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15 Of The Most Popular Crystals For Communication

Communication is such an important part of all of our lives. We need to do it to find and maintain our relationships, get ahead at work, and make ourselves understood. It's not always easy to have free and clear communication. But, there are several crystals and stones that can help to make things easier for communication.

We've listed some of these below, so take a look and enhance your communicative abilities.

15 Of The Most Popular Crystals For Communication

Lapis Lazuli

This stone has been used for centuries as a powerful tool in the healing arts.

It helps to improve memory, concentration, and communication skills. It also assists with finding solutions to problems and making decisions.

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Lapis Lazuli is known to bring calmness and serenity when working with this energy. This can also help communication skills.

This is because communication works best when all parties are feeling calm and level-headed, rather than influenced by strong emotions.

With its calming properties, lapis lazuli can be used before or right after talking to someone you're having a difficult time communicating with.

Rose Quartz

These gentle pink gems are often associates with love and commitment and, as anyone in a long-term relationship knows, communication is absolutely key to keeping things going.

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The rose quartz will assist you to communicate clearly and effectively with those around you.

This crystals is good for communication as well as helping to resolve conflicts between individuals and groups.

Both partners may benefit from using rose quartz during disagreements, as they'll no longer feel like they're being attacked emotionally.


This beautiful blue stone is used especially for increasing mental clarity. Also, an awesome crystals for communication!

Turquoise helps us to stay focused on what we want to say and how we want to say it.

If you're struggling to decide how to phrase something or if you need to remember exactly what your point was, turquoise can act as a guidepost to remind you of what you originally intended to express.

It can also help to increase emotional awareness of other people's feelings and situations, which can lead to healthier interpersonal communication.


Most of the time, Aventurine tends to come up in reference to the mystical qualities of this gemstone.

However, it also comes with a practical side. This stone is useful for improving comprehension and language skills, due to the way that it amplifies speech.

So, use this stone whenever you need to understand words better, whether they relate to learning new ones, or remembering old ones.

Aventurine can help keep you focused and active throughout conversation, helping to eliminate drowsiness.

You might even feel inspired while speaking to others!

Blue Topaz

Topaz crystals isn't usually thought of as being particularly helpful with communication. But, Blue Topaz has special properties when it comes to this topic.

As well as assisting in enhancing verbal communication. Topaz also brings about a sense of positive energy through the power of selfless giving.

When shared with another person, this energy can help them to see their own mistakes and flaws more clearly, resulting in improved relationships.

Try placing this stone under your pillow at night to encourage clearer sleep.


When it comes to Amethyst, one thing's certain: this stone will make any discussion sound amazing.

Whether you are dealing with business discussions or simply a group chat with friends/family, amethyst's magical powers mean that nothing you say will seem boring or irrelevant.

It's an excellent stone that can enhance communication with everyone… both online and offline.

In fact, research studies have found that this stone can significantly improve relationships with family members, friends and colleagues, so it makes a brilliant gift too!


When thinking of jade, many people think about its traditional uses as a medicine and healing tool, or perhaps as a way of attracting money, but jade crystals is also highly effective for enhancing communication.

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And not just physical communication either; jade boosts our ability to speak, listen and connect empathically, making it a great stone for anyone who needs to be more communicative in all aspects of life. It can also give your communications extra strength by boosting willpower and courage.

This can help you to express yourself more boldly than you would have been able to before, which is great for if you need to say something important, but that makes you feel nervous.

Green Jasper

This powerful gemstone can boost social interaction, communication and confidence levels, according to ancient Chinese folklore.

It can also help us to develop empathy and understanding between ourselves and those around us.

Green Jasper works effectively to bring out our compassionate sides and encourage us to take care of ourselves first, before caring for other people.

It's an excellent choice if you want to improve personal interactions in general.

One great way to use it is to hold it or wear it close to your throat chakra as you meditate, which can help balance its energy to facilitate all kinds of communication.


Sapphire is known for being extremely beneficial on a spiritual level, helping us to overcome challenges and stay centered in turbulent times.

This gemstone also helps us to communicate with greater clarity, insight, and honesty, and was used for that purpose by ancient shamans.

It helps us to express emotions much more easily and improves our abilities to communicate during difficult conversations.

Sapphire's soothing nature means that we're able to share our feelings without having to worry about hurting someone else's feelings or causing unwanted tension.

This makes it a perfect gemstone for improving social skills, friendships and romantic relationships.

Clear Quartz

According to ancient folklore, clear quartz was once used as part of shamanic ceremonies.

These rituals were aimed at facilitating communication with spirit guides and ancestors and encouraging us to remember what we've forgotten.

However, modern-day shamans are now using this stone to assist in connecting with others on different levels.

Clear quartz offers peace of mind and helps us to maintain a calm state of mind so that we don't get swept away by the confusion and anxieties of everyday life.

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As well as being helpful when navigating transitions such as career change and relationship upsets, it can help us manage stress, anxiety and pain.

Blue Apatite

Like blue sapphire, blue apatite is often connected with shamanism.

The fact that it has two mingled colors (blue and white) symbolizes the duality of humankind.

In addition, it encourages us to engage consciously with our own inner visions and dreams.

Blue Apatite is perfect for creating a strong, clear headspace that's clear of negative energy and confusion.

This helps us to be surer of what we want to say when we communicate, making it more effective.

We then become free from fear and false beliefs, so we can see things clearly and make better decisions.


Labradorite increases one's awareness of their surroundings, allowing us to notice details we might otherwise miss.

It makes us more observant and aware of how we're feeling. And also gives us a wider perspective that allows us to understand others with compassion.

This helps us relate to others more easily and encourages connections on deeper levels than usual.

With this crystals, it improves interpersonal communication because we no longer feel threatened by another person when speaking up.


This beautiful stone reminds us of our connection to higher powers and the universe. This is also an excellent crystals for communication!

This applies to the moon in particular, and it carries a powerful feminine energy that has a distinctive lunar quality to it.

It stimulates creativity and imagination while calming us down and boosting self-confidence.

Moonstone can help us express ourselves honestly, even when we feel uncomfortable talking about certain topics.

It aids communication as well as alleviating any negative feelings we may have towards others.

We are less likely to take offense when someone speaks their truth to us if they do so through a piece of moonstone.


This stone is sometimes called the stone of truth and works with your crown chakra. It promotes healthy self-esteem and confidence, including confidence in communication.

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These are both valuable characteristics especially during transition periods like starting university or moving home.

Amazonite also enhances our intuition, which leads us to make wise choices. Especially, ones related to personal growth and spiritual development.

It promotes creativity and assists us in manifesting our desires.

It also brings out a deep sense of peace and stillness, offering a way of slowing down enough to think and reflect.


Selenite is associated with space travel, astral navigation, psychic abilities and exploring new horizons.

It can also help you to overcome fears, obstacles and challenges. And helps you to open yourself to new ideas and experiences.

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This means that it can also be a great help if you want to try expressing yourself in a new way, or perhaps to a new person.

Selenite can assist you in discovering hidden talents and skills. It is helping us develop new interests and find avenues for creative expression.

It can therefore support an individual who wants to expand their knowledge base and achieve career goals.

Final Thoughts

Communication is one of the most important things in our lives. And using crystals to make it easier is a great way of improving your life and boosting your prospects.

Use whichever crystals that you feel resonate the most with you and reap the benefits of an improved communicative style.

15 Of The Most Popular Crystals For Communication