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Join The Dark Side - A Guide To Black Crystals And Their Magical Properties

Crystals are glorious gifts that come from the earth. People make use of crystals to help them heal in many ways. Crystals are also very helpful in connecting people to higher levels of consciousness. Today, let us find out what connects black crystals to people.

But what do we know about black crystals? What are their properties, and which ones should we consider looking at? It can be tricky to find the right black crystals for you, especially if you are new to the world of crystals.

Quickly, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed and unsure which crystal is right for us. Well, no more! This guide will tell you all about black crystals, including their uses and benefits. Just keep reading to become a black crystals expert today.

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About Black Crystals

Crystals are extremely expert at clearing blockages. Crystals are excellent at lifting people to a whole new state of being. Crystals are great at bringing people back to a healthy state of being.

Dark gems are powerful stones that protect us from negativity. They absorb negative energy and toxins and help us to move through the darkness without fear. Let’s take a quick look at their benefits and uses now.

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Black crystals are great for detoxing the body. They're also great for healing damaged auras, encouraging better aura growth, and flushing out the chakras. Black gems are great for bringing a dose of that fighter energy.


Our first chakra is the foundation of our entire being. It connects us to our physical body, emotions, and intuition. The closing of our root chakra will make us feel lost, fearful, and unstable.

When our root chakra is open we feel secure and energized. We can channel divine light through the rest of our chakras.


Black crystals protect you from harm and give you confidence. You can use them to amplify the truth. Your relationship will be healthy and harmonious.

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Black crystals help protect people from bad intentions. They give them confidence and make them feel powerful. These gems also boost self-esteem and help people make wise decisions.

Black Crystals

Black stones are powerful crystals that help people get rid of negative energies. They also protect you from evil spirits and other things. You should choose a black crystal wisely because you want something that will give you power.

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Black obsidians are born from the earth's core and fiery energy. They come from the quickly cooling volcanic rock. Their dark colors make them stand out in contrast to other stones. Black obsidians weave all four elements together - earth, air, fire, and water.

These stones bring balance, elemental healing, and the mastery of chaotic thoughts. Black obsidians cut through bad habits, blockades, and destructive thought patterns.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

Black obsidians help empaths stay safe from others who might drain their energy or harm them.

Obsidian is a very hard stone, and it is great for making tools. Jewelers make use of this because it looks pretty. It is a calming stone that helps people feel better when they feel stressed or anxious.

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It's a protective stone that helps people get rid of bad habits.

It's an excellent healer that cuts through the noise and gets to the root of problems. It's a great stone for people who need help dealing with things in their lives.

Black obsidian is a powerful cleansing stone. It helps to clear away negative energy and protect your aura. It also shields you from negative energies.


Hematite is a grounding stone that absorbs negativity. It helps people stay centered and grounded. It gives them the energy to help them do what they need to do. It keeps them strong mentally. It makes them feel safe.

You can locate hematite, an iron-rich metal, in igneous rocks. Many people use this to cleanse their bodies and minds. It can remove toxins from the body and protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

Hematite is very powerful and can help you get rid of negative emotions and feelings of stress.

Black Hematite absorbs negativity and evil spirits. It strengthens your connection with nature and earth. It is inexpensive.

Black Diamond

Black diamonds are very expensive gems. They are extremely hard and shiny. You can treat them as jewelry or decoration. A black diamond is the most valuable gemstone in the world.

There is a belief that it is the hardest material in the universe. Black diamonds are famous for keeping people calm and focused.

In the past, some people thought that black diamonds were worthless, but now they have evolved into an elegant fashion statement. They are one of the toughest varieties of diamond with minute impurities that give them a black color.

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black crystal

Black diamonds are very hard stones that shine brightly. You can easily recognize them for their mystical powers and energy. You can use them to make jewelry or sculptures.

Their unbreakable spirit makes them great companions. They help you stay focused and free from confusion.


Black kyanite is a powerful stone that protects people from harmful vibrations and keeps them grounded. It helps people who are sensitive or empathic stay focused and protect themselves from negative energies.

Kyanite is a powerful stone that brings passion, zest, and soul-awakening power. It also helps you to connect with the Earth's magnetic field and call upon your kundalini energies. It is a great root chakra stone.

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It arouses your kundalini and calls forth your creativity. It helps you to ground down when you feel lost in negativity.

Kyanite is a crystal that never needs cleaning. It is highly in demand by people who want to use it for spiritual purposes. It is also familiar to open pathways in the mind and allow for the transfer of energy, but it doesn't work well with others.

You cannot only find black kyanite in jewelry, but also in electronics and other items. They think that this stone removes negative energy from your aura.


Ilvaite is a stone for truth, independence, and stabilization. It is also a stone for protection, grounding, and wisdom. It is a strong base.

It can support the root chakra, offering protection and stabilizing energy. It can help you achieve a state of deep self-confidence.

