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Keep The Peace - 17 Must-Have Crystals For Peace

All of us need to feel a sense of peace sometimes, but the way the world is today and our busy lives don't always make it easy.

However, there are many beautiful crystals and stones out there that can help you to center yourself, purify your spirit, and find your peaceful place.

Lots of them also work well together, and combinations can raise their healing potential, so try different things out to see what works best for you. To help you, we have compiled a list of the seventeen best crystals that will help you maintain peace within yourself and your life. Just keep reading to find out more!

Keep The Peace - 17 Must-Have Crystals For Peace

17 Must-Have Crystals For Peace

Let’s get straight into it! Below is a list of the best crystals for peace. Read on to find your new crustal today.

17 Must-Have Crystals For Peace


This stone has been used in sacred ceremonies since ancient times. It is known as "the stone of love" because its energy helps people connect with others on an emotional level. Larimar is a very powerful healer. It will help you to get back into balance when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

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Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

It can help carry you through some of the toughest and most stressful experiences by letting you know that there's hope for improvement and stopping you from giving up completely.


Aquamarine is one of the most popular stones for meditation and spiritual development. It is said to be a stone of transformation and change -- which makes perfect sense, considering how often we experience those two emotions in our daily lives!

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Image by sara graves from Pixabay

This crystal is great for helping you to let go of negative energy, thoughts, and feelings, as well as clearing away any obstacles that may have come between you and your goals.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle, loving, and nurturing crystal. It is a wonderful stone to use during meditation, especially if you're having trouble getting centered.

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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Rose quartz is known as the "stone of surrender," and it helps bring closure to situations where you've given up control. It can help you to accept that life isn't always going to turn out exactly the way you want it to, but instead of being upset about it, you'll be able to move forward with confidence knowing that everything happens for a reason.


Jade is another stone that's been used throughout history for spiritual purposes. It is believed to bring good health and longevity and is thought to improve memory and concentration. It is also a grounding stone that can help you to stay focused and calm when you're dealing with difficult issues.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Additionally, it's great for attracting an abundance of all kinds into your life, particularly if you use it to help when you’re meditating, intention setting, and manifesting.


Amethyst is a highly protective stone that is said to increase psychic abilities. It can help you focus on positive energies and keep you grounded while you're working toward your goals. It is also a stone of protection, which means it will help shield you from harm and negativity.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

Amethyst is excellent for keeping you safe and happy, no matter what kind of situation you might find yourself in.


Chrysoprase is a stone that brings clarity and insight. It is said to enhance intuition and help you to understand why certain events occur in your life. It's a great stone to use when you're trying to figure something out or just wanting to clear your mind.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

The perspective that it brings to you is the most important thing in finding long-term peace because it helps you to be mindful of your place in the universe.


Citrine is a stone that helps you to see things more clearly. It is said to help you to overcome obstacles and challenges that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. It can help you stay optimistic and motivated, even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay

One of the most important keys to feeling true peace is to know that whatever you face, it will be overcome. You'll also find that citrine exudes nurturing energy all of its own that you can absorb by keeping it with you during your day.

This should help you to keep your endurance and determination, no matter what you encounter.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a stone that has an ability to protect us from harm and keep us secured in a peaceful, centered mental and spiritual space. It is an extremely grounding stone that allows you to feel stable and secure.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

It is also a stone of truth and honesty, so it can help you to deal with any lies or deceit that may have crept into your life. You'll also find that it's very protective, which makes it ideal for shielding you from negative people who would try to take advantage of you.

Spirit Quartz

This powerful crystal has beneficial effects on your crown chakra, as well as your third eye chakra and your solar plexus chakra. One of its main uses is to calm discord and replace it with cooperation.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

Spirit quartz is a stone that helps to create harmony between people and within relationships. It is also a stone that helps you connect with your higher self. It is allowing you to tap into your intuitive guidance and receive answers to questions about your future, which can also help you to find peace by stopping you from fretting about future possibilities.


Danburite is a wonderful stone that increases your sense of purpose and helps you to achieve your highest ideals. It is said to help bring balance to your emotions, especially anger and fear. It is a stone that helps strengthen your connection with the divine, helping you to gain strength and wisdom.

Image by slider17 from Pixabay

Danburite is a stone that helps guide you through difficult times. It is also giving you the courage and confidence to make changes in your life, thereby helping to bring a real and positive change.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a stone that helps increase your awareness of your surroundings. It is said to bring good fortune and happiness. Moreover, It is a stone of protection and healing. It is also useful for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional imbalances.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Green aventurine is a stone that brings joy and optimism, and its vibrations encourage you to move forward with hope and faith.

Yellow Calcite

Calcite is a stone that connects you to your inner child. It helps you to let go of old habits and encourages you to grow up and become the person you were meant to be. It helps you to release negativity and fears, and it opens your heart to love and compassion.

Image by Thomas from Pixabay

For this reason, it's especially powerful in connection to your crown chakra and your third eye chakra, which will help to fill with positive energy.

Blue Jasper

Jasper is a stone that helps clear away confusion and doubt. It is a stone for self-confidence and self-esteem. Blue Jasper is a stone that helps you to overcome obstacles and challenges, and it gives you a feeling of security and stability.

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Image by starbright from Pixabay

It is a stone with a strong connection to the Earth, and it helps you to ground yourself when you are feeling unstable or out of control.


Moreover, Selenite is a powerful stone that only grows more powerful if you let it feed on the abundant energy that radiates from your crown chakra. Selenite is a stone that focuses your attention inwardly, helping you to see things clearly and to understand what needs to be done.

Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay

It is a stone whose vibrations help you to focus on the present moment, rather than being distracted by the past or worrying about the future.


Bloodstone is associated with warriors, and that means that it's an incredible source of strength. This can help you to find (or keep) your peace in times of stress and hardship. It also heals wounds and injuries, and it helps to restore lost connections.

Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

It can also help you by balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you. These energies exist in all of us, and they need to be in harmony for us to feel true peace. Bloodstone helps to create that balance.

Black Tourmaline

If you need something to help you block negative energy and purify your aura. Then this wonderful crystal is just what you're looking for. Black tourmaline is a very protective stone that helps to shield you from outside influences.

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Image by Anne Marie McCormack from Pixabay

It can also help to remove any blocks that may have been placed inside of you by others. It can even help you to heal relationships that have gone sour.

White Tiger Eye

Tiger eyes are known as "the eyes of a tiger," and their power lies in their ability to see into the depths of our souls. The white tiger eye is a stone that can help you to see through the illusions that we create to protect ourselves from pain and hurt.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

That might sound counterintuitive, but in the long term, this is good for finding a more stable and lasting peace. Naturally, it synergizes well with your third eye chakra since they're both related to our vision and perception. Tiger eye headbands can be wonderful ways of keeping it close to this chakra.

Final Thoughts

It's not always easy to find peace with the world being as hectic as it is. But, these crystals can help you to do so. They are great tools for meditation, and they can be used to enhance your spiritual practice.

Use them to connect with your higher self and to bring about change in your life. You'll find that you will start to notice changes in your way of thinking and acting.

Keep The Peace - 17 Must-Have Crystals For Peace