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The Awesome Meanings Of The Color Amber

Where would the world be without color? It is everywhere you look and plays an incredibly huge part in our day-to-day lives without us even noticing it at all!

From deciding the color of the shirt you are wearing to the color of the sky, each color that exists has its meanings and stories.

Not only are there so many colors, but there are then variations of these colors as well. Dark blue? Royal Blue? What is the difference? Sometimes the differences are so subtle it can be hard to tell at all, alas that doesn’t mean that they do not exist.

Each color can evoke different emotions and can be interpreted in different ways. What is your favorite color if you had to choose?

Today we are going to be taking a deeper look into the color amber – where it came from and what it represents for people throughout history to the present day.


The Color Amber

If you are not familiar with the many shades that colors can be found in, then you may not know much about the shade amber. This color is a yellow/orange color – somewhere in between.

It has very warm tones and is often referred to as the color of the sun. Interestingly, there is also a stone of the same name with the same color – so which came first? We’ll take a look at that later on.

Many of you may know the color from the middle light of traffic lights – a beautiful and familiar orange glow. Did you know that it is even possible for humans to have amber-colored eyes? It is a lot less likely and not as common as blue or brown, alas it does however exist!

Color Amber

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Where Did The Color Amber Come From?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the color amber came from the rock it is named after. This rock was first found in the Baltic Sea and is made from fossilized tree resin.

Essentially what that is, is hardened tree sap that has transformed into a resin-like stone. It is a see-through, orange color and is often found naturally with animal preserves inside.

The bugs commonly found within amber would have become stuck in the sap while it was tacky, and then through air exposure, the sap hardened to form the crystal.

The amber stone can be found in an array of different shades. These range from yellow to orange to green and can be both lighter and darker depending on the area in which the amber was taken from.

When the sap is left for several years in the open air, that is when it oxidizes and thus hardens.

Although the amber stone can be found in a variation of colors, the color itself ‘amber’ is a warm yellow-toned orange. So, that is where the color amber came from, but what does it actually mean and represent?

How Did Amber Get Its Name?

The name of the amber stone derives from the Arabic word ‘ambar’, which itself came from the word ‘ambergris’. ‘Ambergris’ is an ingredient that was often used in both ancient and modern times in products such as perfume and soaps, that were found in the intestines of a sperm whale.

The waxy substance had an aromatic aura that is used for the scents in such products. The first time in history that the word ‘amber’ was used as a color description was way back in the 1500s.

Amber Stone

What Is The Color Amber Representative Of?

Now that we know some histories behind this color, it is time to explore the connotations and meanings of the warm, sunny shade.

Of course, it is always up to your interpretation, but throughout history, the color has been representative of certain aspects and qualities in which we shall explore and explain.

Color has been used within many cultures and communities because of what it represents and means to people.

So, if you want to know the meanings behind the color amber and how it can help you, then be sure to keep reading.

Amber is often associated with happiness due to its close relation to the color yellow, and the connotations that yellow brings.

Alongside this, amber can sometimes even be associated with wealth and power. This is because of how it can sometimes resemble the color gold – which of course is a color very representative of wealth and richness.

Energy (Color Amber)

The first quality that we are going to talk about, that amber is representative of, is energy. More specifically, positive energy.

Amber Get Its Name

While this does have a fairly scientific background as well, the term was coined by a rock band in the ’80s and is sometimes used in modern society as an ironic phrase.

In color psychology, it is said that amber is a radiant color that has correlations to energy levels.

Some may say that the more amber you have in your life, the more positive energies you will be surrounded by.

This is a great color for anyone who feels deflated in spirit or just wishes for more positivity in their life. This also corresponds to the amber stone, which is often used for its fun and joyous qualities.

The warm and sunny nature of this color is what makes it so positive, and how it represents energies.

Inspiring Boldness (Color Amber)

Many people find inspiration in the color amber to be more bold and firm with their choices and ways of life.

The color carries an uplifting message that inspires those around it to step out of their comfort zones and to be the truest and boldest form of themselves.

Amber encourages us to be fearless in who we are and what we believe in and gives us the confidence to be who we want to be.

So, if you are the type of person that is shy, timid, or simply reluctant to give new things ago. Then this is a very good color for you that will help inspire you to be bold.

