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Out Of The Blue - A Guide To The Most Brilliantly Blue Crystals

What are blue crystals? Are they real or fake? Let us find out more about this amazing blue crystals.

Blue crystals are a type of stone that often has an association with spiritualism and mysticism. Some believe they are a form of energy that can heal the body and mind. Others say they are simply a hoax.

To us, these crystals can be extremely useful. If you are a skeptic regarding the healing powers of crystals, we encourage you to experiment with these blue crystals.

There are several types of blue crystals, such as aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, and even tourmaline.

Image by DWilliam from Pixabay

Blue: The Meaning Of The Color

The color blue can mean many things depending on its usage and shade. The Ancient Egyptians regularly used the color for jewelry.

To get this color, they used the crystal called lapis lazuli. One of the most expensive stones and was useful by royalty.

Blue also symbolizes wisdom and truth. They say that when you wear it, you will always know what is right and wrong. In addition, it represents protection against evil spirits.

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Moreover, blue is one of the most popular colors in the world. Many associate the color with masculinity, while pink often symbolizes femininity in the west.

In other cultures, however, the color blue represents both sexes. Did you know that pink is to be used for baby boys while blue was used by baby girls? This is true, but the colors were switched during the early 20th century.

Many consider this to be one of the most relaxing and tranquil colors. This is why a lot of websites used blue logos and color schemes, as it creates a sense of calmness.

For instance, Facebook and Twitter both have blue logos. People's belief is that it helps people sleep better at night. In addition, people consider blue to be an excellent color for meditation.

We also know that blue is the color of the sky. Perhaps, this is part of the reason why society considers it a peaceful color. Moreover, it is the color of the sea, reminding us of calm seas.

Contrastingly, the color blue can also convey sadness. If you are feeling “blue”, it means that you are feeling sad and depressed. This is linked to Greek mythology, in which Zeus would fill the skies with rain whenever he was sad.

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What Are Blue Crystals?

There are many kinds of blue crystals. They have several important qualities and uses. The following are the functions of blue crystals:


Blue crystals can help treat physical ailments. These include arthritis, back pain, headaches, and more. You may want to try using them for your own health issues.

However, blue crystals are particularly good at solving throat-related problems, mainly because they have a link to the throat chakra.

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For example, if you have the flu or a cold, you can utilize a blue crystal.

Aside from physical healing, a blue crystal is also useful to lessen emotional pain. According to some sources, blue crystals can help you deal with grief, depression, and stress. Some believe that they can help you overcome addiction.

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Blue crystals are effective in bringing about positive changes in spirituality. Some people use blue crystals to connect with their spirituality.

They believe that blue crystals has a connection to higher beings. They helpful in communicating with angels or spirit guides. Consequently, many people use blue stones for meditation.


If you have been experiencing difficulty talking or communicating with other people, you should utilize a blue crystal. This can be really useful in relationships, as it can allow you to talk to your partner with perfect clarity.

Work And Career

A blue crystal can help you achieve success in any career path. There are various ways that you can use a blue crystal to improve your work life.

For example, you can wear a blue crystal necklace to attract clients. Or, you can use blue quartz to solve business problems. This is partially because of its spiritual properties and its ability to improve communication.

Blue Crystals: Different Varieties And Their Properties

There are loads of different blue crystals for you to try using. Among the most popular varieties of these blue stones are:

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a type of silicate mineral. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue stone. It is often referred to as the “blue pearl”. It is available in a variety of shades, though it is primarily blue.

This incredible crystal can be found in a variety of locations, mainly in Afghanistan. The lapis lazuli mines were once located near the city of Badakhshan. The crystal can also be located in the United States, Italy, and Pakistan.

Image by Graciela Zerpa from Pixabay

The history of lapis lazuli goes all the way back to ancient times. It was crushed and used to make the extremely expensive pigment called ultramarine. This is because of its stunning blue shades.

It has been useful for centuries by artists. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo used this amazing crystal to create masterpieces.

This color was very convenient for painters in the Renaissance Period. It is also regularly in use in depictions of the Virgin Mary. Even today, it continues to be helpful by artists around the world.

However, lapis lazuli is not just used for painting. It also has more abstract uses. Many believe that it is connected to wisdom, allowing people who use the stone to become more intelligent. This will be valuable for academics and people who work in professional careers.

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In terms of healing properties, this crystal is known to be helpful for those suffering from mental health issues.

If you feel depressed, anxious, or stressed out, then you should consider using lapis lazuli. It can also be beneficial for those who have throat-related health problems.


Azurite is another form of blue gemstone. This particular crystal is quite rare, though it is found in plenty of places. For instance, Azurites are typically located in countries such as Australia, Mexico, and Greece.

