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Vibrant Virgos - A Complete Guide To The Colors Of Virgos

The world is full of different colors, and you seldom have to travel far to find all manner of different and vibrant hues.

Many of us will have a favorite color that we enjoy wearing, but apart from this, it is very common to take all the different colors we encounter in our lives for granted.

However, different shades and hues can have a large impact on how we are feeling. Some colors can be uplifting and help us find inner peace during stressful times, while others can have the exact opposite effect.

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Many people who believe in astrology also believe that certain colors can have special benefits for those born under a certain zodiac sign.

Virgo, or the virgin, is the star sign for those born between the dates of August 23rd and September 22nd. Like the other 12 signs of the zodiac, Virgos tend to associate with certain colors better than others.

In this article, we will be looking at which colors work best for Virgos as well as which ones they should try to avoid

Virgo - The Maiden

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is represented by the symbol of a maiden.

Virgo  The Maiden

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In Greek myth, this constellation was related to Demeter the god of the harvest, which relates to the way Virgos are deeply tied to the physical world.

As such, they are known for being logical, taking a systematic approach to their daily life and rarely engaging in flights of fancy.

As a mutable sign, Virgos are not afraid to face change and adapt to new circumstances. Many of them are perfectionists in their endeavors and will spend many hours honing their skills through rigorous practice.

This means they often have great attention to details, which makes them very useful for tasks that require a great deal of precision.

Like all the zodiac signs, though, Virgos do have their weaknesses as well as strengths. One of their common downfalls is that they can regularly miss the bigger picture by getting too caught up in the small details.

Their meticulous approach to work and daily life means that they can come across as intolerant of anything that doesn't meet their standards.

However, this doesn't stop them being great friends, and they are more than willing to be generous and supportive to those in their life.

They eschew offering spiritual advice, and instead when presented with issues they will approach them from a practical angle. This makes them excellent problem solvers and valuable companions for those struggling through hard times.

How Different Colors Can Affect Your Mood

Certain colors can have a large impact on the way we feel and view the world.

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Some people will find bright colors like yellow and red uplifting, drawing motivation from the energy they offer. Others may prefer duller, more muted colors for the tranquility and peace they can offer during stressful times.

Often the colors that work best for us are closely linked to our zodiac sign. With that said, let's look at which color is associated with Virgo, as well as other useful shades that can be helpful to people born under this sign.

The Colors Of Virgos

Virgo is an earth sign, and therefore is primarily connected to the color brown. Much like the people it represents, brown is a color that is firmly grounded in reality as well as symbolizing wisdom.

Wearing brown will enhance Virgos’ natural traits of reliability and practical reasoning. The great thing about this color is that it is easy to incorporate into your home decor or wardrobe and comes in lots of different shades from gentle beige to dark wood.

Even something as simple as a brown shawl or wooden table can offer stability in times of stress and remind you to focus on what is truly important.

Other Beneficial Colors

Virgos can also benefit from other autumnal colors, and you can create your own zodiac palette for empowering your spirit. Here are a few other colors that will work wonders for those born under the sign of the maiden.

Ocher As Colors of Virgos

Ocher has some vibrant energy and passion of orange or yellow, but muted and toned down for the gentle Virgo. This color is a symbol of fertility and life, encouraging new ideas and creative solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Ocher Leaves

Since it is darker than normal yellow, it works alongside brown to provide stability and a deeper connection to your roots.

Green As Colors of Virgos

Green is another color that encourages Virgos to take action and make changes. It is a symbol of hope and renewal, reminding you that change is inevitable and that there is always room for improvement.

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The green hue of this color helps to balance out the earthy tones of brown and ocher, bringing together the Virgo's desire for order and practicality with the nurturing nature of these other two colors.

Plants are a great way to introduce splashes of green into your home decor. However, for Virgos it is best to choose plants with darker shades of green such as ferns and cacti.

Some flowers and orchids can also be appropriate, but should be in use sparingly in case your space becomes overwhelmingly bright.

Tan As Colors of Virgos

Tan is one of the most versatile colors around. When used in small doses, it can bring a sense of calmness and relaxation to anyone who wears it. In larger amounts, however, tan can overwhelm the senses and become too much.

Coyote Buttes

Nevertheless, this fleshly tone can remind us to look after our physical bodies and not over exert ourselves in the pursuit of our goals. This lesson is especially pertinent for the perfectionist Virgo.

Blue As Colors of Virgos

Blue is often a calming color, and is perfect for Virgos because it brings them back to their core values.

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Darker blues represent the Virgo's need to protect themselves from being in pain again, and wearing these shades can encourage them to stay away from dangerous situations.

