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A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Blue As Their Favorite Color

There are seven basic personality types, each associated with a particular color. Now, we will focus on color blue.

These colors also correspond to certain traits. Depending on the favorite color of a person, you can get a glimpse into what you can expect from this person.

For example, blue personalities tend to be friendly and relaxed people.

In this piece, we look at the personality traits that fans of the color blue tend to share as well as give insight into their innermost desires and what it can mean if you don’t like the color blue.

Whether you are reading because you like the color blue or to help understand others better you are sure to learn a wealth of information that will help you in your relationships with others.

The Psychology Of The Color Blue

Blue is a favorite color by many because it makes people feel calm and safe. We associate blue with peace, tranquility, and serenity.

As a result of these feelings the color blue can stir in people, many businesses decide to use this within their physical space, marketing materials, and uniforms in the hope to be perceived as stable and reliable places and companies.

We can also find blue in nature, it is the color of the sky on a clear, sunny day and it is the color of water as well as with winter and cold weather.

The fact that blue can be seen anywhere, it gives a sense of familiarity to those viewing it, which is why it is so popular.

Color Blue

What Does It Say About You?

Like most colors, there are many associations with the color blue and there are assumptions that people have for people that love the color blue.

Color psychology helps us to understand why people are more attracted to certain colors but it also helps us to understand the types of people that like certain colors.

Below we look at the top five personality traits linked with people who choose blue as their favorite color.

It doesn’t matter if they prefer deep tones or more muted tones of blue, these traits are commonly found to those who like the color blue.


You may expect that for someone to be authoritative they would like the color red, which symbolizes power, but this is not the case.

You will be a respected authority figure by becoming a layperson who can understand and interact with those around you.

Authoritative people succeed effortlessly in their professional life as those around them appreciate and admire them.

Being able to communicate with people positively and clearly will put people at ease, this further elevates your authority.

Being an authoritative figure in your personal life can be more difficult as often family dynamics will influence situations.

As being authoritative will be natural to you, there will be no need for you to do what most people think is necessary in order to be viewed as an authority figure, which is often to shout and belittle those around you.

The greatest leaders can often be the most unassuming people. Fans of the color blue hold other personality traits that enable them to help to put people at ease, both professionally and personally.

Try not to view this character trait as a calling to work in management, look at it more as a calling to be a support system to those around you when you can or when needed.

By being a sturdy and calm person in moments of difficulty and crisis your authoritative personality will help those around you.


They say that color blue makes people feel calm and serene, this calmness can also be found in the personality of those that favor the color blue over other colors.

The color soothes people as much as people with calm personalities can too.

Being calm often viewed negatively. People can view those who are calm as lazy but in actual fact, they are extremely committed and headstrong.

They manage to stay calm in moments of difficulty and stress and help to soothe those around them.

Being calm in a workspace can positively impact your colleagues as when others see someone is calm this will allow them to calm down also.

That is why calm and authoritative personality traits are both often found in one person.

In your personal life, being a calm person can help you to make the most out of the time you have got.

While some days may be difficult, being able to stay calm will allow you to rise above moments of difficulty and rise from negative situations.

Calm people often have a love for the great outdoors as there they can find environments where calm, quiet, serenity exists with no orchestration.

Nature just exists as one and compliments whatever is around it. This is what people who like the color blue strive for.

Color Blue


Commitment is something that scares many people, but those who are in favor of color blue are incredibly committed people.

Commitment can be shown in a range of ways, from actions to words in personal and professional lives.

Your commitment in your professional life can be difficult and that is why it is so admirable.

You may stay working for the same company for a long length of time or you may give your commitment to your work and what your job is there to achieve.

Your commitment and focus on the task at hand are great ways of having fewer stressful moments in your working days.

Commitment in personal lives is something that everyone craves but something very few people get to experience.

People with commitment as a personality trait make fantastic friends and romantic partners. They focus on relationships and give it their all to make sure that they are fruitful and an addition to any party involved.

Don’t let the distractions of the external world impact your commitment to the things in your life. Commitment is a trait that will forever be held in a high place as it becomes rarer and rarer as the world continues to offer more and more choices.


Often people that like the color blue are honest. Their honesty makes them reliable and trustworthy which makes them great leaders and also great friends.

Your honesty can be difficult for some people to take. But you still, always, speak kindly when giving difficult truths to friends and family, or in your professional life.

Being honest will enable you to have a peaceful life as you will not get caught up in lies or dramas that dishonest people are often face with.

Being overly honest can have its downsides as sometimes honest people can be taken advantage of or may offer too much of themselves.

It is important to be sensible with your honesty, to ensure that you cannot be taken advantage of by dishonest people who may use you to seem like better and more trustworthy people.

Honesty is an admired trait that few people have. While preventing any potential hurt, you can still protect yourself and continue to live an honest life.

Color Blue


Another thing, being stubborn is often viewed as a negative thing. But in actual fact often someone being stubborn can come from a place of goodness. This is particularly true when it comes to people who like the color blue.

People who are led by honesty and commitment can be viewed as being extremely stubborn. But often they are just being stubborn to prevent wrongdoing from happening.

For people that like the color blue you may be stubborn in your professional life. You always ensure that things are done well and things operate well for everyone.

Furthermore, in your personal life, sometimes their view of you is stubborn for not being open to change. This can sometimes be a deterrent in relationships, both romantic and platonic. You will be better understand if you explain why you are being stubborn.

Your stubborn nature will be of positive view by communicating. Take the time to process and explain why you are not willing to do something or change something.


Being stubborn is also link to the authoritative personality trait that we discussed above.

Innermost Desire

For people who favor blue, their innermost desire is to live in peace and harmony with nature and their surroundings.

They crave this because they believe that life would be more pleasant and meaningful if they could live in harmony with nature rather than against it and that their relationships would be more fulfilling if they did not have to spend time on difficult and aggressive interactions.

Moreover, the traits that we outlined above fuel this innermost desire. It also help blue lovers to achieve this desire. Giving them a calm environment to live in harmony and to only have peaceful interactions with others.

While most people would like to live a peaceful life, it might not be in their nature that they could achieve this. It takes an open, calm, and friendly personality to achieve a peaceful existence.

What It Means If You Do Not Like The Color Blue

There are many reasons why people might not like the color blue, or why it may not be their favorite color.

We outline some of these reasons below.

For people who crave excitement in their life, the color blue may seem too safe and muted for them.

They get their energy from life from the colors around them. So they dress in bright colors and fill their environments with pops of color.

These people are not afraid to stand out and are often extrovert. Not feeling drawn to the serenity that the color blue can offer.

For others, you may associate the color blue with sadness and dullness. Perhaps you have suffered from sadness or battled with your mental health in the past. That's why you consider blue a reminder of these difficult times in your life.

The association of blue with royalty and nobility is often another reason why people may not like the color blue.

This can be a trigger for those who live a life that have difficult times financially or confine to an environment filled with oppression.

Often people can dismiss individuals not liking certain colors but it is actually a result of a deep root reason.

Our subconscious is constantly influencing our decisions without us even knowing. Often we only consider why we like something, we don’t take time to wonder why we dislike other things.

Facts About The Color Blue

Here are some interesting facts about the color blue.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information in this article has helped you learn more about your personality or the personality of those who like the color blue.

Understanding our personality traits and appearance to others can be beneficial in improving relationships and how we communicate with others.

In conclusion, whether blue has been your favorite color forever or recently started favoring it, your attraction to this color can help you to understand more about yourself and the traits that make you who you are and explain why you act and react in certain ways.

A Guide To The Personality Of People With The Color Blue As Their Favo