The color itself is a very bold and statement shade, and thus it inspires you to be the same.

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Positivity (Color Amber)

Of course, one of the main qualities that amber is representative of is positivity! How could it not be when it is such a warm and sunny color! The optimistic hue of the shade will inspire you to feel both joyful and spirited.

Positivity (Color Amber

The yellow and orange tones are reminiscent of sunshine and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Yellow is one of the happiest colors and so it is no wonder that amber can have such a positive effect on people, with the shade having yellow undertones.

This vibrant color will change your attitude and frame of mind, and you will be thinking more positively before you know it! It is hard not to feel happiness in the presence of this color!

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Safety (Color Amber)

With reference again to the amber stone, this color is also very healing and protective. Many people will use an amber stone or wear amber jewelry to feel safe. Moreover, protected from any bad energies and negative vibes.

Because of this, even just the color amber is associated with the feeling of safety. This is due to the warmth of the shade; an inviting color that has been traditionally used for protection across history.

While there may be no factual and scientific evidence proving this. It never hurts to take as many precautions as you can. After all, this color has been known to protect us across centuries.

Friendliness (Color Amber)

If you want to make friends easily. Then amber is a great color to wear because of its friendly and approachable nature.

The color in its purest form represents happiness and positivity and so people would be drawn to the color. More trusting, and all-around gain a greater sense of like towards you. The outgoing color loves to make new connections and will help you to do so too.

The warm tones of amber will help to make people feel more at ease when they are around you. Thus making it easier for any social communication to occur. Moreover, the color will also have you feeling more confident and positive because the qualities it represents will reflect upon you.

Fall (Color Amber)

Another beautiful thing about the color amber is how reminiscent it is of the Fall. During the Fall time, the color can be seen everywhere.

Fall (Color Amber)


It is a very seasonal color, and can often be associated with holidays such as Thanksgiving!

Nature, plants, and leaves naturally turn to shades of amber during this time of year. Turning the outside world into a beautiful, inviting, and warm place to be.

The cozy atmosphere of the Fall time is typically associated with the warm and orange-toned colors of amber.

How Well Does It Match With Other Colors?

Not only does the color of amber represent and emote all the qualities above. But it is also an incredibly good color to pair with almost anything.

Amber complements many shades of the color wheel, especially those with yellow or orange undertones – for obvious reasons.

Incorporating it into your home or wardrobe is a great way to let the color reflect and impact you in day-to-day life and let its qualities shine.

Amber is a great color to consider when you are redecorating and painting your home. Too much of the color can become stressful due to how bright the color can be. However when used in small doses can tie a room together.

It will help if you are looking for a Fall-inspired look, as well as complementing so many other colors and shades.

Although the most common use for this color is in the middle section of a traffic light. It can be used for so much more!

Otherworldly Powers

Aside from the qualities we mentioned above, the color amber is also said to have otherworldly powers. As in, gifts so powerful they are almost unnatural.

This also derives from the amber stone and how it has been used for many purposes such as healing and protection throughout time and history.

Amber is said to have magical capabilities from healing to hope. Amber is also often used in cultures to help with the fertility of women dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

While there is nothing to prove these allegations are true, it is hard to come up with a reason as to why it was used and is still used for these very reasons in the present day.

The color is also representative of those who want to be unique or different. The amber shade is relatively uncommon, with people more typically opting for either a yellow or orange rather than the in-between.

Because of this, it is a statement color that will reflect the intuition and positivity of a creative mind.

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Amber In Psychology

Interestingly enough, the color amber is frequently used in cases of psychology. This is because it is a color that grabs attention and can increase the short-term powers of observation.

Not only this but it has been found to increase senses of alertness, and to make people more aware.

This may relate to the way the color represents safety and how it is used in the traffic light system as the middle ground. Amber stimulates the positive and extroverted traits of a person and encourages you to be more social.


To summarize, amber is a color that is friendly and approachable. It has a warm and inviting nature that attracts people and helps aid friendships and relationships between yourself and others.

The upbeat color is all about positivity and protection and spreading the notion to be bold and to be you.

The sunniness of this shade is what gives it such a warm and joyous personality that can be very hard to find disappointing in any manner.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the color amber? Do you love it or hate it?

The Awesome Meanings Of The Color Amber