It is known for its striking color. Like the previous stone, azurite can be used in painting. Its name is linked with azure, a beautiful shade of blue that is often used in artistic representations of the sky.

blue crystals
Photo by Skylar Kang:

In terms of its uses, azurite can be used for the heart and throat chakras. These two areas of the body are associated with love, life, and creativity.

Therefore, if you want to attract more love into your life, then you should consider wearing an azurite pendant.

Moreover, many people use azurite for its calming qualities. If you suffer from anxiety, perhaps you should give this blue stone a go. It may allow you to feel less anxious and nervous.

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Blue Quartz

Quartz is a form of silicon dioxide. Quartz is a beautiful stone and is often used in jewelry design. It is typically colorless, though it can also be found in a wide range of colors. One of our favorite varieties is blue quartz.

Blue quartz is normally quite dark, being more of a navy blue than a lighter shade. However, there are some exceptions. Some blue quartz crystals are actually very light in color. They are usually referred to as “light blue” quartz.

There are several reasons why we think blue quartz is so special. First, it is one of the most popular stones on the market. Blue quartz is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can even find them online!

Moreover, blue quartz has a relaxing impact on its users. It helps to calm down and relax the mind. In fact, it can help relieve stress and anxiety.

This makes it perfect for anyone who suffers from these conditions. Plus, blue quartz can make you feel a sense of liberation.

If you have been feeling a bit trapped of late, such as if you are finding your job to be a nightmare, blue quartz can increase your sense of freedom.


Sapphire may be the most popular and well-known blue crystal. It is a beautiful blue stone and is often used in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. This is likely due to their deep blue coloring. As a consequence, sapphires can be used to make stunning engagement rings.

There are various types of sapphires. Some are colored, while others are clear. The best ones are usually clear stones. They tend to be more expensive than their colored counterparts.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

However, they are much easier to find. Their most popular color is blue, though you can find sapphires in different hues.

Though sapphires are mainly used for jewelry, they have other uses thanks to their extreme hardness and durability. They are even used to make really strong windows.

If you are looking for a way to improve your memory, then you should consider using sapphires. Furthermore, sapphires and terrific tools for removing negative energies.

This allows you to purify your mind, resulting in you making more informed and logical decisions. If you are someone who struggles to focus your mind, a sapphire will be an outstanding option.

Blue Lace Agate

Up next, blue lace agate is a type of gemstone that is known for its unique appearance. It is a lovely blue stone that looks like lace. It has a striking look that is sure to catch attention thanks to its pale blue color.

The name “blue lace agate” comes from the fact that there are delicate lines that form a gorgeous pattern on this stone. These lines tend to be made up of varying shades of blue, with some that are lighter and darker than others.

blue crystal

Many people use this stone for communication. If you have been suppressing your voice, blue will free it. This can clarify your communication.

Thus, if you are experiencing difficulty telling someone something, this stone might be the solution. In addition, some believe that it brings good luck when placed near the heart or head. It may also provide prosperity and success.


Turquoise is a blue-green-colored stone. Therefore, it is not purely blue. However, you can obtain stones with varying degrees of blue and green hues. Thus, if you are searching for a blue stone, you can find a turquoise that is more blue than green.

This stone is not very common, so you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to get your hands on it. Nevertheless, it is one of the most sought-after gems.

Image by ❄️♡????♡❄️ Julita ❄️♡????♡❄️ from Pixabay

There are many reasons why this is the case. For instance, it is a great choice for those who want to improve their memory. Also, it is a wonderful stone for meditation.

Interestingly, this precious stone gets its name from the French word for "Turkish." This is because people in the 17th century believed that it originated from Turkey.

For centuries, turquoise has been useful to create jewelry. Both the Ancient Aztecs and Egyptians used the crystal to craft masks. In fact, Tutankhamen's burial mask was ornamented with turquoise.

Aside from this, turquoise crystals are effective to remove negative energies. Therefore, you can instead focus on being more positive.

Moreover, it can provide stability and balance. If you are someone who suffers from panic attacks, turquoise is a big help to instill a sense of calmness and balance.


This dark blue crystal has a unique aesthetic. The royal blue surface usually has blotches of black and white, making it reminiscent of a turbulent sea.

Despite this, the crystal is often in use to boost communication. By using sodalite, you will be more honest and frank. Moreover, this stone can cleanse your body of toxic influences.

Image by Resi Innocent from Pixabay

In addition, it can help you overcome depression. Sodalite is a powerful tool for healing. It can bring peace and tranquility into your life. As such, you can experience less stress and anxiety.

Blue Calcite

Last but not least, if you are searching for a calming crystal, blue calcite will be a fantastic option. Its light blue surface is incredibly peaceful. Moreover, it can promote restful sleep.

Blue calcite has a connection to the third-eye chakra. As a result, it can help you perceive reality better. Therefore, you will be able to see through another person's lies.

