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Azeztulite: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Azeztulite is a rare type of quartz named after a group of interdimensional beings called “The Azez.” These are spiritual beings that were said to have connected with the people who named this crystal.

The Azez means “Nameless Light,” and allegedly, the stone served as a tool to communicate and facilitate interdimensional travels, according to Crystals and Jewelry.

It can be found in white, yellow, golden amber, and pink colors.

Azeztulite Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning of Azeztulite

Apart from being a stone that helps interdimensional travels. It is also beneficial for those who seek light and universal love.

It also enables telepaths to have more clarity and communicate better with interdimensional beings. Also, some believe that this crystal was the first ever to receive the infusion of the “Nameless Light,”. A spiritual light facilitated by the Azez.

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While, other people also believe that this is a stone key to the vibrational ascension that plant Earth and humans have begun to experience.

According to folklore, religion, and history. Overview
United States The stone was first mined in 1970 in North Carolina. It was rediscovered in 1991 by Robert Simmons when he received a box of these healing crystals. He renamed them Azeztulite (to honor the Azez, a race of spiritual beings) after realizing that these were the crystals his psychic healing friend ​​Naisha Ahsian told him would reach him.

Azeztulite symbolism

This symbolizes guidance, inner vision, and direction. Its properties are enhanced when used in combination with Prasiolite.

Azeztulite zodiac sign

It is associated with all zodiac signs. It helps stimulate three ascension points: the base of the spine, the middle of the abdomen, and the center of the brain and nervous system.

According to Healing Crystals for You, the stone’s vibration goes up into the higher chakras, such as the crown chakra, the soul star chakra, and higher transpersonal chakras.

Azeztulite Mystical Powers

Many mystical powers are attributed to azeztulite, such as guidance, clarity, intuition, and healing.

Nonetheless, it should be used with caution because it has a higher vibration than other healing crystals. Also, those who are not used to working with high vibration stones can feel disoriented.

Some people also claim that they experience unpleasant side effects. However, once assimilated, you will get accustomed to these high vibration stones and use them when you need to without complications.

This is also very helpful in meditation because it helps cleanse and clear the mind and connect with the energy source.

Image by ha11ok from Pixabay

Azeztulite as an engagement ring

Is azeztulite a good choice for an engagement ring?

It is not commonly used as an engagement ring, but you can have it custom-made if you are drawn to this crystal.

Any jewelry made using it will help strengthen your spiritual development. As an engagement ring, it can enhance the bond between the lovers.

Nonetheless, using these high vibration stones in combination with other high vibration or frequency stones is recommended for better results.

Also, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that contain the stone are excellent for healing. They can help treat your physical wounds, tissue inflammation, and cellular disorders.

Risks of azeztulite engagement ring

Since it has a high frequency, be sure to integrate the stone slowly into your field, or you could experience discomfort or unpleasant feelings.

Therefore, before popping the question, be sure that your partner is comfortable wearing it.

Care for an azeztulite engagement ring

Azeztulite is believed to have no negative energies. It also does not have neutral energies; therefore, it doesn’t require cleansing.

Nonetheless, if you have an azeztulite engagement ring or piece of jewelry, remember that all minerals, such as this crystal, have to be handled with care.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

Azeztulite and Feng Shui

Meaning of azeztulite in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, it represents creativity, intelligence, and healing. It utilizes metal energy, which brings focus and purpose to the person who uses it.

Azeztulite uses in Feng Shui

This crystal can be used in any space for meditation or to bring togetherness in a room. However, it can be destructive if not used correctly.

The area to the far right to your door has metal energy; therefore, place the crystal on the northwest and west areas of your room or home. This will open you to blessings and solidify your efforts and determination.

Another Feng Shui advice is to use metal furniture in that area of the room to bring more of this energy into that space. You can add firmness, unity, and power to the area by adding some earth elements.