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It is a big help as an anchor for your thoughts that tend to drift into worries or anxieties without you even realizing it.

It is a protective stone. It shields you from negative energies. It is a wonderful stone to keep around.


Hypersthene is a magical black crystal that helps develop psychic abilities. It also helps people see into the future with hope and enthusiasm.

Psychics, healers, and those wanting to enhance their connection to spirits are using hypersthene. They help with developing psychic abilities and looking into the future.

black crystal

You don't need to be a psychic to enjoy Hypersthene. This crystal reminds us to look forward to the future with hope, rather than fear of the unseen.


Nuummite is an extremely rare black crystal. They say that it is very powerful and magical. Often, people are describing nuummite as having a soft blackness about it.

People then call it "the most beautiful black crystal on Earth". Some say the colorless stone resembles the human eye. Another description says it looks like melted lava.

Nuummite is a stone of passion, zest, and soul awakening. There are thousands of reasons to love this gem.

It may bring about happiness and luck and can affect dreams, visions, meditation, and sleep patterns.

Use this stone to balance your hormones, reduce stress, promote personal growth, increase productivity, and facilitate communication among other things.

Black Melanite

Melanite is a type of garnet that is also known as titanium andradite. It is a very hard mineral that is usually found in dark colors such as black or brown. It is used in jewelry making because of its durability and hardness.

Black melanite has many uses. It is most commonly in use in jewelry. Crystal healers believe that this stone helps to calm the mind, and settle a restless heart. People also make use of this stone in crystal healing.


Black agates are very powerful stones that help people to be on ground and stable. They also help people to become more confident and courageous.

They make people feel safe and protected. They are great stones for people who want to learn about spirituality or who want to discover other dimensions of themselves.

Agate is a protective stone that absorbs negativity and transforms it into positive energy. It helps you clear away bad vibes and toxic energies. It strengthens your connection to the root chakra, which gives you strength and confidence.

Black agate is an excellent stone for protection. It helps you to connect with your root chakra. It also helps you to succeed in life.

Jewelry made out of this material is very durable. Jewelry made out of agate has a Mohs hardness score of 7, meaning that it is very strong and resistant to scratching or chipping.


Garnets are soft and smoky stones that help clear negative energy. They amplify positive energy and make people feel safe. They are great for calming down and helping people get rid of stress.

Garnets absorb negative energy. They help people feel safe and protected. Their amplifying properties make them ideal for healing and cleansing. They help people connect with nature and feel supported by the universe.

Often, they are stones in different colors that are in use in jewelry. You can polish other gems by using these. Andradite is the most common type of garnet. This kind of garnet comes from Brazil. There are many different kinds of garnet.

Black garnets are also an excellent source of energy.

Black Quartz

Black quartz is a great protective gemstone. It helps protect us from negative energies and bad vibes. It also brings in more positive energies.

Black quartz is also notable smoky quartz because of its dark gray color. This type of quartz is very effective for clearing away negative energy.

Using quartz crystals as a spiritual tool, you can attract love and prosperity. Sometimes, using Black crystals is effective in cleansing negativity out of a home.

By placing a crystal point, geode, or dark quartz crystal at the entrance to a house, it keeps negative energies away.

Quartz is a mineral that is useful in many different ways. It is very useful for jewelry making and crystal healing.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a very grounding and protective stone. It helps to ease anxiety and stabilize emotional states. It heals old wounds and stops painful memories from becoming overwhelming, and it also connects us to our higher selves.

It is also a crystal that is good for balancing emotions. In addition, one of its function is to improve mental clarity, focus, and memory. Another is for divination purposes. It is a great way to connect to intuition and creativity.

It absorbs negative energy and transforms anxious feelings into a positive spin. This stone works well for people who need to protect themselves from dark emotions.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a gemstone that is opaque, black, and hard to cut. It is a fairly common gemstone that is often functional as an inexpensive alternative to diamonds. Tourmalines are often used in rings because of their durability

Black tourmaline protects you from negativity and keeps you grounded. It is a great stone to use when you need to clear out old habits or bad feelings.

black crystals
Image by Sue Rickhuss from Pixabay

Black tourmaline helps you to connect with your inner self. You gain confidence and self-esteem. Your emotional well-being improves. You become more grounded. You learn how to let go of negative

Black Jade

Jade is a precious stone that comes in many different colors. Green jade is the most popular variety. Black jade is also quite valuable. They are stones in different colors that are usually used in jewelry. People also use jade to polish other gems too.

It is a type of mineral that is mostly made up of silicon dioxide. The color of jade depends on what kind of rock it is formed from. Most jades are white or light green. Some varieties are golden yellow.

Black jade is a very rare type of stone. The belief is that it helps balance emotions and brings inner harmony. Often, it is useful in meditation and yoga.

