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The Greatest Orange Crystals You Need To Have In Your Collection

Orange Crystals are a type of crystal that has been useful for thousands of years. People believe that they bring good luck, prosperity, and protection from evil spirits.

The orange color comes from the presence of iron oxide, which gives them its golden hue. They are also popular as the “stone of happiness” because they say that they bring good fortune and success.

People also think that orange crystals are effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. They are also useful to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and dermatitis.

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orange crystals

Orange Crystalline Quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones on earth. It helps balance emotions, reduces stress, and improves physical health.

It can be useful to cleanse the body, clear negative energy, heal emotional wounds, and help you find your true purpose in life.

So today, let’s take a look at some of the best orange crystals that will boost your collection. We have a complete guide coming up, so be sure to stick around!

What Is The Importance Of Healing Stones In My Life?

Crystals are helpful reminders of our intentions. We use them to help us stay focused on what we want to accomplish. Salt therapy has become popular among people who feel stressed out or need a quick pick me up.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps people get rid of negative feelings and emotions from previous lives. Crystal healing involves using various crystals to heal yourself.

You should know what type of crystal you require before you go about healing your body. Choose a crystal according to your needs.

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years ago. It was practiced by many cultures including the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians.

Some claim that the practice originated in Asia, but others say that it was brought to America by Native Americans. Modern crystal healing is based on traditions borrowed from other cultures.

Crystals are useful tools to promote health. Each stone possesses certain properties, but healers disagree about what each stone does to the human body.

Some believe amethyst promotes intestinal health, while others think it promotes heart health. Green aventurine helps the heart, while yellow topaz boosts brain function.

Red through violet colors have a connection to the seven chakras. Crystals heal people because they are made up of atoms that vibrate at specific frequencies.

These frequencies match up with the frequencies of certain illnesses. When an illness occurs, the vibrations of the atoms inside the crystal change.

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This causes the frequency of the illness to shift, making it easier for the body to rid itself of the illness.

As you can see, crystals are extremely important and can make such a difference in your life. Before we get onto our list, let’s also take a look at the benefits of orange crystals.

Orange Crystals Benefits

Healing Crystals are beautiful stones that heal the body. Crystal Grids are in use to align your life. The soothing weight of worry stones helps you relax and feel better about your worries.

Sparkling Gems vibrate against the skin to clear negative thoughts. Spheres for Glimpsing Into the Future help you see what might happen next.

Orange crystals come laced with the light of life. Having an orange gemstone close by helps energize us during these wild and unpredictable times.

Orange crystals stimulate our solar plexus chakras and sacral chakras, encouraging us to be creative, adaptable, courageous, and optimistic.

They also encourage us to find our inner strength and comfort in our skin. Orange crystals collect the passion and fiery energies of the color red and combine them with the good fortune and pureness of the gold.

This incredible mixture infuses orange crystals with an amazing kind of power, one which makes us feel positive and confident about ourselves.

These benefits are fantastic and ones you don’t want to be without! Let’s take a closer look at more of these benefits now.

Sacral Chakra Healing

Open your sacral chakra, and feel free to express yourself. Orange crystals connect you to this chakra and help clear any blockages. Your creativity and joy of living come out when opening this chakra.

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Physical healing

Orange Crystals are great for clearing out blockages and setbacks. They are especially helpful for those who have physical issues, struggle with reproductive issues, and have PMS-related problems.

They also help with Rheumatism.

orange crystals


Orange Crystals help you to fill your love cup right up with the taste of optimism. They strengthen the Sacral Chakra, encouraging you to tap Into new avenues of pleasure & intimacy.

They're also the color of warmth, sun, hope & prosperity. So, as they strengthen the Sacral Chakra, they'll help you to welcome all of that to your life when connecting with others!

orange crystals


Orange crystals bring success and fortune. But they also invite greed. You should use them wisely. Don't let your generosity go to waste. Keep giving to others whenever possible.

Orange Crystals You Should Be Using

Let’s get into what we came here for! Below we have a list of the best orange crystals that you should have in your collection!

Orange Agate

Orange agates are wonderful stones for people who want to learn how to express themselves. They help them to communicate better and boost their self-esteem.

These stones also help them to be courageous and confident. They help them to know what they want in life.

Agate is a beautiful stone that comes in many colors. It helps you become aware of your surroundings.

You learn to be present and aware of what is going on around you. Agate helps you to see things as they are, instead of how you want them to be.

It helps you to reflect on yourself and what you need to do to improve yourself. It gives you a sense of peace and calmness.

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Orange Agate

Orange Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a stone that brings joy, happiness, and positive energy into your life. You can wear or carry orange calcite as a talisman to bring you new ideas, inspiration, and motivation.


Sunstones are a great tool to help you connect with your inner self. They boost your positive feelings, encourage creative practice, and want you to be well-equipped for manifesting what you want.

Sunstone helps people get better by boosting the immune system. Those who are suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) use Sunstone to feel better during the winter months.

