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The Must-Have Orange Gemstones To Get You Through The Day

Orange gemstones are very rare. People love them because they are unusual. They are also expensive.

People also think that orange gems are also helpful to see your true self. When you wear an orange stone, it will remind you of who you are. You may even feel more confident about yourself when wearing an orange stone.

Orange gems are beautiful stones that come in many different colors. They are very popular among women because they match most skin tones. Find out more about orange gemstones with this guide!

orange gemstones
Image by Daniel Dan outsideclick from Pixabay

Must-Have Orange Gemstones To Get You Through The Day

Let’s get straight into it! Keep reading for a complete list of the best orange gemstones that will get you through the day.


Citrines are a type of quartz crystal. Their color comes from iron, which makes them appear orange or brownish-red. Citrines were useful in ancient Romans as a symbol of good luck.

Citrine is a beautiful stone that is very popular among women. It is also inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for those who want to buy a ring or other piece of jewelry.

Citrine is a transparent stone, meaning that you can see right through it. It is more brilliant than most stones, but not as bright as diamonds. It is durable and has great clarity.

Citrines are useful by crystal healers to help people find positivity and happiness in their life. The warm orange color helps them feel better about themselves.

orange gemstones
Image by NightFrost from Pixabay


Topazes come in many different colors, from blue and purple to pink and orange. Orange is rare, and the name topaz means fire in Sanskrit.

These gems are made up of quartz crystals and are found in Australia. They are also known as the Imperial Topaz. Gems that are beautiful orange color and have a high quality.

In addition, they are useful in many types of jewelry, but they're most common in earrings. This gemstone brings out the best in an outfit because of its color.

orange gemstones

It's a traditional and modern birthstone for November. And it is the birthstone of the sign Sagittarius.

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The Imperial Topaz is one of the more expensive colors and they consider it an extremely valuable stone. Many compare it to the colors of the sunset as they range from pale orange to bolder orange.

It may be reddish-orange, but it often has an orange base with a pink undertone. Some people think only those with a yellow-orange body tone and a red pleochroism (color change) are true imperial topazes.

Topazes can also be made by irradiating other stones, such as quartz, agate, and even amethyst.

Topaz is the gemstone that has an association with fire. It was named after the Hindu god Shiva, who is often depicted holding a flaming torch.

Topaz is a very hard mineral that takes a high polish. It is useful in jewelry because it is easy to cut and facet. Topaz is a member of the beryl group of minerals.

Andesine Feldspar

Andesine feldspar is a beautiful gemstone with a bright red hue. It comes in many colors including red, orange, and yellow.

It is also known as Labradorite.

This gemstone is helpful to heal emotional wounds and bring peace to the mind. It helps you release negative emotions and brings about happiness. It helps you to be more grounded and stable.

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Carnelians are bright stones that range from pink to red to orange.

They are often associated with creativity. They're also considered a stone of wisdom and spirituality. People born in August can be given carnelian as their birthstone.

orange gemstones

Fire Opal

Fire opals come in many colors. They are made up of fossilized tree resin, and they smell like pine. They are soft and fragile, so you should place them in a protective setting. Amber with insect and plant inclusions is also a type of fire opal.

Fire opals are orange-colored opals that are translucent to transparent. These opals come from two places: Mexico and Ethiopia.

Their colors are caused by iron oxide and the way the light reflects off their internal structures. They are commonly faceted. Water immersion or humidity can alter their colors.

orange gemstones

The Mexican fire opal is an orange gemstone that is very hard and brittle. It is often useful in jewelry because it is shiny and sparkly. One of its uses is in some watches because it is resistant to scratches.

Opals come from the earth's mantle, and people make use of them as gemstones. They bring prosperity, happiness, and love. They help people see things clearly.

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Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is a type of quartz whose color comes from hematite (iron oxide). It is mostly in Australia. This quartz is a very soft stone, but if it gets wet, it will harden up.

Because of its softness, tangerine quartz is useful gemstone in jewelry. Tangerine quartz is a very useful stone for people who want to be more confident and clear-headed.

It helps you open up your sacral and solar chakras, making you feel more energetic and optimistic. It also helps you get along better with others.

orange gemstones

Orange Sunstone

This gemstone is very rare. It appears to be made up of different minerals, but it's just a single mineral. It glows when you shine a light on it.


Amber is a gemstone found in ancient trees. It was useful as an amulet for healing and protection. It also has an association with the Sun.

Amber is an organic gemstone made up of resin and other materials. It is very hard and durable.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Orange Jade

The term "jade" refers to two stones: Jadeite and Nephrite. Both are similar in appearance, but only Jadeite comes in orange-hued colors, from pale apricots to rich red oranges.

The stone's color is caused by inclusions and how fast it cooled while forming. Jade stones symbolize protection and acceptance, and orange jade especially represents unity and happiness.

Jade is also the gift for the 12th Wedding Anniversary, along with a zodiac stone for Taurus or Libra.

Orange-colored jade gems are often associated with the element fire. Fire energy is famous to be cleansing and purifying. This makes sense since orange is the color of the sun and fire burns away impurities.

Orange Moonstone

Moonstone is a mineral that has a composition of calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide. It is often found in granular form as well as massive forms. A stone that is commonly useful as a gemstone because of its beautiful colors.

A transparent specimen is very rare, and when it occurs, it commands a high price. Moonstone is considered to be a good luck charm.

It is a June birthstone and has an association with several lunar goddesses.

Orange moonstone is very helpful stone. It bring happiness and love into your life. In addition, It will help you attract romance and love. A stone that will help you heal emotional wounds.

