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The Most Astounding Gemstones Every Aries Needs To Have

When it comes to success and stubbornness, there is no zodiac sign that encompasses these traits than the Aries.

Those who are born under the Aries zodiac sign are famously energetic and ambitious, born with a need to prove themselves and find success. This is clearly reflected in all the symbols linked to the Aries sign, from their element to their ruling planet.

But everyone needs to recharge their energy and find spiritual aid somehow. So, what are the best gemstones and crystals to help meet the needs of a typical Aries?


Here we are going to take a look at all the gemstones associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. Also, which crystals are uniquely capable to help an Aries out when they need it the most.

So, if you are an Aries in desperate need of some spiritual support to recharge your energy. Find out which crystal and gemstones are the best ones to suit your personality!

The Most Astounding Gemstones Every Aries Needs To Have

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About Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which can help explain why Aries all have a need to be number one. It applies to those born between March 21st and April 19th, and correlates to the constellation of Aries.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

They are renowned for their competitiveness, spurring their desire for success and argumentative side. This is a double-edged sword as those born under the Aries sign are often pioneers, leaders in fields that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

They are adventurous but can be reckless, allowing their passion and high energy to run away with them. This ambition can lead them to set high goals for themselves and when they fail to meet them. An Aries can become stubborn and abrasive with those around them.

These attributes are perfectly represented by the sign and ruling planet of Aries. The symbol most associated with Aries is the Ram, a powerful animal that is infamous for its stubborn ways.

However, rams are also durable creatures that should not be messed with and are also a sign of newness and life.

This perfectly channels the steps an Aries will take to make new discoveries and undergo new experiences. This means that they are ones bold enough to take the first step forward in challenging circumstances.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, the red planet named after the Roman god of war. This does not mean that Aries are destructive. But, their abrasiveness and the lengths they will go to in order to get what they want. And also, prove themselves right can damage their reputation and relationships.

While Aries signs love a debate and navigating challenging conversations. They sometimes can find it difficult to draw the line. Also, walk away without a grudge against those who disagree with them.

Nevertheless, Aries are intelligent people who are driven by an innate urge for success and new discoveries. It often leads them into unknown territories as a part of an exciting adventure.

This passion for the new is represented in the element of Aries - fire. Fire is the source of light and heat which helps encourage new life to grow and thrive. Plus it perfectly channels the passion that Aries have for their fields of interest.

It represents the fiery spirit of an Aries amazingly well - but sometimes, that fire can ravage and ruin relationships.

Birthstones And Crystals

To combat the flaws and issues often represented to those born under the Aries sign. The kind of crystals they need should help bring a calm energy to soothe their competitiveness. To provide guidance in times of recklessness. And also, help sustain relationships by helping and Aries with communication and compromise.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Balance is the key to an Aries' happiness, and there are plenty of crystals that can help achieve this.

After all, these healing crystals should not just let an Aries overcome their flaws but help encourage their positive traits - their resolution, their durability, their ability to tackle topics and issues others would shy away from.

However, it is still important that Aries remains rounded with a clear head and connected to others around them.

This can help improve their harmony and happiness. Guiding them to a lifestyle where they can be true to themselves yet respect boundaries. Also, recognizes when it is time to compromise rather than dig themselves deeper into trouble.

The two most obvious gemstones to help with these desires are the two birthstones most commonly associated with Aries.

As the sign of Aries applies to those born between the dates of March 21st and April 19th. Both the birthstones of March and April apply to Aries'.

The main birthstone is the diamond for April. While aquamarine is the birthstone for Aries who are born at the end of March. However, there are more than just these two gemstones that are ideal to meet the needs of an Aries.


One of the most iconic, desired gemstones in the world is the diamond. And those born in April are fortunate enough to have this dazzling stone as their birthstone.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Diamonds are popular in everyday use for a range of reasons. They are one of the toughest stones in the entire world, rating at a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes them near indestructible - which is perfect for heavy-duty jewelry like rings or bracelets.

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Speaking of rings, diamond rings are often a sign of an engagement in western cultures as diamonds are a sign of wealth.

