amazonite’s connection to the throat chakra, it works very efficiently when worn as jewelry, particularly in the form of necklaces and bracelets.

It works amazingly well because this allows the Amazonite to sit very closely to the chakras it connects well with including the throat and heart chakra, plus it can directly contact the skin so its powerful vibrations can work quickly and travel through the skin to work more efficiently on your chakras.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Another reason why Amazonite works so well when used as jewelry

is because of how beautiful this stone is.

It varies in color from bright blue to a misty gray, but each piece is bright and colorful, radiating a positive aura. It looks stunning when used in jewelry so it is very easy to find and purchase.

So, if you want to feel the positive effect of Amazonite as soon as possible, then you can easily find a piece of jewelry with this crystal featured at its heart.

Amazonite are also use as mood stones left in rooms to help lift the mood of a room, such as your bedroom or office.

It can help ease stress and anxieties, allowing you to have a good sleep or focus more on your work to get things done.

Leaving pieces of Amazonite near your bed or under your pillow can allow you to sleep more soundly and drift off quickly because it clears your heart chakra and also your mind from negative energies and thoughts that increase your anxieties and stress.

This is also why many people use Amazonite in their offices or studies so they can have something to cling to when in need of some stress relief.

Of course, no matter how you use your Amazonite, it’s important to remember to cleanse and recharge your pieces.

Whether it is in use for jewelry or for worry stones, Amazonite needs to be emptied of negative energy and recharged so it can work effectively at improving your spiritual and physical self.

When any crystal, including Amazonite, builds up with negative energy, it will stop being so effective and eventually stop working. This is why it is important to cleanse your Amazonite so it can work at its best.

To cleanse your Amazonite pieces, you should either run them under running, tepid water or smudge them with sage.

This will help dispel the negative energy held within your used Amazonite pieces, emptying them completely. Pat them dry and then leave them in the moonlight to recharge.

Once fully recharged, the Amazonite will be overflowing with healing energy to help you out in any way you want. Then, you can use them for your desired purpose until the crystal is full of negative energy, and the cleansing cycle can begin again.


Clearly, Amazonite is an incredibly versatile crystal that can help you out in lots of different ways.

Whether you want it to soothe your anxieties or improve your communication by unblocking your throat chakra, Amazonite should be a crystal included in everyone’s collections due to its many magical and powerful properties.

Its versatility means that Amazonite is a great crystal to pair with lots of different crystals to amplify its properties and to complement the abilities Amazonite brings to the table.

Combine them to make colorful pieces of jewelry or amulets, leave them together near your bed or around your home to improve the aura, and you will be able to achieve spiritual healing in lots of different areas.

So - what are you waiting for? Take a look at the crystals above and pick out a few crystals you find to be the most appealing. Combine them together with some Amazonite and you will be able to achieve what you want spiritually while also improving your physical self too.

A Guide To The Amazing Amazon Crystal