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The Must-Have Amazing Gemstones Every Aquarius Needs

Aquarius people are complex people and can sometimes be difficult to understand. A lot of people assume they will be easy going and relaxing people to be around. But, in reality, they can be a bit flighty and eager to try new things.

Because of their headstrong ways. Aquarians often turn to gemstones as a way to help balance their energy and ground them to reality.

However, Aquarians are also quite prone to change. So, they are always looking for ways to mix up their gemstones and try something new.


So if you are an Aquarian with a need for a new type of gemstone. Then check out our favorite gemstones that best suit the needs and personalities of Aquarians. Here, you may find your new gemstone that even an Aquarian would be troubled to part with!

About Aquarius

Aquarius is a late sign in the zodiac as it is the eleventh sign in the cycle. Those born between the dates January 19th and February 19th are born beneath the Aquarius constellation. Thus, are born with the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

A lot of people spread misinformation about Aquarians because they misunderstand key parts of their personality. Most of the confusion stems from the symbol of Aquarius, the water bearer.

The water bearer is Ganymede. He is a prince from Greek mythology. He was taken by Zeus to Olympus to be his lover and cup bearer.

The Must-Have Amazing Gemstones Every Aquarius Needs

Because the symbol for Aquarius features water. A lot of people assume that Aquarians must be water signs. Because they share the same easy-going traits like other water signs.

However, this is not the case. Aquarians are actually air signs that are far more self-assured and confident than those whose element is water.

Aquarius people are like a strong breeze. They're constantly on the go, and they're difficult to pin to one place which contributes to their unique personalities. They have sharp minds and are strong warriors who fight for equality everywhere, open to all kinds of positive changes.

Kind and talkative, Aquarians are great at making friends but struggle when it comes to those deep, long-lasting relationships.

They can sometimes come across as detached or headstrong. With little patience that will result in them getting frustrated if they spend too much time in the same space. This can be literally as Aquarians love to travel, but this can also apply to relationships and careers.

This clearly reflects in their ruling planet – Uranus. Uranus is famous for being an eccentric planet that looks forward to the future but is prone to drastic changes. Aquarians are the same.

Just like the wind, they can change their mind at a moment’s notice and whisk themselves off to somewhere else. They love their independence. But, then they struggle to find someone they can rely on for support when they need it the most.

It’s a double-edged sword and if it remains unbalanced. An Aquarian can either grow frustrated with their grounded lifestyle or feel isolated in their constantly moving landscape.

Some may call them spontaneous. Others may call them irresponsible. But there’s no denying that Aquarius people work hard for the good things in life. They are also always ready for the next fun opportunity to come their way.

Birthstones And Crystals

Aquarians have two main struggles that gemstones and healing crystals can seriously help out with.

The first issue is their apparent coldness. Aquarians are often mistaken to be believing to be easy-going, friendly people just like water signs. However, Aquarians are actually air signs, so they can sometimes come off as abrupt or headstrong.

They may not always intend to be seen this way, but it is definitely an impression they typically give off. They might clash with other people’s personalities and expectations. But, there are gemstones available to help improve their warmth to help make stronger, longer lasting relationships.

The two main birthstones for Aquarians fit perfectly into this. Those birthstones are garnet and amethyst as Aquarians can be born in either January or February respectively. However, we will later talk in detail about how both of these gemstones benefit Aquarians perfectly.

The other issue with Aquarians is their flightiness. Aquarians love change. So their heads are constantly being turned by the prospects of new experiences.

This means that they're often tempted to live in new places. Also, be in relationships with different people, or suddenly switch careers. While it’s great to have that independence. This also means that Aquarians can struggle to find stability.

They need to be grounded at certain times in order to succeed financially or in a serious relationship. This can be a huge help to Aquarians. Aquarians who constantly look for ways to shake things up only to constantly lose their progress.

However, using gemstones is not always about fixing flaws. Sometimes, you may just want to enhance what is already there. This way, gemstones that are great for boosting energy. Sense of freedom can also be a great match for Aquarius people.