Azeztulite Metaphysical Properties

Places and location

Azeztulite at home can be used anywhere you want to, but it works better on the northwest and west areas of the area of the home you want to use it in.

Also, Azeztulite at the workplace can also be effective for balance, intelligence and creativity and should also be placed in the area mentioned above.

People and relationships

This crystal is very powerful in relationships, especially in romantic situations. It can give you a powerful and amazing shift in this aspect of your life.

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Azeztulite crystal therapies

You can use it in crystal therapies by placing it directly on the chakras or in crystal grids.

Azeztulite shapes and forms

It comes in many shapes and forms, and these are:

  • White
  • Amazez
  • Azozeo
  • Black
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue-Green
  • Cinnazez
  • Green Fire
  • Golden
  • Himalaya Gold
  • Honey & Cream
  • Pink
  • Pink Fire
  • Red Fire
  • Sanda Rosa
  • Satyaloka
  • Sauralite
  • Sedona

Azeztulite and chakras

This stone is connected to every chakra. You can use it for different purposes, especially in the base, solar plexus, heart, crown, and soul chakras.

Chakras and the stone works very well together. Here’s some information about how to use it in each of them and for what purpose.

In the base chakra, you can use it to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. Your desire to be overly possessive will reduce.

In the solar plexus chakra, it can help you feel recognized for your achievements and also learn new tasks. It is also helpful for bringing empathy and enhancing psychic abilities.

The heart chakra, if unbalanced, can also receive benefits from azeztulite. The stone can activate homeostasis, encourage compassion for yourself and others, and enhance innate healing abilities.

It can aid the chakra in your crown if you feel misunderstood by others or have issues in your past that you have not dealt with yet.

Finally, if your soul chakra is unbalanced, the crystal can help you accept your role in life.

Metaphysical table

Azeztulite Metaphysical Properties
Meaning Enlightenment
Feng Shui Meditation and togetherness
Zodiac Sign All
Symbolism Stone of Light
Birthstone N/A
Chakra Root (Base), Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye (Brow), and Crown Chakra

Azeztulite cost

When purchasing azeztulite, you have to be careful not to be scammed. There have been occasions when people have been offering azeztulite on the internet, and it is another stone.

You will be able to purchase it online between $72.00 - $95.00 per kilogram. Some websites request a minimum of ten kilograms per purchase.

Some websites offer chunks of raw azeztulite starting from $8.99

Remember to request a certificate of authenticity to be sure you are getting the genuine crystal.

Where to buy azeztulite

Online Store Details URL link
Azeztulite ​​
​​Heaven and Earth

Azeztulite healing properties and benefits

Azeztulite is an excellent crystal because of its extraordinary and powerful energy. It also has a very rare vibration that people can use to their benefit. Nonetheless, some people find it unpleasant to use because of its intensity.

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It is usual for unpleasant feelings to be felt at first. Still, once you get used to the crystal, you will enjoy its healing benefits, such as relieving pain and discomfort.

Also, the healing energies take effect very quickly. Plus, if used regularly, you will enjoy feelings of joy, serenity, and peace.

Azeztulite helps remove blockages in your energy flows. It can also protect you by creating the shape of a cosmic egg around you.

What are the healing powers of azeztulite?

The main healing powers associated with azeztulite are releasing old patterns, behaviors, ways of thinking, and complete emotional cleansing.

The crystal can create spiraling protective energy that surrounds your physical body, heart, soul, and mind at the same time.

Feelings and emotional healing of azeztulite

If you combine azeztulite with phenacite, it will help stimulate your third eye and crown chakras and therefore connect with the angelic realm and ascended masters.

Azeztulite will raise your kundalini energies, give you an expanded consciousness, and help you thrive through your emotional and relationship challenges.

It is a stone that helps you release shields and blocks that stagnate your emotional healing, growth, and rejuvenation.

Besides, it is also a crystal that can help heal the body. It is often used to alleviate those affected by cancer and chronically ill people by restoring their life’s purpose.

