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A New You - 7 Crystals To Help You Have The New Beginning You've Always Wanted

Crystals are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. They also have healing properties. What are they, and why should you consider using them?

Well, crystals can be useful for a variety of things that can help you on your path to a new beginning.

Whether you are looking to heal old wounds to start afresh, looking to protect yourself from future pain and heartbreak, or you are preparing to take on a new year and need a new lease of life, these crystals listed below can help to guide you out of the dark and move into a more positive and productive new stage of your life.

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crystals for new beginning

Why Use Crystals For New Beginnings?

Crystals often have an association with new beginnings and hope. If you want to start fresh or improve your life, crystals can help. They can also be in use to cleanse and purify your body and mind.

Crystals can also be a great way to focus your energy. In addition to that, challenge yourself to manifest the future of your dreams. Even if you are skeptical about the vibrational healing properties of crystals, having a constant visual representation or reminder of what you want to achieve is a great way to harness your strengths and abilities.

In addition to being a powerful tool for self-healing, crystals can also act as a protective shield against harmful energies.

This means that you can wear crystals around your neck, wrists, or other parts of your body to keep yourself safe during times of stress or danger. It's also possible to place crystals under your pillow at night to encourage restful sleep.

All of these properties can be harnessed to bring forth a brighter and more renewing future. Using crystals in your life is a perfect way to take a step away from the past and concentrate on a new beginning.

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What Crystals Are Best For A New Beginning?

7 Crystals To Help You Have The New Beginning You’ve Always Wanted

Whilst there are many different stones for providing supportive energy with many beneficial meanings, we have chosen our favorite crystals to help you on your quest for a new beginning and a renewed approach toward life.

1. Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone has been called "the most beautiful crystal in the world" by some experts. The name originates from its stunning rainbow coloration, which is caused by microscopic mineral deposits within the stone. These deposits cause the stone to appear blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and white.

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The rainbow moonstone is a great crystal to use for new beginnings. It has a very strong connection to the moon. Moonstones in general can be especially useful for women who wish to create a new relationship with their partner or lover. They are also useful to heal their internal relationships with themselves.

crystals for new beginning

The moon is famously and intrinsically linked to feminine energies. Charging up your moonstones under a full moon can help you to harness the amazing healing properties of the moon and the natural world.

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Rainbow moonstone, in particular, refracts light. Its beautiful colors can aid in meditation as well as helping you to connect with your inner self.

You may find that this type of moonstone helps you to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. It also helps you to feel grounded and centered, so you can make decisions about your life.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the oldest popular gemstones and was in use extensively in Ancient Egypt. They believe that Egyptians wore amethysts as protection against evil spirits. In the modern-day, amethyst is still worn today because it is thought to promote peace, calmness, and tranquility.

The Amethyst crystal also can provide powerful vibrations to aid in healing your soul from previous painful experiences.

Amethyst releases electromagnetic radiation into the atmosphere, which can help to clear negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. It can also help you to gain clarity of purpose and direction in your life.

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crystals for new beginning

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to use when you need to clear out any negativity holding you back. It is particularly helpful for releasing anger and resentment towards others and situations in your life. It will also allow you to let go of any guilt or shame that you might be feeling.

By hanging an amethyst pendant from your neck, it helps to clear out stagnant energy around you. It can make a way for positive energy that can serve you better in the future.

3. Rose Quartz

One of the most popular crystals, Rose Quartz is synonymous with encouraging positive energy and feelings of self-actualization and self-love. Rose Quartz have an association with love and renewal for thousands of years. Its gorgeous pink hue makes it a welcome addition to any altar or workspace.

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Use Rose Quartz to maintain a positive energy field around you whilst you delve into your new beginning. And all the wonderful promise that awaits you.

Rose Quartz

With the help of this powerful stone, you can manifest the love you want in your life, whether that be a partner you respect or healing scars and emotional wounds inside that have stopped you from moving forward in the past.

Harness the power of Rose Quartz by wearing it on its own or as part of a necklace or bracelet. When you wear it, you can attract more loving people into your life and help them to see how special they are.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another extremely popular stone. This blue-green variety of quartz can bring good fortune and prosperity. Lapis Lazuli is often called the "Stone of Success" and is highly regarded as a protective stone. It encourages you to follow your dreams and reach your goals.

Use lapis lazuli to help you to achieve financial success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a great choice of crystal to use if you want a constant reminder to challenge yourself and keep pushing forward to live a happy and fulfilling life.

You can hang a lapis lazuli pendant from your neck to remind you to stay focused and motivated throughout your journey, or you can harness its energy as part of a crystal grid, charging up your crystals during the peak of the lunar cycle.

5. Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a beautiful green variety of quartz. It can encourage creativity and imagination, and it brings about inner peace and harmony.

Green Aventurine is considered to be a very powerful psychic stone. It helps you to connect with your intuition and guides you through difficult times. It can also help you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life.

If you're going through a time where you feel like you're struggling to find your place in the world, then consider using Green Aventurine to help you to get clarity and direction.

Green Aventurine

The green color of the aventurine will help to ground you and give you a sense of stability, and it is also often used to balance out energies through the art of feng shui.

You can use Green Aventurine to help you to find inspiration and motivation to create something amazing in your life. By using Green Aventurine, you can tap into the creative side of your being, allowing you to express yourself in previously impossible ways.

6. Citrine

Citrine is one of the most versatile stones available. It is notable for bringing happiness and joy, and they believe it to improve relationships. Citrine is also useful to enhance memory and concentration.

When you need some extra cheerfulness and motivation to get out there and make things happen, citrine will give you just what you need. Citrine is an excellent choice of crystal because it is so easy to work with.

Simply place Citrine in your home or office to boost your mood and increase your sense of well-being, perfect when you're on the quest to discover a new path for yourself!


Citrine is a lovely stone to use when you need some extra encouragement and support to get over a hurdle in your path.

Citrine is the perfect crystal to help you to remember what you've achieved so far, and it will give you the confidence to continue on your way, forging out a new beginning that is as unique as you are.

7. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful stone that helps to clear negative energy from your aura. They say it is good for protection against psychic attacks and to protect against negativity. It is also beneficial for those who wish to manifest their dreams.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the changes happening around you, then Black Tourmaline may be able to help.

Black Tourmaline has been in use traditionally to remove negative energy and blockages from the body, helping to bring about physical healing. It can also be useful in removing emotional blocks and clearing mental confusion.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline can help you to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, and it can help you to move forwards with purpose and determination. If you want to start fresh and begin anew, then Black Tourmalines could be the crystals for you.

Black Tourmaline is a fantastic crystal to use if you are having trouble sleeping, or if you are experiencing nightmares. Placing Black Tourmaline beneath your bed will help you to rest deeply and dreamlessly, and it will also encourage you to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Final Thoughts

Use these crystals by themselves, or utilize them together in a crystal grid to maximize their positive vibrations and channel only good vibes towards your new beginning.

With the help of a positive mindset, a spiritual awareness of the future, and a willingness to learn from your past mistakes, these crystals can help guide you to make the most of your future in whatever way you see fit!

A New You - 7 Crystals To Help You Have The New Beginning You've Alway