Diamonds are also very clear, and their clarity makes them incredibly light and sparkling, catching the eyes of everyone who is near.

Although these superficial features make diamonds ideal for accessories and clothing. They are also important properties when it comes to complementing the personality traits of an Aries.

The durability of a diamond is parallel to the stability and strength of an Aries with their unyielding determination. In the same way diamonds will not break under pressure, Aries are able to stay true to themselves and remain impervious to others influence or persuasion.

This sense of unyielding strength can be a helping hand to an Aries who is feeling the pressure and aids in unloading the strain difficult situations can inflict.

After all, just because you're an Aries does not mean that you are immune to strain and stress. Everyone needs a way to dispel their negative emotions, and a diamond could be just the way to help do that.

Diamonds are also incredibly clear and that clarity could be a potential guiding point for an Aries.

Their determination and passion for new things can sometimes lead an Aries recklessly into trouble. So a clear diamond shines a light onto new information or perspectives that can help guide an Aries towards a more sensible or compassionate choice.

Overall, diamonds are a wonderful gemstone that can really help an Aries out whether it is guidance they are after or a source of strength in times of need.


The other birthstone for Aries signs is aquamarine. It is the birthstone of March so those born just at the end of the month can fall into both the Aries and March categories, making aquamarine their birthstone.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Aquamarine is an enchanting stone that is famous for its solid blue color and cooling air of calm. It is a gemstone that is known for helping communication, evoking truth and gentleness while inspiring trust. It's the ideal gemstone for cleansing and soothing emotional wounds thanks to its compassionate energy.

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For these reasons, aquamarine is a great gemstone for Aries signs. Due to their unyielding natures and fiery spirit, an Aries can often end up hurting others and themselves by refusing to compromise in disagreements.

While their pride may be hurt, it is important to heal and grow from such events - and aquamarine is just the gemstone to help an Aries do so.

It's calm energy will help soothe the pain of a disagreement and inspire the Aries to be more compassionate, seeking reconciliation on their own grounds.

By inspiring both truth and trust, aquamarine can be a comforting support when it comes to that honest and frank discussion which will inevitably be followed by an apology.

Apologies are often difficult for an Aries to do as it usually admits that they were wrong at some point, but an aquamarine is not a communication stone for no reason.

It helps make the process easier for an Aries, allowing them to speak from the heart with a frankness that is gentle and true.

And so, aquamarine is capable of healing wounds and disagreements by inviting the Aries with a cool mood and providing them with the openness needed for a reconciliation.

This is why a lot of those born under the Aries constellation seek out aquamarines as it helps them overcome their determination when it proves to be more of a flaw than a virtue.


This stone is the alternate birthstone for an Aries as it matches the power and strength emitted from Mars. It was once a stone that great warriors would take with them to battle to help enhance their strength and give them protection.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Thus, a bloodstone is a deep, black stone with small specks of red that appear like splatters of blood. This history makes it instantly connected to modern Aries of today, whose sense of adventure will often take them into the unknown.

Because of this, bloodstone is a great choice for an Aries to carry when faced with uncertainty. You can take one with you as you travel or face life changing prospects like a new school or job, as the bloodstone will help give you the strength and confidence to help you keep moving forward.

While Aries are naturally driven individuals anyway, a bloodstone can help them stay on the right path and ease the burden of doubts while stepping into a new phase of their life.

Whether you are feeling anxious about facing a new cuisine, a new place, or a new person - a bloodstone could provide all the comfort and support you need.

It is a small yet powerful stone that radiates strength and protection, encompassing you in an impenetrable shield to keep you safe in all kinds of situations.


An Aries often thinks with their head and approaches problems with logic rather than heart, which can make more emotional decisions a lot more difficult than they could be. For this reason, an Aries can often tunnel their vision onto one goal and neglect other important areas that deserve their attention.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Aries are infamous for focusing so much on their goals and achieving success that they forget to pay attention to the other aspects of their life which helps provide balance.

