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Everything You Need To Know About The Charming Cancer Birthstones

Those who are born between June 20th and July 22nd are born under the Cancer star sign. The fourth sign of the zodiac.

Represented by the crab, Cancer is a member of the water sign family, alongside Scorpio and Pisces.

The crab demonstrates Cancer’s ability to seamlessly transport between the sea and shore. This represents their power to exist in both emotional and material states.

The crab's affinity for water shows how members of this star sign are not afraid to get emotional.

Deep conversations and emotional discourse are Cancer’s specialty. They often have a way of drawing the truth out of others.

They’re said to have ‘psychic abilities’. This is often explained as them being highly intuitive, and being able to seamlessly read the energy of a room and those around them.

Although sensitive to their surroundings, Cancer’s are also extremely protective.

With the crab as their celestial spirit animal. Cancers are often shielded by hard exteriors, which makes them seem slightly distant.

However, over time the Cancer will reveal their gentler natures and show you their compassion and warmth.

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Those that are born under the Cancer star sign often exhibit traits such as loyalty and sweetness. But, as a highly emotional sign, they can often show resentment and petulance too.

But this just signifies that Cancers are multi-layered signs, and should not be underestimated.

Knowing what gemstones represent your star sign, and what aspects of your Zodiac’s personality and characteristics. These gemstones associates with can help you understand your zodiac sign better.

Everything You Need To Know About The Charming Cancer Birthstones

Cancer: The ‘Sensitive Soul’ Of The Zodiac

Like all water signs. Cancer’s do not shy away from getting emotional. Cancers are often privy to connecting on a deep and emotional level with friends, family, and romantic partners.

They easily attract friends and lovers thanks to their commitment, loyalty, and their emotional depth.

This is exactly why Cancer’s make charming friends, and create relationships that they value and take seriously.

Although their loyalty is something to celebrate, it often means that they tend to have extremely high expectations of commitment from others.

With that being said, once someone has been invited into their lives. The Cancer will keep that person around for a very long time.

As the sign perceives for wearing their hearts on their sleeve, others appreciate and are drawns to their emotional depth.

Although they love conversing, Cancers are homebodies and enjoy all of the comforts of their homes.

They enjoy nothing more than curling up on the sofa with their best friends, engaging in deep conversation. But you’ll often find them relaxing in the tub also, as they feel so comforted by water.

As Cancer rules the stomach. These signs love nothing more than a home-cooked meal, and this is part of their attachment to the home.

This makes Cancerians perfect hosts, as they love entertaining and sharing their home-comforts with their friends, family, and lovers.

Often known for their moodiness, Cancers are known to avoid conflict. As the crab shuffles from side to side, they actively avoid direct conflict. However, if you do aggravate them, they’re quick to inflict a harsh pinch in an act of self-defense.

This links to Cancer’s passive-aggressiveness. Although it may be difficult for them to open up about what’s bothering them. If you approach them in a warm, open, and non-threatening way. You’ll build a trusting relationship that could last a lifetime.

Ruled by the moon, this celestial body represents self-care, comfort, and maternal energy.

As mentioned, Cancerians are often domestically oriented, which means that they create cozy spaces, and often spend a lot of time in their sanctuaries.

Drawing from the strong maternal energy that the moon emanates, Cancers will often adopt caregiver roles.

However, Cancers need to be wary of this trait, as when emotionally investing in someone there is a fine line between nurturing and controlling behavior.

Cancer Birthstones :

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Traditionally, Cancer birthstones are still in use as talismans for good luck, and people would often carry around a gemstone associates with their Zodiac sign.

However, in the modern world, birthstones are still in use to build our physical, emotional, and spiritual attributes.

Birthstones aligns with the elements that represent the Zodiac (water, fire, earth, and air). The ruling planet of each Zodiac.

Not only are Cancer birthstones thought to protect us. They are also thought to elevate certain characteristics of our star signs to help us to become the true version of ourselves.

For those born under the Cancer sign, owning or using gemstones that deepen their emotional spirit, but also helps to keep them grounded should be extremely useful.

Although their nurturing nature, loyalty, and open heart are valued traits, Cancerians should also take care of themselves.

Let’s take a look at the birthstones that associates with the Cancer zodiac.


