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Let Off Some Steam - 15 Must-Have Crystals To Help You With Your Anger

Crystals often have an association with healing or protection. What does this mean for those who struggle with anger management?

Crystals are natural stones that contain minerals, metals, and other elements.

They come from various parts of the earth, such as volcanic eruptions, meteorites, and ocean sediments. Some crystals are mined, while others are found naturally.

Let Off Some Steam - 15 Must-Have Crystals To Help You With Your Anger

Majority believe that crystals have special properties that can balance emotions and bring peace. If you struggle with anger, you may want to consider using crystals to calm down.

If you are interested in using crystals to help you cope with your anger, then you've come to the right place. We've created a list of the best crystals for anger.

15 Crystals For Anger

15 Must-Have Crystals To Help You With Your Anger

Rose Quartz

This crystal is popular to be an excellent stone for calming emotions. They say, it can aid in self-love and forgiveness. Rose quartz helps one feel more peaceful and happy.

Thus, this crystal has been in use by many people throughout history because it works well for all types of emotional issues.

It’s also a great way to get rid of stress. This stone is perfect for helping you to get rid of holding a grudge.

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Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay

Since this is the crystal that is most associated with love, using this crystal can help you to be more compassionate and to let go of anger.

Recommendation is that you wear rose quartz on its own, along with other stones like amethyst. You can use it in a necklace, ring, bracelet, or even carry it in your pocket.


Amethyst is another wonderful crystal for dealing with anger. It can help you release negative feelings and give you inner strength.

People also think that it can help you find clarity about what you need to do next. It's also said that when you hold amethyst, you will see things clearly.

Amethyst is great for turning any negative energy into soothing and tranquil energy.

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Photo by Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can feel your anger building, it is good to keep some amethyst with you.

You can use amethyst in a variety of ways. You can make jewelry out of it, keep it close to you at home or work, or even put it in your car.

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Citrine is another powerful crystal for anger. They say, if you want to have focus and not lose control over your temper, citrine is best to help you. Citrine is also helpful if you're having trouble getting up in the morning.

This is a very energizing crystal. It can help you to overcome depression and anxiety. When you wear citrine, you'll be able to think more clearly and focus better.

Moreover, citrine is a crystal that enables you to feel joy. It is like sunshine in a crystal.

When you feel angry, try wearing citrine around your neck. It can help you to focus on what you need to do instead of letting your anger take over. It is great for days when your overall mood is low.

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crystals for anger
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Black Tourmaline

Another is black tourmaline. They say it is a great crystal for anger. In addition to that, it can help you deal with stress and anxiety. In fact, black tourmaline is a crystal that can ground you.

Black tourmaline can help you to become less reactive. It can help you relax and calm down. Additionally, it can also help you to feel happier and more positive. It also protects you from negative energy.

You should keep this crystal close to you at all times so you can be protected and grounded.

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Image by Anne Marie McCormack from Pixabay


Aquamarine is a beautiful blue color crystal. The color of this crystal reflects its calming properties. They also say that this a great stone for releasing old patterns and habits.

Aquamarine is also believed to help you to understand your anger. It can help you learn how to express your anger without hurting others.

Aquamarine helps you to develop compassion. It helps you to be kinder and gentler towards yourself and others.

Thus, it can help you overcome jealousy and envy. As a matter of fact, aquamarine brings peace and harmony.

This stone also helps you to develop better communication so you can clear your head.

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Image by sara graves from Pixabay


Moonstone is an excellent crystal for dealing with anger issues. They say it can bring balance to the energies that surround you.

This means that moonstone can help you to get rid of your anger. It can also help to improve relationships.

Moonstone can help create a peaceful environment. It can help you achieve serenity. In addition, a moonstone can protect you from negativity. It can also help alleviate depression.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

They say that moonstone helps you to release fear and worry. It can help you let go of past hurts. It will allow you to forgive and forget.

If you are feeling stressed, angry, or anxious, then you should consider keeping a piece of moonstone near you.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a beautiful green-colored crystal. This crystal has been useful as a healing tool since ancient times. It can have a soothing effect on emotions.

Green aventurines can help you find inner strength. They can also help you to overcome emotional pain. It can help you gain clarity and understanding. It can help you make decisions.