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While those with digestion problems use Sunstones to help them digest foods properly. People with digestive issues also use Sunstones to help cure other health conditions such as colds, flu, and fever.

orange crystals

Sunstones are crystals that share colors with the sacral chakra. They cleanse negativity out of our lives. We can communicate easily, move with inner grace, laugh freely, and feel comfortable in social situations.

Our hearts connect when we hold this crystal. We learn to trust others. We clear our third eyes.

Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite garnets are a great tool to boost your positive feelings, encourage creativity, and want you to be well-equipped when you manifest what you want. Garnets are precious stones that you can find in nature.

They are usually bright colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Red garnets are especially rare. Spessartite garnets are very valuable because of their unique appearance.

Their color comes from manganese, which gives them a beautiful color.


Orange Carnelian

Orange Carnelian is a very powerful stone. First, it gives us the ability to change our lives. It helps us to be more creative, courageous, motivated, strong leaders, and we believe in ourselves. This stone also helps us to overcome fear.

Carnelian is a powerful stone that helps you release negative emotions. You'll feel more confident and motivated after using this stone.

Cleansing your energy field and emotional body will give you more creative ideas and new opportunities.


Carnelian can improve your mental abilities, especially if you're an intellectual. It helps with depression and anxiety.

You'll feel more motivated when you wear this stone. It stimulates your brain and improves your memory. It can also help you become more focused and productive.

Orange Calcite

Blue skies are always sunny when orange citrine is around. You're confident, calm, and optimistic. Your energy level is high. You attract great fortune. Citrine is an orange-colored stone with a yellowish tint which symbolizes the Sun.

It brings in the positive energies of the Sun and gives us the courage to face our challenges. This stone helps us to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

As a matter of fact, it opens the third eye chakra and helps us to see things as they are. Our creativity stimulates as well as our psychic abilities.

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This also helps us to connect with others emotions. A stone effective to get rid of negative thoughts and bring in positive ones.

Moreover, this also promotes self-confidence and encourages us to follow our dreams and manifest our desires. It helps us to attract money and abundance into our lives. It helps us to heal ourselves emotionally.



Aventurine is a gemstone that brings feminine energy. It helps women to relax and feel happy. It also reminds us that life goes around and comes back again. We should enjoy our time now because it might never happen again.

Balancing the nervous system, Aventurine helps with fertility issues. It helps with circulation and boosts well-being and with recovery from a long illness.

Likewise, it helps solve fertility issues and finds the path to parenthood. Cleanses your heart chakra by clearing out old patterns.

Encourages you to find strength and courage when facing new situations. Helps you to regain control over your emotions.



Aragonite is a very grounding stone, helping you to ground your energy and bring your body back into balance. It helps you to stay connected to the Earth while also allowing you to soar above everyday life.

You may feel more grounded than usual after using this stone. Capricorns are hard-working people who are loyal to their friends and families.

They have a lot of ambition and are always have focus. Aragonite helps them channel their ambition and keep their focus.


Aragonite is an amazing stone for healing the body. It helps with nerve damage, a broken bone, and any illness that disrupts your natural flow and harmony or causes pain.

It is a wonderful stone for building on energy, vitality, encouraging the body to heal quicker, and warming up the extremities.

Orange Zircon

Orange zircons are rare gems that are in use in jewelry and other products. They are incredibly valuable because of their rarity and unusual properties.

Zircons are very hard rocks that come in many colors. They are transparent or opaque. Some are translucent, while others are opaque. Zircons are effective as gemstones.

Zircons are naturally occurring minerals that occur in many colors including red, yellow, orange, brown, blue, gray, and colorless.

Their color can change when heated. Often, zircons are in use as a cheap alternative to diamonds. Zircons are a type of mineral called zeolite.

Zircons are transparent or translucent and sparkle when viewed under a microscope. They also have a fire-like quality. These characteristics make zircons unique among gemstones.

Orange Moonstone

Orange Moonstones are gems with the meaning of healing people's hearts and relieving anxiety. They are known as a gemstone with great power.

They could gently support your hurt feelings or minds. Orange moonstone has a calming effect. It helps to bring peace and stability into our lives. These gems help us to be flexible and open-minded and manage stress better.

It helps us to maintain a positive attitude. It makes us feel more mature and graceful. Orange moonstone has properties to calm down the flow of luck.


It is good for someone who wants to do something for a year of bad luck. You can use this stone to travel safely.

To enhance the talisman effect of orange moonstone, please wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Orange Moonstone is a rare and precious gemstone.

Furthermore, it is effective to enhance your intuition. When you wear this stone, you will be able to sense invisible energy and other peoples' feelings.

Tangerine Quartz

Another addition is tangerines. Tangerines are fruits that are sweet and delicious. Besides, they come from citrus plants. Tangerine Quartz is a type of quartz crystal that is mostly orange-colored.

It is found in Brazil. It is formed by combining hematite with water. Hematite is a mineral that rusts in water. The rusty color binds to the quartz surface, making them orange.