It is also helpful in regenerating and treating physical wounds, cellular disorders, and tissue inflammation.

Finally, when used during meditation, it facilitates a cleaner and easier entry and the achievement of a state of no mind.

In his book The Pocket Book of Stones, Robert Simmons explains that this is the key stone of the New Consciousness and can elevate a person’s energy and the energy of other stones.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Azeztulite and wealth

Azeztulite can also be used to manifest anything you want to in the financial sector. The crystal will guide you by providing wisdom to let you know the right path to follow.

It can also inspire you to start a new project or create a new business opportunity for yourself and others.

How do you use azeztulite for protection?

When you meditate or wear azeztulite jewelry, the crystal creates a spiral of energy around you that works similarly to the cosmic egg.

Also, it will keep away the negative energies from you and fill you with positive vibrations.

What is the color energy of azeztulite?

Azeztulite’s color energy is white, which is why it works very well with the crown chakra and is used in meditation and by metaphysical healers worldwide.

Best crystal to combine with azeztulite

One of the best combinations is with prasiolite, with which it can provide guidance and direction.

It also combines very well with quartzes, such as aurora quartz, nirvana quartz, hollandite quartz, and Herkimer diamonds.

If combined with other high-vibration stones, you can get very intense effects. Some of these stones are Libyan gold tektite, Lybian desert glass, kyanite, clear apophyllite, herderite, danburite, celestine, moldavite, tanzanite, and scolecite.

For healing purposes, pair it with white or clear quartz.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Azeztulite and Meditation

Enhance your meditation practice with azeztulite

As we mentioned above, azeztulite is a very powerful stone, and it can help people find their purpose in life.

Meditating with this crystal will open you to the blessings of the universe and guide you through a path where you can find light, wisdom, and love in the world.

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It also guides you to achieve a sense of direction and purpose and find guidance when uncertain or confused.

You can meditate with it every day to adapt to its powerful energies (which will subside over time). It will immediately affect you, putting you at ease of your discomfort as soon as you start meditating with it.

Azeztulite can also give you a glimpse of your future and enhance your clairvoyance abilities.

Another benefit is making you feel more connected with the world around you by aligning your energies with the forces of the universe.

When combined with epidote, your sense of self-awareness increases.

As you work more with this crystal, you will move towards a heightened sense of peace and serenity.

How to cleanse azeztulite

Azeztulite is so powerful that it does not require cleansing before or after use.

Diseases and healing with azeztulite

How does azeztulite work for disease?

In the base chakra, also it can help with ADHD and ADD. Also, it will balance the circulatory and reproductive systems and increase the function of the lower limbs and pelvis.

When used in the solar plexus chakra, it will assist in healing digestive, stomach, liver, and gallbladder ailments.

Also, used in the heart chakra, it can encourage the immune system to function at its peak and maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Also, the stone used in the crown chakra will help regulate the functions of the nervous and skeletal systems.

Azeztulite physical properties

Overview of Azeztulite Physical Properties
Origin Azeztulite is said to have originated from star beings called The Azez, which means “Nameless Light”. Azeztulite was first found in a faraway mineral mine in the North Carolina mountains in the USA.
Names Used Golden Azeztulite.
Is it Mineral? Is azeztulite a mineral? Yes.
Color Clear to white.
Streak Multiple colors.
Luster Vitreous, translucent to transparent.
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Transparent to translucent.
Cleavage None.
Tenacity Brittle.
Mohs Hardness 7
Density (Weight) 2.65
Diagnostic Properties None.
Chemical Composition Silicon Dioxide with Lithium Inclusions
Chemical Classification Silicate.
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Uses Jewelry ( Bracelets, Pendant, Earrings, and Rings).
Occurrence Form of colorless or white quartz, sometimes showing yellowish tones.

Azeztulite history

Azeztulite was initially found in North Carolina in 1970. It was not until 30 years later that it was also found in Vermont. Since then, many more varieties have emerged around the world.