Known for its red hue, Ruby is the birthstone that is most associated with the Cancer zodiac.

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

Ruby enriches the sign of the crab. Ruled by the Sun, Ruby has a deep cosmic connection to the Cancer zodiac which is ruled by the moon.

Because of this connection, Ruby can harness power which brings balance to Cancers.

Its fiery red hue radiates intensity and stimulates the passionate side of Cancer. But it also helps to balance the heart and instills confidence.

This spark of confidence will help codependent Cancerians to be able to stand on their own two feet.

On a spiritual level, Ruby helps to strengthen the character of Cancers. Often known for being shifty, the Ruby helps to positively influence the Cancer to be more secure and stable.

It also boosts the generosity of the Cancer and helps to bring success and inspires them in all of their endeavors.


The Pearl: beautifully luminescent, authentic, and pure - this beautiful stone connects the Cancer to the water element.

Photo by Tiffany Anthony on Unsplash

Found at the bottom of the seabed, the Pearl is a symbol of sincerity and purity, which perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Cancer.

Looking closely at how the Pearl reflects the characteristics of the Cancer, this precious stone believes to offer protection to its wearer.

According to legend, the Pearl protects from danger, fire, and demons, and is known to protect families. This echoes the nurturing nature of Cancer.

For a Cancer, having the Pearl close at hand is beneficial as it uses its association with water to take negative energies and transform them into calm ripples of positivity.

Coincidentally, the Pearl is also the birthstone for June, so the Pearl is particularly significant to Cancerians born in June.


Due to its moonlike sheen, the Romans believed that the Moonstone was the solid form of the moon’s ray. And as the moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, the Moonstone is the perfect stone to symbolize Cancer zodiac.

Photo by Renee Kiffin on Unsplash

The luminescent glow of the Moonstone is thought to illuminate truth and help deepen intuition as it guides the way.

As Cancers are notorious for their psychic abilities and intuitive nature, the Moonstone helps to strengthen this skill.

This stone has a sacred meaning, and it is view that the Moonstone will bring you nothing but good luck. It helps you fulfill your deepest desires, and protects you as you navigate important life changes.

The Moonstone is also view to have healing properties. Wearing the Moonstone will help you decipher which of your energies you are abusing, which in turn will help you to love yourself.


Chalcedony is an excellent talisman for those with the Cancer zodiac sign.

Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash

Although chalcedony is the name of a gem family. It houses several popular gemstones like onyx and sardonyx, the variant of chalcedony. That is recommended for Cancerians is a common milky-white stone, which contains inflections of blue.

This particular Chalcedony radiates calmness, which is a great stone for Cancers to keep close to them.

This crystal is perfect for when you need to align your energies and focus and will make sure that your head and heart are willing to work in tune with one another, rather than battling one another for control.

The gentle aura surrounding the stone helps to sweep away any negative feelings to help brighten your soul once more.

Peoples widely believes that Chalcedony will protect its wearer against evil spirits and negative energies.

For instance, if you are face to face with an enemy or opponent, the Chalcedony will aid you in conflict. With its protection, it brings the wearer both peace and confidence.

As well as its protective properties, Chalcedony perceives to amplify the effect of other gemstones that you wear.

Rose Quartz

Known for being a heart chakra crystal. Rose Quartz is all about healing, compassion, and love (both for self and for others).

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Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash

This rose pink stone beautifully matches the caring nature of Cancer. This is an attribute that those born under this sign value deeply.

The Rose Quartz helps Cancerians boost their compassion and sends it out into the world where it is most needed.

The Rose Quartz also perceives to help reduce fear, anxiety, indecisiveness, and self-pity. All of which the Cancer may struggle with.

All in all Rose Quartz represents as a calming gemstone, which can help those Cancers that overthink and worry.


When we think of blue gemstones, Aquamarine is one of the first we conjure up. This teal/sky-blue stone helps protect against negative energy. Especially, when this energy is coming from the hurtful words of others, such as jealousy, accusations, hatred, curses, and even swearing.

Photo by James Kovin on Unsplash

Aquamarine is not only thought to protect the wearer from negative energy, but it also encourages the wearer to stay positive and works to silence those toxic and self-doubtful thoughts.

If you’re going through a particularly challenging time in your life, Aquamarine can bring a sense of clarity to your mind, and can give you a boost of self-confidence.

Nicknamed the ‘Courage Stone’, the cooling flow of Aquamarine’s energy will help the most unchangeable and stubborn Cancers learn to let go and find a new stream in life to follow.


Another blue gemstone, Turquoise is one of the most soothing stones both in looks and energy. The beautiful oceanic green-blue hues of this gem perceives to be an instant stress buster. And help to keep you cool, calm, and collected.

Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

Not only does it soothe your energy. Turquoise can also help you find your true voice, and will guide you on how you should use that voice.

As a star sign that, at times, can feel overwhelmed. Turquoise will Cancers to discard boundaries that cause them to fear.


The glimmering green Aventurine is perfect for the sensitive soul of the Cancer zodiac. This gemstone is view to help drive away any fear and anxiety. This will help you gain a sense of clarity and a better sense of self too.

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Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Where these feelings, thoughts, words, and actions of others can often paralyze the Cancer’s psyche. Aventurine puts a protective barrier in place to help the Cancer diminish these negative thoughts by taking a deep breath and moving forward.


With similar milky, soft sheens that Moonstones and Pearls possess, the Opal is perceives for its luminescence.

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Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Thought to have the ability to heal old wounds. The Opal can help with deep emotional healing that the Cancer may have ignored, or pushed away.

If you’re just looking for a way to spark creativity, joy, and love for life. The Opal will send vibrations straight to your heart which will help realign your soul.


As a sensitive sign. Cancer needs all the protection that it can get, and that’s exactly what the Obsidian will provide.

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Photo by Anton Maksimov on Unsplash

Cancers can be vulnerable, especially as they have a soft, gentle, and trusting nature. This vulnerability can be extremely daunting, but with Obsidian, Cancerians will be protected no matter what life throws at them.

Obsidian can also help the often uptight Cancer. For them to let go and help them to abandon the things (or people) that do not serve them well.

How To Use Cancer Birthstones

Although sensitivity admits to be a “weak” trait to have. Cancer should not be afraid to embrace this characteristic as it should be appraise to be a strength.

To help you embrace your sensitive soul, consider purchasing any of the gemstones that most resonate with the Cancer zodiac.

Pocket stones and crystals are popular. But, we recommend purchasing jewelry as one of the best ways to embrace the power of gemstones.

Whether you choose a Cancer bracelet set that brings together several powerful Cancer birthstones or you want to focus on. Wearing a single stone in pendant form from which you can draw your energy is entirely up to you.

But, the best thing about opting to wear gemstone jewelry is that there is constant skin contact. This is imperative when harnessing the energy of these precious stones.

As you are in direct contact with the stones, they can communicate with the vibrations of your soul. This is where they can work by cleansing your chakras and harmonizing with your spirit.

How To Cleanse Birthstones

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You must keep your Cancer birthstones - whether they're in jewelry or stone form - cleansed. This way they can communicate to the fullest extent.

When these gemstones are block with negative energies or toxins that have been build up. They will not work as effectively.

Running your precious gems under clear water is one of the easiest and most effective ways. This can draw these negative energies out.

However, you can also tumble your stones with other quartz crystals. This will draw out these negative vibes and help recharge your crystals.

As a water sign, Cancers are deeply connects to water, and the mystical properties that it possesses. So cleansing your crystals and gemstones with water is a great way to recharge their energy. Also, keep them to connect to your zodiac.

As Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. You can also recharge your precious stones by leaving them under the tranquil light of the moon.

Zodiac sign Cancer birthstone

Final Thoughts

Some common themes which crop up time and time again when looking at Cancer birthstones are healing, prosperity, luck, and compassion.

By knowing what your strengths are, you can use Cancer birthstones to help amplify these energies and characteristics.

These cancer birthstones will work with the power of the planets as well as your personality to manifest a balanced. And also a soothed soul in which your inner peace will thrive.

As the caregiver of the zodiac, Cancers must take time for themselves. And nurture their chakras for independence, strength, and safety.

These talismans will provide protection and offer a safe space, which your voice, soul, and spark will be able to bloom.

Everything You Need To Know About The Charming Cancer Birthstones