Large deposits of tangerine quartz can be found in Brazil or Madagascar. Thanks to its color orange, it has plenty in common with the sacral chakra, which is connected to the areas mentioned above.


Don't underestimate the power of this stone because it can help you with your mental health and emotional well-being too.

Moreover, they are used as a symbol of health and vitality. In fact, tangerine quartz helps people who have experienced trauma to cope with the pain and move forward.


Another is amber. Amber is an extremely valuable gemstone. First, it brings good luck and clears the mind. It boosts your immune system. Amber is an extremely beautiful gemstone.

Besides, it is often useful in jewelry. It is used in many other decorative items, such as carvings and statues. This gemstone is also useful in folk medicine. It is found all over the world.


However, certain types of amber are more valuable than others. And some of them contain insects or plants.

What's more, amber is a type of fossilized tree resin that ranges in age from 30 to 100 million years old. It is valued for its warmth and beauty and has been used as jewelry for thousands of years.

Older amber is worth more than younger amber because it contains higher concentrations of minerals.

Orange Andesine Labradorite

Labradorite is a very special mineral. It helps you release negativity and lets everyday anxieties wash over. You will be able to let them go rather than sit in the story.

When anxiety flares up, you will be able to let it pass rather than stay in the story. Labradorite brings self-esteem, increases energy, and stimulates creativity.

This stone helps manifest your desires into reality. Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. They can affect our physical health and emotional well-being.

Labradorite helps to open these chakras. This stone is also used to treat depression and anxiety. In its natural form, this stone is usually an orange color.

Orange Mali Garnet

A beautiful orange garnet that brings out the best in people. It brings out the best in us, and it brings out the best in others.

It makes us feel great! A stone of good fortune brings prosperity and happiness. It helps you manifest your ideas and dreams.

This stone also helps you get out of negative situations. It makes you feel more confident and happy. It opens up your heart and mind to new possibilities.

Additionally, it boosts your creativity and imagination. It helps you visualize and manifest your goals.


Orange Spinel

Orange Spinel is an energizing stone that helps me connect with my inner self. I am inspired by the stone's ability to help me focus on what matters most to me.

It also helps me feel more grounded, confident, and secure. Orange Crystals are great for opening up the Sacral Chakra, strengthening the Root Chakra, and finding your Zest.

When combined with other Red-Orange Stones, they can be used to heal the Sacral Chakra. Interestingly, Orange is the color of the Fire element.


You can use this color to balance your energy with air. The combination of these two colors creates a warm feeling. To welcome protection into your life, pair them with the cloak stones of hematite, obsidian, and pyrite.

Orange Quartz

Orange quartz resonates with the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of manifestation, discernment, self-esteem, self-empowerment, and spiritual awareness. It helps you in manifesting all you desire, and in creating the reality you want!

Orange quartz carries energies of encouragement, compassion, warmth, strength, vitality, and joy. It can cut through the smoke and shadows and clear your inner vision, giving you the discernment and clarity to keep going on your emotional journey.

Quartz is the most positive crystal. It will help you overcome any limitations. It will lead you to happiness and joy. You will be more confident and self-assured as well as more open to new experiences. You'll make friends easily and enjoy life.


Orange Orthoclase

Orthoclase helps enhance the emotional aspect of one's life. It grounds them down to the physical plane, allowing them to understand their emotions better.

In fact, Orthoclase moonstone is very rare and expensive. It is made up of many minerals, but mainly feldspar. Feldspar is used to make glass, ceramics, and other materials.

Adularescence is when material changes colors depending on how much light hits it. Moonstones are usually white, but sometimes they're colored.


How To Use Orange Crystals

So how do we use these crystals? Well, orange is a color of comfort in the home, so they’re best used when placed around your home or house in a scattered pattern to get the best use out of them!

We recommend trying to incorporate them into your aesthetics and home decor to enjoy them more visually as well as spiritually.

Orange is often used to strengthen bonds and relationships with family members, so including the stones in your home is a no-brainer!

You can also make jewelry out of these stones very easily so that you can carry them with you throughout your daily life.

Finally, wearing stones and crystals on your body can aid directly with the healing properties associated with them and is a fantastic way to get the most benefits out of orange crystals.

The Best Combinations To use With orange Crystals

Tangerine quartz helps clear the mind and enhances memory. As a matter of fact, it is used when dreams are being recalled or for dream work.

In addition, it combines well with other stones such as smokey quartz, thulite, opal, lapis lazuli, jade, kyanite, prehnite, labradorite, moss agate, citrine, and ruby.

Combining Tangerine quartz with other stones will increase your meditation level and help you achieve inner peace.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a complete guide of the best orange crystals that you should have in your life!

Whether you are looking for a crystal to bring calmness to your life, or you are looking to boost your confidence, there is sure to be a crystal for you.

Make sure that you check out our tips to get the perfect combination of crystals and you are sure to notice a change in your life!

The Greatest Orange Crystals You Need To Have In Your Collection