In addition, the crystal received its name thanks to Robert Simmons, a metaphysical practitioner. He rediscovered the stone in 1991 and gave its current name, believing that interdimensional beings called the Azez told him to.

Moreover, the name azeztulite means “Nameless Light,” all recorded in The Book of Stones by Simmons.

Finding Places

Finding Places Country Name
United States White, black, sedona.
New Zealand Honey & Cream, sauralite.

How would you know if azeztulite is a mineral?

Azeztulite forms naturally. It is a mineral, a form of colorless quartz (it can be white sometimes).

It is considered expensive because it is very rare and sought after by metaphysical healers. It is regularly used for jewelry and healing purposes.

In addition, it is a silicate composed of silicon dioxide with lithium inclusions.

Image by Alexander Grey from Pixabay

Azeztulite colors

Meaning of azeztulite color

White is the most common color of the stone , representing clarity and purity. Nonetheless, it can also be found transparent, yellowish, pink, blue-green, and black.

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Role of streak and luster in azeztulite

Streak refers to the color of a mineral in its powdered form, and azeztulite’s streak has multiple colors.

The luster refers to its glow of reflected light. It has a vitreous, translucent, to transparent luster.

Azeztulite diaphaneity

Diaphaneity is the ability of a mineral to transmit light. It is translucent; therefore, it does not transmit light.

Does azeztulite have cleavage?

Cleavage refers to how some minerals break along certain lines of weakness in their structure. It does not have cleavage.

How hard is azeztulite on Mohs scale?

On Mohs scale, azeztulite is 7. On the other hand, diamond is 10, so it is weaker than diamond.

According to the Gem Society, any crystal that is 7 or higher on the Mohs scale usually indicates a gem is hard enough for regular jewelry use.

Another, it can scratch glass and be scratched by topaz, corundum, and diamond. You can do a scratch test to detect a fake crystal.

Azeztulite density (weight)

Density measures the mass of a substance per unit measure, and azeztulite is 2.65.

The densities of rocks and minerals are generally expressed as specific gravity. This refers to the density of the rock relative to the density of water.

Quartz is usually not measured by carats, and the stone is not either.

What are the diagnostic properties of azeztulite?

The stone does not have any diagnostics properties.

Azeztulite chemical composition

It’s chemical composition is silicon dioxide with lithium inclusions.

Azeztulite chemical classification

This crystal’s chemical classification is silicate.

Azeztulite crystal (system) structure

It’s crystal structure is hexagonal.

Azeztulite uses

This stone is most commonly used in jewelry, usually in bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings.

Azeztulite occurrence

This crystal occurs naturally in the United States, more specifically in North Carolina and Vermont. It can also be found in New Zealand.

It does not occur very often. Therefore, it is considered rare.

Also, It can be found as a form of colorless or white quartz, sometimes showing yellowish tones.

What makes azeztulite valuable?

The stone is valuable because it is very rare and cannot be found worldwide.

Azeztulite synthetics

Also, Synthetic quartz is by size, color, and clarity.

Azeztulite varieties

There are several varieties of it. These are:

  • White
  • Amazez
  • Azozeo
  • Black
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Blue-Green
  • Cinnazez
  • Green Fire
  • Golden
  • Himalaya Gold
  • Honey & Cream
  • Pink
  • Pink Fire
  • Red Fire
  • Sanda Rosa
  • Satyaloka
  • Sauralite
  • Sedona


To conclude, It is a precious and rare crystal used primarily on jewelry and for healing purposes. As its effects are powerful and fast. It can help someone find balance in their body, mind, and soul as soon as they start using it.

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It enhances meditation practices and can work very well when combined with other crystals, especially if they are high-vibrational stones.

Finally, It is not a stone for beginners, as its high vibrations can make new users feel uncomfortable. Still, anyone can gradually incorporate it into their practices.

Azeztulite: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties