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18 Crystals You Need To Have For Astral Projection

There's a lot about the wondrous powers of crystals that we don't yet understand. The same can be said about traversing the astral projection, which in and of itself is a mysterious and strange concept.

With that said, the power of crystals and how they can influence astral projection has been well documented over the years.

Certain crystals can have specific effects on your experiences and how you navigate the astral plane while helping to protect and ground you to your physical form while you travel.

But finding out which ones these are can be tricky, and leaves many of us feeling confused and overwhelmed.

So let us take that confusion away from you! Today, take a look at some of the crystals that you should use during astral projection. We have a complete guide coming up for you to enjoy.

What Is Astral Projection?

Before we can take a look at the crystals that affect astral projection. We first need to understand what exactly astral projection is.

Astral projection is an altered state of consciousness where you can leave your body and experience things from another perspective.

This could include traveling far from your physical body, meeting and communicating with other beings, or even shifting to another dimension.

It's important to note that astral projection takes a lot of skill and experience to control. Although, anyone can have an out-of-body experience where they traverse the astral plane.

One of the ways astral projection can be controlled is through the use of crystals.

Using the right crystals will help you to unlock your full potential and give you more control over astral projection. But, they will also help shield you from negative influences and keep you grounded in reality.

18 Crystals You Need To Have For Astral Projection

When it comes to the crystals you should use, it's important not to just grab any crystal you find.

Different crystals have different powers and resonant frequencies, and combining the right crystals can help protect your astral form and grant you a positive spiritual experience as you explore the astral realms.

What Crystals Should You Use For Astral Projection?

There are several types of crystals that can influence astral projection, each with its purposes and functions.

Here we'll take you through each crystal you should be using, exploring their powers as well as giving you a brief description to help you identify the different varieties. We'll also cover when and where you should use your crystals to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these crystals now!

18 Crystals You Need To Have For Astral Projection


Agate is a smooth, pale blue crystal. It is reminiscent of a calm and cloudy sky, with streaks of white across the baby blue surface. Agate helps to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

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One of the most important parts of astral projection is keeping your mind clear. This is why it is commonly associated with meditation, breathing exercises, and lucid dreaming.

The clear, calm skies that agate resembles are what it helps to achieve. It brings a sense of stability and gentleness to prepare you for the transition into the astral plane.

It also helps stabilize your emotions while you're traveling. This can prevent your astral form from being disturbed or unsettled by unwelcome influences.

Agate is most commonly used during preparation, where it is kept on the person during meditation or other calming activities. From there, the calming state of mind it produces has a greater chance of achieving astral projection.


Amethyst is one of the most easily recognizable crystals due to its interesting shape and gorgeous purple color. It comes in clusters of small, geometric crystals on a stone base.


Amethyst is renowned for its multitude of uses, and has even been given the nickname of "the all-purpose stone".

It is popular for its positive influences on health and for the spiritual and emotional protection it offers. But, amethyst is probably most well-known as the connector for the crown chakra.

In astral projection, this powerful crystal can facilitate lucid dreaming to give you more control over your journey. As well as for helping you tap into the resonant messages of the universe and the spiritual inhabitants of the astral plane.

To use amethyst while astral projecting, keep it close to your person while preparing and entering a lucid state. Keep it under your pillow or hold a piece of amethyst against your head while meditating.


Ametrine is a smooth stone with pink and yellow hues, reminiscent of mother-of-pearl. It takes the spiritual power of amethyst and combines it with bright and positive energies.


The result is a crystal that will not only guide you into the astral plane. But will charge your spirit with positivity to fuel your journey.

Ametrine creates a bright harmony of joyful emotions that prepares you mentally for the more intensive aspects of astral projection.

Like amethyst, ametrine should be kept close to the body (either held or under your pillow). While you're trying to transition, to help boost your spirit and release blocked energy.


Angelite is a small, rounded blue gem with a solid color. Its pale blue color and pearlescent sheen give it its angelic look. When traveling the astral plane, having helpful spirits to guide you can be incredibly beneficial.

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Angelite helps to connect you to your spirit guides, protecting you and helping you to navigate this mysterious spiritual world

Angelite should be held in the hand or worn on the body in the form of jewelry, as a way to connect your physical form with benevolent spirits.


Aventurine is a smooth, blocky crystal with a deep green hue. It is also flecked with brown and copper specks.


This crystal is a stabilizer, as well as a bringer of healing and good fortune. Aventurine is linked to the heart chakra, and the strength and stability it provides make it perfect for keeping you grounded.

It also helps your energy flow, making it easier to move between different planes as well as refreshing your spirit.

Wear aventurine during the day, and keep it next to your bed while you sleep. The proximity to this stabilizing crystal will let your astral form flow and ease any burdens to your physical body.

Black Tourmaline

As the name suggests, this crystal is black. It looks more stone-like than other crystals and has bands of white that form a web on its face.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is all about keeping you grounded on even the most far-flung journeys between dimensions.

This powerful crystal harnesses the strength of the earth to tether your astral body to your physical form, and keeps you protected against negative influences.

Black tourmaline should be kept near the body during astral projection. It can be worn, placed nearby, or even within a sacred circle to form a spiritual barrier.


This glassy orange crystal brings with it the warmth and brightness of the Sun. Using calcite while preparing for astral projection is a great way to guarantee a refreshing and positive experience.

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The bright energy of calcite will shine its light on you, giving your spirit all the energy and positivity you need for blissful astral travel without any physical or emotional burdens.

Calcite should be used during preparation, either in a crystal grid, through reiki, or even just while meditating.


This fire-red gem harnesses the power of the Earth's core, with its crimson hues almost seeming to radiate with the heat of flames.