Overall, Aquarians need gemstones that will enhance their fun-loving personalities. As well as helping them to ground themselves and improve their communication. So, they can build stronger, longer lasting relationships for future support and deeper affection. So, let's take a look at some gemstones available.


Garnet is one of the main birthstones for Aquarius sign. It is very easy to see why it appeals to so many of them.

This gemstone is a deep red color with a glow that rivals rubies. It radiates power and strength, embodying themes of fire and warmth.

This can be a great energy for Aquarians. To feed upon because although they don’t necessarily need help in the confidence department. They definitely could do with some additional warm energy to give off a more welcoming aura to improve communication.

Garnet is also known as the stone of commitment. It inspires people to stick to their plans, dreams and relationships to achieve harder to reach goals.

It also inspires hard work, something that Aquarians are not afraid of. But, they are quick to give up and move onto something new even when they are succeeding.

Basically, garnet can provide the fire and stability that a lot of Aquarians desire. It can emotionally aid them to clear out negative thoughts. As well as bad energies and replace them with clear goals of the future.

As a birthstone, garnet is very easy to pick up in the form of amulets and jewelry. An Aquarian who loves to change their style can choose from multiple pieces to switch out and wear. So, they will always have a garnet on hand but in different forms.

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For example, they might wear a garnet ring one day. Then the next, carry an amulet instead. This method perfectly complements an Aquarian’s behavior. It's making it as one of the easiest gemstones for an Aquarian to filter into their everyday life.


Speaking of birthstones, amethyst is also the other birthstone that applies to Aquarians. This means that for Aquarians who want to try out amethyst. They can easily do so using multiple forms of jewelry and amulets.

They are pretty affordable and easy to find, so you will not struggle at all incorporating amethyst into your life.

Amethyst is a calming gemstone. It is popular with a lot of zodiac signs including Aquarians. It is light purple and very clear, sparkling and reflecting light in a dazzling way.

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This makes it incredibly precious and also enchantingly beautiful. Its appearance is enough to inspire serenity even before you start to absorb its energy.

This gemstone is also linked to the crown chakra. It can help clear minds to aid in decision-making. Aquarians in particular use this to get in touch with their spiritual sides. As well as using it to calm their flighty spirits. This can help them to make wise decisions regarding their future.

After all, that spontaneous career change will have a lot of consequences that an Aquarian might not be prepared for. So, using amethyst can help an Aquarian get all their thoughts in order. So, they can think with their heads instead of just their hearts.

Deeply nurturing and great for calming anxieties. Amethyst is one of the main choices for Aquarians. Because it can help them make wise decisions and calm their innate desire to rush through life like a tornado.

So, if this sounds like you, then maybe all you need is a bit of amethyst in your life!


Agate is a gemstone full of possibilities, just like Aquarians themselves. They are available in multiple colors. Like red, blue, green, white, you name it, there’s an agate for it. Their endless possibilities are an instant draw to Aquarians who love variety. So, this stone is instantly an aesthetically pleasing choice.

But agate is more than just a pretty stone – it’s great for aiding against all sorts of problems as well.

It is known for boosting self-confidence and increasing problem-solving. Which can be a great help to Aquarians who are on the verge of making a huge life-changing decision. It also aids in helping them to remain balanced and grounded, reminding them of the reality of their decisions.

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That’s not to say agate will discourage change. But instead it encourages positive change that will only benefit the Aquarian. Instead of pushing them towards decisions with lots of potential negatives.

Agate is also a great healing stone that helps with neutralizing negative energies and can help balance your spiritual self.


Jasper is one of the most nurturing stones out there and is beloved by many zodiac signs. Because of the nature alone.

It is amazing at grounding individuals who feel overwhelmed and in a spin. It is showing them stability and helping them feel their feet on the ground.