Green aventurines can give you courage. This crystal can help you start to hope which helps to get rid of the anger that your heart is holding onto.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful deep blue-colored stone. This stone is popular for its powerful healing stone. They say it can help you to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Also, it can help you connect with your higher self.

Lapis lazuli can help you to be more compassionate and loving. It can help you to accept yourself and become more aware of your feelings.

Image by Enric Caujapé from Pixabay

This can also help you cope with grief and loss. A stone of friendship and encourages you to have open communication. This way you can remain calm when you are communicating.

Ultimately, lapis lazuli can help you deal with stress and anxiety. It can help you release pent-up emotions. This can help you focus on what really matters in life.


Kyanite is a beautiful pink-colored stone that is translucent. They say it can help you release negative energy. It can help you feel relaxed and happy.

A stone that is good for people who suffer from insomnia.

Kyanite helps you to clear your head of negative thoughts making you less angry. It can help you deal with guilt and shame.

In addition, it can help you get rid of resentment. It can help you understand why things happen the way they do.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a beautiful brown-gray-colored stone. They say, it help you find peace within yourself.

It can also boost your confidence and help you to move forward. Another, it can help you find solutions to problems. It can help you stay focused and motivated.

Smoky quartz can help you to see the bigger picture. It can help you think about the future instead of dwelling on the past. It can help you learn how to let go of the past.

This can help to relinquish any anger that you are feeling towards your past.

Image by 7924748 from Pixabay

This stone is extremely grounding. It can help to balance out your emotions and keep you connected to the root chakra.

To get the most out of this stone, it would be best to keep this crystal on you. You can even wear it in some jewelry to keep it close to you.


Peridot is a beautiful bright green-colored gemstone. This can be one of the stones that represent studying and focus. It can also bring joy into your life. Also, it can increase your intuition.

In fact, they say that it can help you remember important information. It can help you concentrate and study. Thus, it can help you improve your memory.

Peridot can help you to communicate better. It is a stone that helps you to stay put together. This means it decreases your chances of becoming angry.

To use this crystal for helping with anger it would be best to meditate with it.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay


Obsidian is a black glassy crystal. This can be very protective for it can protect you from negativity. It can give you strength and courage. This can also make you stronger and wiser.

Obsidian can help you overcome fear and can also help you face your fears. It can strengthen your willpower. Thus, giving you courage to take risks.

Another great benefit of this crystal is that it can help you to release the feelings of anger that you are holding onto.

This stone is also a protective stone. This means it will protect you from bad energy and protect you when you are being vulnerable.

Image by starbright from Pixabay


Chrysocolla is a beautiful earthy-colored stone that has blue in it. This can be a stone that helps with listening.

It can also be a powerful stone that encourages you to express your true self.

Chrysocolla can help with your anger issues as it allows you to listen to those around you before you decide to take any action.

This helps you to communicate with others without becoming angry. It can also help you to become more compassionate since you are listening more.

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash


Bloodstone is a lovely green and red stone. This can be a healing stone. It can promote love and compassion.

In addition to that, it can purify negative energies. It can also heal all types of diseases.

Bloodstone is often referred to as the warrior stone. This might sound like it is full of anger but it is not. Instead, this stone is about discipline and composure.

This stone can keep you grounded and clear your mind. This stone can help you to release anger.

Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

It can help you to calm down and relax. The bloodstone can help you to feel less stressed. It can help you deal with stress. In fact, it can help you cope with daily stresses.

It is best if you keep this stone somewhere you can grab it quickly once you start to feel the anger inside you start to rise.


Carnelians are orange and red crystals. A stone that can be good for releasing anger. It can allow you to let go of old hurts and open up your heart and soul.

Furthermore, they say it can help you get rid of anger. It can also help you forgive yourself and others. Ultimately, it can have a calming effect on you.

Image by Christiane from Pixabay

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to work with stones to reduce or eliminate anger. You can choose which method works best for you.

You might find that a combination of stones helps you with your anger in different ways. Some are great for grounding you and others are perfect for amplifying positive emotions.

We hope that this guide helped you to understand what stone to use to reduce or eliminate your anger. If you found this article useful please share. Thank you for reading!

Let Off Some Steam - 15 Must-Have Crystals To Help You With Your Anger