By doing this, the carnelian helps unlock your curious side while protecting you as you explore the astral realm.

Carnelian can be kept with you at all times, and wearing it on a pendant near your heart will help it to stoke your creative energy before astral travel.

Clear Quartz

Large chunks of clear and white crystals that seem to give off their mystical light make up clear quartz.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is known as one of the most positively charged crystals, and clear quartz is no exception. The pure energy and light clear quartz has made it one of the best crystals to use for spiritual cleansing and healing.

It's connected to your crown chakra, which helps it to clear your mind and prepare your spirit for astral travel.

Keep clear quartz under your pillow and keep it there while you sleep to clear your mind and activate your spirit.


As its name implies, citrine is a bright yellow gem, which forms large translucent crystals.


Sunshine solidified, citrine is bursting with positive energy and joy. Trying astral travel while in a negative headspace can be harmful, so using citrine to clear your mind of negativity will make astral projection a much safer and more enjoyable experience.

It also helps to bring good luck, which makes it a desirable crystal for any occasion.

Hold citrine while you meditate or perform a cleansing ritual to strip away any negativity and troubled thoughts, preparing you for astral travel.


The Hematite is a silver gem and has a metallic sheen that makes it look like a drop of mercury.


Hematite is a very powerful crystal that is used for protection, balance, and as a tether to keep your physical and astral forms connected.

Because of its balancing properties, hematite is often used as a way to make the transition in and out of astral travel smoother and easier.

Keep hematite nearby during astral projection or practice to help surround you with the protective powers it possesses.


This gorgeous blue crystal also includes streaks of silver, green, and white, which gives it the appearance of the ocean.


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Labradorite (much like labradors) is fuelled by adventure. It fosters the spirit of exploration and curiosity during astral projection, not only to help you depart from your physical body but also to encourage you to explore the far reaches of the astral plane.

It's best used when combined with a grounding crystal such as black tourmaline, as labradorite can make it easy to lose track of your surroundings if you aren't paying attention.

Labradorite should be worn during astral projection and kept nearby during practice and meditation.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is another iconic crystal, with its deep blues and shots of silver conjuring otherworldly images of long-lost civilizations.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone has long been held in high regard due to its links to the throat chakra, the third eye, and the gift of prophecy.

Its strong magic makes it a great choice for astral projection, where it can allow you to communicate with other astral beings and unlock some of the knowledge of the universe.

Keep lapis lazuli under your pillow while you sleep to help you transition into lucid dreaming.


While obsidian usually comes in the form of deep black glass-like shards, it can also come in smooth and shiny or matte chunks.


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Obsidian is volcanic glass and, as a result, has a lot of grounding power that stems from its connection to the earth. It also has links to the third eye chakra, which means that it is associated with an elevated state of mind and cosmic knowledge.

Obsidian is used during astral projection to both keep you grounded while also allowing you to explore a higher state of consciousness.

You can keep obsidian with you all the time, either as jewelry or simply on your person. While you're astral projecting, you should keep it near to your head to strengthen its link to your third eye.

Rose Quartz

The Rose quartz looks similar in structure to clear quartz, but it is opaque and has a rosy pink color that gives it its name.

Rose Quartz

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This is a gentle crystal filled with warming positive energy. It is linked to the heart chakra, and the love and care rose quartz brings with it make it a great influence while traveling across dimensions.

Rose quartz acts as a barrier to negativity and helps to soothe and calm you with goddess energy when you're facing the unknown by clearing away self-doubt and fear.

Keep rose quartz with you if you're worried about entering a negative headspace during astral travel, and to help keep you enveloped in the warm embrace of love and care.


Selenite is a pure white crystal, with a smooth surface and beautiful clarity.


While clear quartz is a purifier that cleanses your spirit before astral projection, selenite keeps your spirit pure and connects you to a higher plane of consciousness as you traverse the astral realm.

The high vibrations of selenite envelop your spiritual form in a pure white light that keeps you safe from darker forces and negative influences. It also connects you to your spiritual guardians, who can guide and protect you.

Selenite should be worn to bed, where its proximity to your body will help form a protective barrier and keep you safe from harm.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an unclear gem obscured by misty streaks of gray and brown.

Smoky Quartz

It acts as a connector between worlds, making the transition to the astral realm smoother and easier.

It doesn't just lessen the bonds restricting your consciousness to this plane; smoky quartz helps you to let go of the bad vibes and negative influences holding you back from control and freedom during astral travel.

By freeing you from the bad energy restraining you, smoky quartz allows you to seek out your truths.

You should meditate with smoky quartz before astral projection. Also, before practicing to help you shed any negative energies you may have.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a dark stone with streaks of gold and bronze.

Tiger's Eye

It has an influence stretching all across your body. This unlocks your root chakra to keep you grounded. Tiger's eye is also to your third eye, connecting the solid spiritual foundations with the ascended nature of astral travel.

With its core in courage and resilience. The tiger's eye is all about aligning your auras and granting you the vitality you need during astral projection.

Place tiger's eye on your lower chakras during meditation or keep it on your person to cleanse your energy and give you endurance and strength before you begin your journey.

18 Crystals For Astral Projection

Final Thoughts

Astral projection can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. But, if you aren't careful and well-prepared during astral travel, then you're putting yourself at risk of negative energies or losing control of your astral form.

By using the right crystals properly. You can make sure that you're well-protected and surrounding yourself with positive and loving energy.

Thanks for taking a look at these incredible and powerful crystals. We hope that these will help you achieve a great and positive experience while you explore astral travel. Good luck with your journey!

18 Crystals You Need To Have For Astral Projection