Black jade is usually associated with China and Japan. The amount of iron determines how dark it is. With enough iron, a jaded stone can be almost completely dark.

Jade is harder than most rocks. It's easy to carve, but if you want to make a design, you need to be careful.

Black Jasper

Jasper is a type of mineral that comes in many colors. Red jasper is the most common. It is convenient in decorative items and jewelry. It is also effective to ground people who feel unstable.

Black Jasper is a very grounding stone. It is good in balancing emotions and bringing peace. It is a very protective stone. People who have a lot of stress in their lives should consider getting one.

It connects to the Earth's star and brings forth your kundalini energies. It arouses your kundalini snake and calls you to awaken your creative zeal. It grounds you without letting go of ideas. It helps you to be pure when you feel bad.

Black Labradorite

Labradorite is a very powerful stone that helps you connect with the Earth. It protects you from negative energy and brings peace into your life.

It is an advantageous stone to increase spirituality and awareness. It is a symbol of power and strength. A stone to boost confidence and motivation.

Photo by Meg Jenson on Unsplash

Black Labradorite is a great stone to enhance psychic powers and increase awareness. It is a great aid to meditation and dream work.


Magnetite is a very strong magnet. It is mainly used as iron ore, but it is also useful in many other things.

Magnetite is a great stone for protection and grounding. It is helpful if you experience frequent headaches or migraines. It helps to soothe nervous tension and relax you.

It is a great crystal to carry around to calm yourself down during times of stress.

It is a powerful grounding stone that protects you from harmful vibes. It keeps your aura clean and protected. You can use this stone to protect yourself while doing healing work.

Black Opal

Opals are one of the most beautiful minerals on Earth. They come in many different colors including green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, brown, red, orange, white, and black.

Black opals have been found all over the world. They are very special stones that have unique spiritual properties.

Photo by Anete Lusina:

Opals are very rare in nature. There are more than 100 different types of opals. Black opal is the most expensive variety. It is used in jewelry, ceramics, and even as abrasive materials.

Some opals are semi-precious while others are completely natural. Black opals are highly sought after. They are very special stones. They are considered to be lucky. They are said to bring good luck and fortune.

Black Anatase

Anatase is a type of silica mineral. It has many uses in industry, such as being used in air purifiers, solar panels, and water filters.

It is an aid in treating people who suffer from sinuses or mental issues. It has been used since prehistoric times and has been associated with the moon and lunar cycles.

Black anatase supports self-confidence and optimism. It makes life easier for you. It promotes growth both personally and professionally.

Black Phantom Quartz

A ghostly-looking crystal that looks like a hologram. It is used as jewelry or a spiritual tool. It is said to hold energetic properties. It is also said to aid with divination.

This stone is a great choice for a necklace or bracelet.

It is a stone that carries energy that is very balanced and harmonious. It allows you to receive new ideas and brings insight into things that have confused you in the past.

It gives you courage and strength when facing changes and obstacles.


Jet is very hard, and it doesn't reflect any light. It absorbs the light instead, making it difficult to see. Jet is a very durable gemstone that is resistant to scratches and cuts.

It is a beautiful gemstone that is valued for its hardness and durability. Jet is also an inexpensive gemstone that is easy to cut and polish.

This crystal is considered sacred and is used for meditation. It is believed to bring peace and calm to all beings.


Rhodonite is a stone that carries energy that is very balanced and harmonious. Rhodonite allows you to receive new ideas and brings insight into things that have confused you in the past. It gives you courage and strength when facing challenges.

It is also a highly recommended stone to help boost creativity and inspiration. It often comes in beautiful pink and black hues.

Black Zircon

Zircon is a type of mineral that looks like diamonds but isn't. It is used for jewelry because of its sparkly appearance. It is also used to stimulate people who are depressed. Its main use is as a low-cost replacement for diamonds.

Black zircons have a Mohs scale of 5-6. Their prices range between $50-$400 per carat. Nuumite comes in two forms: round and hexagonal. Both have similar properties.

It is a powerful tool for spiritual growth. It is a stone that helps one to connect to the divine. It is said to bring peace and calm to the soul. It is a stone for meditation, relaxation, and contemplation. It is said to increase psychic powers.


Pleonaste is an abundant type of spinel. It comes in many different colors including black, blue, and gray.

Pleonaste brings out your natural beauty, It helps you feel more confident about yourself, and protects you from negative energies. It promotes a healthy, fluid aura and keeps you happy and content.

Final Thoughts

Black crystals are mysterious gems that help people stabilize themselves emotionally and spiritually. They protect people from negative energies and offer them strength. They can make people more confident and powerful.

Black crystals are rare gems that come in different colors. They are used as jewelry or decoration. They are also used to make medicines.

Some people believe that black crystals bring luck. Whatever you believe, hopefully, this article has helped you to find the black crystals for you!

Join The Dark Side - A Guide To Black Crystals And Their Magical Prope