Because of this association, blue calcite can also increase wisdom. If you ever need to make a tough decision, blue calcite will be your ally.

Blue Crystals: A User's Guide

As useful as it is to understand the properties of these crystals, you will not be able to get anywhere if you are unable to use them properly.

Combine With Green Crystals

Blue crystals work best alongside green crystals. Plus, these colors combine on an aesthetic level. Therefore, you can easily make jewelry made from them that will also be aesthetically pleasing.

This combination will be particularly effective if you are attempting to combat a matter of the heart.

Wear Crystals

Thanks to the widespread use of crystal jewelry, it can be easy to add these jewels to your wardrobe. Wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings to establish a link between your crystal and your body. The creation of this is by close contact between the skin and the crystal.


To call on the powers of a crystal, you can meditate while holding one. This will be especially effective if you are trying to overcome a problem of the mind. For example, if you want to become more focused, meditation with a crystal will be super effective.

How To Choose The Right Blue Crystal?

By now, you will be able to identify some leading crystals and will know how to use them. As useful as that is, it can be really strenuous to pick the right blue crystal. Though they are all great, they have different properties that may mean that not all are suitable for you.

Thankfully, this guide will help you to pick the right stone:


The color of the crystal will be an essential consideration. You need to make sure that the shade of blue matches your skin tone and the clothes in your wardrobe. That way, you will avoid looking washed out.

If you are unsure about what color will work best for you, then you should try a few colors before settling on one. Once you do, you can keep using that same color of blue throughout the year.

You should also aim to find a shade of blue that appeals to you. This will be especially true if you plan on wearing the jewel, such as if you are picking a crystal for an engagement ring.


Next, you will also need to think about how you are going to use the blue crystal. On one hand, you may be purchasing a jewel merely for its aesthetic value.

This will be the case if you just want to wear it as jewelry. On the other hand, you may be intending to tap into the healing potential of a crystal.

Will you wear it every day? Or will you only wear it occasionally? This will affect how much money you should spend on it.

After all, it is worthwhile spending a lot of money on a crystal that you will wear all the time. However, if you only wear it once, it does not seem very reasonable.

Meanwhile, if you want to use a crystal's restorative or healing powers, you will need to find the one that works best for you.

To do so, you need to recognize what problem needs solving. Once you have done this, you can determine which crystal is useful to overcome it.

This may require some research into the properties of each of these crystals. Fortunately, we have provided brief information in the previous descriptions.


Additionally, you will need to consider the size of the blue crystal. The larger the crystal, the higher the price tag. This is why you should always start by considering the size of the blue gemstone that you like most. Then, you can move on to the next step.

Once you have settled on a particular size, you can look at the prices of various sizes. In general, the bigger the crystal, the more expensive it will be. Thus, you will save money if you opt for a smaller crystal.

The larger a crystal is, the less portable it will be. This will be a consideration if you are using a crystal for healing.

Some people even like to have a crystal on their person at all times. If this is the case, you will need to acquire a small blue crystal, preferably one that is pocket-size.

Also, bigger crystals will take up more space. As a consequence, you should find one that will fit perfectly into your home. If you are planning on using a crystal for healing but live in a small space, you should contemplate buying a miniature crystal.


Next, the cost of the crystal will also be an important consideration. You should know that there are many types of blue gems available, with each type varying in price. For example, if you buy a genuine blue sapphire, you will pay a premium price over a synthetic version.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you should consider these synthetic crystals. Please bear in mind that they will be less powerful and effective than real crystals.

Moreover, their quality will vary. While some fake versions may look authentic, others will be more obviously synthetic.

In addition, you will need to check whether the blue gemstone is certified. A certified gemstone has undergone rigorous testing.

After passing through several stages, next is the handing of certificate. These tests include checking the color, clarity, cut, and fluorescence. This will prove its legitimacy. However, you may have to pay extra for a certified blue crystal.


Finally, you will need to decide between clear and cloudy blue gems. Usually, people prefer clear stones because they offer better light penetration.

They allow you to see inside them. On the other hand, cloudy stones are opaque. This means that you cannot see anything within them.

However, cloudy stones may be preferable if you enjoy this aesthetic. Ultimately, the decision should come down to aesthetic preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Month Has Sapphire As Its Birthstone?

Each month has its own birthstone, which represents the people that are born in that month. Sapphire is the birthstone of September, though some prefer lapis lazuli to represent this month.

Are Blue Crystals Rare?

Surprisingly, blue is quite an uncommon color in nature. However, as this list demonstrates, there are quite a lot of blue crystals out there.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a good idea about how to choose a blue crystal. These gorgeous gemstones can enhance your life, making you more focused on calm.

Plus, they will improve your outfits and make you look more sophisticated. By using this guide, you can locate the ideal blue crystal for you.

Out Of The Blue - A Guide To The Most Brilliantly Blue Crystals