For Aquarians, this is a huge advantage. As it can help them stay on track during their fits of fancy to stop irrational decisions. While still allowing them to think creatively just as all Aquarians do. This is why jasper perceives as a nurturing stone – it grounds yet still encourages positive traits and behaviors.

It’s also great for protection, especially when Aquarians are famous for rushing through life with little thought or planning.

Even if they're intelligent, Aquarians can benefit from a little extra protection to keep them secure from negative energies.

This stone is available in many warm shades. But our favorite for Aquarians would be red jasper. This is because it is such a bold, bright red color. That it can also inspire the kind of warmth and cheeriness that Aquarians need to build their relationships.

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It's smooth texture means that it's a great worry stone. You can hold it during moments of stress. This can help provide some stability to the ever-energetic Aquarians who need help clearing their base chakras.

So if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Also, keep making instinctive decisions based on restlessness. Jasper is a great worry stone for Aquarians to use to help tackle both negative experiences.


There are many types of opal. But there are two that really speak out to Aquarians in particular.

Opals are dazzling stones that are smooth and stunning, and also come in pretty much every color of the rainbow.

While they overall radiate purity and positive energy. Also brings clarity and amplifying positive traits to bring the best out of everyone. However, the two main opals that appeal directly to Aquarians are the black opal and white opal.

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These opals represent both the root and crown chakras. And can help aid Aquarians with grounding themselves and making clearer decisions.

Black opals are dark and mysterious, radiating a sense of power and protection. It can help an Aquarian come down from flying high through life and think about the reality of their decisions.

Alternatively, white opals symbolize spiritual wealth and help with clearing the crown chakra. This can help Aquarians see more clearly. And make wiser decisions by taking into consideration all the factors on the table.

These two opals directly tackle the two main important chakras for Aquarians, so they can be a huge benefit. They work great as both worry stones. Also, meditative stones and as jewelry to be use for greater effect.

Overall, Aquarians will love to have both, so they can alternate between the two, keeping things both fresh and balanced.

Using And Cleansing Gemstones

Once an Aquarian has all the gemstones they desire. The only thing now is to figure out their ideal way to use them.


Tradition dictates that they wear most of these gemstones as jewelry as it offers a lot of benefits. Not only do they look amazing. But gemstone jewelry is also an easy way to carry gemstones with you. Also, have them close to your skin.

This makes it easier for the gemstones to send good vibrations to your chakras. Clearing them and soaking in all the negative energy built up there.

For example, clearing your throat chakra to improve communication is best done by weakening a choker or necklace. It allows the desired gemstone to sit close to that chakra naturally.

However, Aquarians like to shake things up from time to time so using worry stones or featuring gemstones. In your meditation alters can also improve your energy and allow the gemstones to do what they do best.

Although this is not as effective as direct skin contact, it's still a great option for Aquarians to try out.

And as always, remember to cleanse your gemstones and recharge them. If you don’t cleanse them, they will fill up with negative energy and stop being effective.

Cleanse your gemstone after use. You can clean them underwater or by smudging them with sage. Once cleansed, recharge your gemstones by allowing them to bask in sunlight or moonlight.

When your gemstones recharges, you can use them again. It’s easy!

Gemstones for Aquarius


Aquarians are often underappreciated due to their many flights and fancies. But, many people forget just how intelligent and adaptable they are.

Despite this, many Aquarians still need help in the form of gemstones and healing crystals. This helps to guide them through life to more realistic and reliable choices.

While their desire for change can make them very independent and sharp people. It also means that they struggle to make lasting relationships and set down roots.

Thankfully, there are many gemstones available like the ones above that can help them radiate a warmer energy. As well as to clear their mind to help make wiser decisions.

Many stones can also help ground this classic air sign without compromising on their more attractive features and traits.

Overall, Aquarians can benefit massively from just a few gemstones. With so many on offer to choose from. Aquarians are sure to love the range available as it gives them a lot of choice.

The Must-Have Amazing Gemstones Every Aquarius Needs