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The Best Healing Crystals To Help With Stress

It is normal to feel stressed. This stress can be due to something as small as missing a train or as big as struggling to leave the house without feeling anxious.

Although stress comes in all shapes and sizes, this does not make anyone’s reasonings less valuable than another’s.

Moreover, there are a variety of ways a person can deal with stress, and one of those ways is through the great use of crystals. In this article, we will be listing some of the best crystals to use for stress as well as guiding you through how to be using your crystals.

crystals for stress

What Causes Stress?

Stress is a personal battle which many people have to go through, and this is never something that is enjoyed. Stress can consume a person’s life and because of this it can be difficult to live life to the fullest.

Some causes for stress include…

  • Losing control over a situation
  • Feeling uncertain
  • Experiencing big life changes
  • Being under pressure

A person cannot always control stress, even if they try. They may be worried about an exam which is coming up, or be stressed about the arrival of a new baby in the home.

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Perhaps they missed the last train on their way to work or they see their fuel is low on a car ride. Stress cannot be defined in one single way as it varies for each individual, but there are methods to soothe the stress and help lead you towards a path of calmness and serenity.

The Importance Of Crystals

Crystals hold a lot of importance for people. It allows people to feel bonded, to feel awakened spiritually, mentally and physically. Every crystal has its own purpose, and you choose this crystal depending on what you want to gain.

There are some who desire better sleep, others who want love, others who long for confidence. Whatever you desire, there are crystals to help guide you.

The importance of crystals varies depending on the individual, for whilst some use it spiritually through meditation and ritual, there are others who use their crystals for means of comfort.

In order to be healed, crystals are the best option for you, and it does not matter if you are a beginner or fully devoted. It is true that everyone’s experiences with crystals are different, however there is no harm in trying something new.

Remember, crystals act as a way to open yourself up, tending to you with the courage and guidance you need to be healed.

Crystals For Stress

There are crystals which are specifically tailored to stress, and by using these crystals a person is able to heal themselves and feel stronger within themselves. In addition, calm your environment by bringing crystals into your life and allow the stress to soothe.

Below, we will be listing some of the best crystals for stress.

Healing Crystals To Help With Stress

Black Tourmaline

The first crystal on this list is Black Tourmaline. This is a beautiful crystal made to push away any negativity or threat. With this crystal, you will feel comforted by its presence as it wards off feelings of anxiety and allows you to have a new positive outlook.

Finally gather the space you need to breathe and remove that cluster of stress. You can choose to keep this crystal nearby as you work to keep that energy close to you.

Blue Lace Agate

This next crystal is a stone primarily for communication. Allow yourself to gather your thoughts and be able to communicate your emotions openly.

When we are are experiencing stress, it can be difficult to think straight or even understand what we are trying to say. With this crystal, that tension will be relieved and you will feel calm.

Not only is this crystal great for communication but it is also beautiful in appearance with its soft blue tone.

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Smoky Quartz

During times of strength, all we truly need is courage – Smoky Quartz is the crystal which will deliver. This is notable as the stone of bravery and will help you face fear, overcoming all of your anxieties.

Watch as your stress melts away and feel ready to face any challenges which come your way.

Clear Quartz

Another, clear quartz. This is a crystal best suited for stress and our favorite from the many. Not only does it have a unique clear appearance, but it is very beneficial for those suffering with anxiety.

Anxiety inevitably leads to stress, but Clear Quartz can help you find inner peace. With the energy from this crystal, your distress will be healed and your mind will be focused.


Next, another crystal on the list is Shungite, and this is a crystal which shields against electrical magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are ones which come from cell phones, computers and other electronics alike, so this is the perfect crystal for those with a stressful work life.

In fact, the ideal place to keep Shungite would be on the desk next to your computer or at home in the study, wherever any electronic devices are present. This energy will be very useful for you if your work is stressing you.

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Sodalite, also popular as the stone of peace, is perfect for centering your mind and allowing you to focus.

When we are feeling stress, we tend to lose focus on what’s important, think irrationally, and only concern ourselves with that stress. Solidate can help you center yourself and feel a sense of calm as you do so.


When overwhelmed by high levels of stress, Lepidolite is the best crystal to use. This crystal contains healing properties made to relieve any signs of anxiety.

Even more so, this crystal is made partly with lithium and lithium is what is found within anti-anxiety medication. Because of this, you know that this stone will be effective when it comes to healing.

For the best results, keep this crystal close to you when you sleep. You can choose to keep it on your bedside table or under your pillow.

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Rhodonite is an ideal crystal for those who have experienced some past trauma and are looking to heal themselves. Allow yourself to free yourself from that inner pain and sew those deep wounds.

With this crystal, the stress of this pain will soon wither away and you will find yourself in a new light. And for extra protection, keep Rhodonite in your pocket close to you.

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Lava Stone

Lava Stone is a pure crystal to have, coming straight from the earth’s most energetic spot, yet it holds great abilities to heal and prevent stress. With this stone, you will be experiencing transformation.

Furthermore, your life will be balanced and that bad energy that has been circulating will be swept away. This is the perfect stone for those being challenged by anxiety and stress as all of that negativity will be removed and replaced with positive energy.


Lastly, the final crystal on our list is one of the best popular and is ideal for beginners. Amethyst provides an energy which will calm down any nerves and allows a person to stay grounded.

In addition to that, with this crystal, you will be energized and all of that stress will be torn away. Allow this crystal to manage your emotions, calm your nerves and present clarity.

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Reducing Stress with Crystals

Now you have your crystals, it is important to know how to use them correctly to relieve stress.

Although there is no wrong way to use crystals, there are certain methods which will be more beneficial to the stressed individual.


Many people, especially those who are new to using crystals, do not know about cleansing crystals but this is an important step.

Make sure that you cleanse your crystals in order to remove any negativity. To do this, either leave them under the sun or under moonlight.


You may also choose to meditate using your crystals. You may also hold your crystal close, close your eyes and allow yourself to absorb that energy.

Then, relax your mind and escape all that stress. Finally feel at peace thanks to your chosen crystal and free yourself from any negativity.


Remember, always keep your crystals close by wearing them as an accessory. Choose to wear them as a ring, a necklace or a bracelet and be surrounded by positive energy wherever you walk whether that be in the office, on your way to work or at your desk at school.

Never be in fear of stress again.

Final Thoughts

There are many crystals in use for stress which we have listed above, and by using these crystals you will have your mind cleared and replaced with that needed positive energy.

Crystals work for people differently depending on which ones they choose and how they use them, but in the end there is always a shared sensation of relief and clarity.

There are a variety of benefits to using crystals – you escape negativity, you are improving yourself, you are protected. Crystals play a huge role in many people’s lives and have made a big difference too. Relieve your stress today.

Crystals to Help with Stress: Top Stones for Calm and Relaxation