Just as tan reminds them to take care of their bodies, royal blues can serve to encourage mental wellbeing as well.

Colors That Virgos Should Avoid

Overall, it is best for Virgos to avoid very bright colors. This is because the more vibrant shades can clash with their grounded nature, and will typically make them feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Greens and blues can both be very beneficial colors for those born under this sign, however, if either is too bright then they may have the exact opposite effect. Here are some other colors that should be in avoidance by Virgos.


Red is an extremely powerful color, but it is usually for only the bravest of souls. For Virgos, red is akin with anger, aggression, and even violence.

If you wear too much of this shade, you risk making yourself appear aggressive and intimidating when you really want to convey a softer, gentler message. Instead, try using shades of pink to keep your vibrations neutral and welcoming.


Yellow is also a powerful color, and as such it can be very distracting for the rational Virgo. Although it is sometimes a cheerful color, its brightness can cause confusion and detract from the message one is trying to convey.

To combat this problem, try using yellows that are slightly less intense so that they still carry the same positive vibes, but won't draw attention away from your words.


White is a beautiful color, but it is also one of the hardest colors to work with. Because white represents purity and innocence, it can easily turn into a negative energy if worn inappropriately.

As such, it is important to use this color sparingly and only on items that you truly love.


Purple is another difficult color to work with. Its deep, rich hues can create a feeling of royalty and luxury, which can seem out of place for humble Virgos.

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However, purple can also be in use to symbolize wisdom and intelligence, helping to elevate the status of the wearer. The trick is finding the right shade of purple that doesn't overpower the Virgo's humble and logical personality.

Other Interesting Facts About Virgos

Now that we see the colors that work best for Virgos and the ones that need avoidance. You should have a good idea about the temperament and personality of those born under this sign.

Next, we thought we would share some fun facts and other interesting information about this constellation and what it represents.

Ruling Planet

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, who was the ancient roman god of messages and communication. As such, it is an appropriate mascot for Virgos, who are great at conveying new ideas.

This is the same planet that rules over the constellation Gemini, however the two signs are very different in how they connect to the spirit of Mercury. While the twins are better at expressing information, the humble maiden is better at receiving it.

This is in fact that Virgos are excellent listeners and can process information very well. They have a knack for cutting to the heart of a given subject and possess an innate sense of which pieces of information are relevant and which are not.

Tarot Card

All the zodiac signs have a corresponding card in the major arcana of a tarot deck. Each constellation's card reflects key aspects of their personality.

Virgo's card is the hermit, which is appropriate for a sign that is often happiest when perfecting a skill or craft alone.

The connection between this card and a star sign typically referred to as 'the virgin' leads to the common misconception that Virgos try to avoid the company of others.

This isn't true, however, and the isolation of the hermit refers simply to the fact that most Virgos have a strong sense of self.

While they enjoy the company of others, people born under this sign are also comfortable being alone, which explains their natural stability and rational outlook on life.

Tarot Card

Birthstone And Other Crystals

All the zodiac signs have their own birthstone, and for Virgos this is the blue sapphire. The deep blue tones of this stone offer clarity and can help by not holding back Virgos by logic and understand others.

This is a gem of tranquility and honesty, both of which are highly prized by Virgos in their never ending quest for perfection.

It can help to prevent one from being bogged down by details and step back to gain valuable perspective on what they have already achieved

Another crystal that is great for Virgos is moss agate, which represents the softness of mother nature and all she has to offer. This is a useful stone for stepping back from tasks and goals, so you can appreciate the world around you.

Famous Virgos

Famous people born under the sign of the maiden include Micheal Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Stephen King and Mother Teresa. All of these people are well known for their perfectionist approach to their respective careers.

As well as being dedicated to mastering their craft, these figures are also known for their humility and the kindness they display to others in their lives.

How To Find Virgo In The Night Sky

In the Northern Hemisphere, you are most likely to see Virgo in during mid-March to June by looking to the south.

You can find the brightest star in this sign by drawing a line from the handle of the big dipper through the Arcturus at the bottom of the Bootes constellation.

Virgo looks like a lopsided box and is very close to the neighboring signs Libra and Corvus, both of which can be useful guides when searching for it.


Virgos are logical beings that will meticulously commit themselves to a given task until they can complete it. As such, they have a tendency to become obsessive and lose track of the bigger picture.

The colors we have discussed in this article are all very helpful for grounding the Maidens in our lives and reminding them to look after themselves during their quest for perfection.

So if you are a Virgo, or have a friend who was born under this sign. Do keep these colors in mind next time you're looking for new clothes, furnishings, or gifts.

Vibrant Virgos - A Complete Guide To The Colors Of Virgos