For example, an Aries might work hard for a job promotion but withdraw themselves from their family in order to put in the extra shifts. On the other hand, an Aries who loves to enjoy life may neglect paying bills and end up in financial trouble.

Jade is a gemstone that can help widen the viewpoint of an Aries so they can see the bigger picture, opening their eyes and hearts so they can make wiser decisions that may subtract from their main goal.

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The point is not to discourage an Aries from their dreams, but helps them achieve a more balanced lifestyle that can improve their happiness all-round.

The reason why jade is the ideal gemstone for this is because of the atmosphere it projects. Jade is an ancient heart chakra stone that has inspired many artistic works for centuries.

It speaks directly to your heart, allowing it to open up to the joys of other sources while cleansing it of negative patterns that would cloud your judgment.

Therefore, jade is a great gemstone that will help clear your heart of doubts and insecurities. Allowing you to make wiser decisions to benefit you and help bring more balance to your life.


And finally, we have the planetary stone that matches the ruling planet of Aries - red jasper.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs

Jasper on its own is a very grounding stone that helps clear blocked base chakras with ease. Making it a solid choice for those after a gemstone that lifts moods and brings a sense of renewed energy.

This makes it perfect for Aries signs as Aries often love new feelings and experiences. So, they are bound to connect with the refreshing mood brought by jasper.

Red jasper further enhances that by sharing the same shades of red as the fire which Aries is often associated with. But in much deeper hues that helps ground an Aries rather than invigorating them.

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This can be a huge help to an Aries who needs something to balance and calm them down while still giving that renewed sense of optimism and joy. It simultaneously boosts your mood and calms you down, which is great for those energetic Aries.

So, red jasper is the ideal gemstone for an Aries who frequently needs to ground themselves. But does not want to feel weighed down at the same time.

Jasper lifts and rounds at the same time. It's helping Aries to calm themselves while remaining optimistic and refreshed at the same time.

Using Your Gemstones And Crystals

So now that you have the gemstones and crystals you need, how should you use them?

Each gemstone is unique and some are more adverse for certain applications than others. For example, some are an ideal material for worry stones that you can pass from palm to palm in stressful situations to help you stay grounded. While others are perfect for direct skin contact in the form of jewelry.

Using your gemstones for jewelry is a great idea to get the most out of your gemstones' healing power. Jewelry that uses your birthstones are very easy to find and purchase. So you can quickly find a way to recharge your energy and help guide yourself towards a better you.

It is also important to keep in mind which gemstones work best on certain types of jewelry. For example, diamonds are incredibly tough and measure 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty jewelry like bracelets or rings.

A softer stone like bloodstone measures at 6-7, meaning that while it is resistant to scratches, it could possibly still be damage if using it too heavily. So, keep this in mind when deciding which stone you would like to use in your jewelry.

Once you have used your gemstones to help heal and recharge your energy. You should then cleanse and charge the gemstone itself. This will help it stay in top condition and you can get the best out of your gemstone.

Each gemstone requires different ways to cleanse and recharge, either by smudging with sage or running underwater. Recharging can take place by letting it stay in sunlight, moonlight, or the company of quartzes. It all depends on the stone and its energy.

Once your gemstone recharges. You can then repeat the cycle and use your gemstone in whatever way is best for you.

Gemstones Every Aries Needs


Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are determined individuals who strive for success in everything they do. Hardworking yet often stubborn, Aries are easily admirable due to their honest and straightforward natures. Even if this can sometimes end them up into trouble.

Aries are often people who need to learn how to compromise and communicate more gently with others in order to salvage relationships. Their stubbornness often means they argue for the sake of arguing, insisting they are right, and very rarely back down.

For these reasons, Aries often need emotional healing to help balance themselves. It guides them towards more diplomatic decisions while remaining true to themselves.

As you can see from above, there are plenty of gemstones to help with this on offer. So, all you have to do is pick one and use it in your preferred method. Then, you will see an improvement in your mood and energy all thanks to the healing power of crystals.

The Most Astounding Gemstones Every Aries Needs To Have