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Orange Kyanite

Orange kyanite is a very rare form of kyanite. It is a fibrous, gold-colored mineral. This stone has an unusual hardness, being 4.5 to 5 Mohs on one axis and 6.5 to 7 on the other.

It has spiritual benefits like helping psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. Another use of this kyanite is it helps heal deep-seated emotional wounds. It is best for balancing the sacral chakra.

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Diamonds are very hard and strong. They are also very valuable. Diamonds are the hardest substance men know. Most people think of them as symbols of love and romance.

But, diamonds do come in different colors. Some of these include yellow, brown, blue, green, pink, red, orange, purple, white, black, and even clear.

Most diamonds are colored by impurities, and there are many different types of diamonds.

Each color represents a unique set of characteristics. For example, some diamond colors are more expensive than others.

On average, a carat of yellow diamonds costs about $200.00. However, a carat of white diamonds costs around $3,000.00.

Other colored diamonds cost much more. Pink diamonds cost around $40,000.00 per carat. Blue diamonds cost up to $100,000.00 per ounce.

And, the most expensive diamond of all time was the Hope Diamond. This precious stone came from India and weighed over 3 pounds. It sold for $450 million.

Orange Diamonds are very rare gems. They are often called Pumpkin Diamonds because of their bright colors.

Their rarity makes them more valuable than other types of diamonds. People make lab-grown orange diamonds available at lower prices.

Some diamonds are very expensive because they are pure orange. Others are much cheaper because they are dyed.

Synthetic diamonds are cheaper than real ones. Synthetic diamonds are also often useful to make jewelry.

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Coral is an organic, amorphous gemstone composed of the branched exoskeleton shed by coral polyps (which is why it's called "exoskeleton").

Most corals are white, but red coral contains varying shades of pink or orange. Often, coral is useful as a symbol of love or romance because it resembles hearts.

orange gemstones
Image by starbright from Pixabay

Coral is also a symbol of fertility and new life. It is a very delicate gemstone, ranking between 3-4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Coral goes by the name "mars stone" because it has an association with the planet Mars. Coral is also an excellent healing crystal for balancing the Sacral Chakra.


Sapphire is an extremely valuable gemstone. It is a type of quartz crystal with a brilliant blue-violet hue. It is also called the birthstone for July.

It is effective in many types of jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants. Sapphire is also popular as the stone of love. They say that people who wear this gemstone are very romantic.

Sapphire is a popular choice for engagement rings. It symbolizes fidelity and everlasting love.

orange gemstones

Orange Sapphire is a beautiful stone that comes in many different shades. It comes in a wide variety of colors including yellow, orange, and red.

Sapphire stones are very expensive because of their rarity. Samples displaying exceptional color are prized, valued, and rare.

Synthetic sapphires are less expensive than real ones. Both synthetic diamonds and sapphires are very hard, but sapphires are softer than diamonds.

Jewelers often enhance the orange tones by dying them, so they become vividly orange. If you're looking for orange sapphires, ask about the treatments done to them.

Padparadscha, a salmon-colored sapphire stone, is also considered orange and is a rare and desirable stone.

Orange Spinels

You can find orange spinels in Burma and Tanzania. Flame spinels are in Myanmar. Tanzanian orange spinels are more common than Burmese orange spinels.

Chromium is usually behind the orange coloring.

Spinels are strong and hard gems that last forever. Their color is bright and vivid. People used to mistake them for rubies because of their color.

orange crystals

Orange spinels are very valuable gemstones. They go for about $1000 each. They have a Mohs rating of 7.5-8. They are bright and shiny. They are durable. Their prices are high.

Like other orange gems, orange spinels are rare. Some have an astrological pattern, giving them a starburst appearance.

Their saturated colors also make them highly desirable - if they can be found. Most have subtle inlays, but they add to their desirability. They usually have good brilliance, and many come in vibrant orange colors.


Tourmalines are beautiful stones that are very popular among collectors. Their color varies greatly depending on the type of rock. Some are orange, others are yellow or green.

Tourmalines are often treated with heat to improve their color. This process is called "heat treating".

A carat of orange tourmaline is worth about $200-$1500. It has a hardness scale of 7.5. It goes well with any type of jewelry. It has an unusual quality called pleochroism.

Synthetic options on the market are affordable and durable. Tourmaline comes in many different colors, but orange isn't one of them. Tourmaline comes usually with a brown tone as well. Orange tourmaline shows two colors when you see it. Brown tourmaline is a second color.

Tourmalines are stones that come in many different colors. Orange tourmaline is a very popular gemstone because it comes in many different shades. When you buy an orange tourmaline, you get the most brilliant light. You can also use it to decorate your jewelry.


Sardonyx is a semi-precious stone that comes in several colors. The most common colors are blue, pink, purple, and white. Blue sardonyx is the most popular.

Pink sardonyx is also quite popular. White sardonyx is not as popular as the other two. You can get orange sardonyx too, of course.

Sardonyx is a 9.0 on the Mohs Scale. It's also one of the densest stones. Its density makes it harder to cut. It's very durable. It lasts longer than other types of gemstones.


Ruby is a type of garnet that is colored red. It is a hard stone that is very resistant to heat and scratches easily.

Rubies are effective in jewelry making and also in dentistry. A ring or necklace made out of rubies is very rare. People who wear them are usually famous.


Zircons are a mineral in many different colors. Most commonly, they are white, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black. Orange zircons are extremely rare.

Orange zircon is a precious stone that contains radioactive elements. It glows in different colors depending on the type of radiation it absorbs.

Tanzania has beautiful rose-orange zircon gems, while Cambodia has earthy orange to brown-orange zircon.

All orange zircon stones fluoresce in yellow or orange, except for red-orange specimens, and yellow-orange specimens.

Zircons are transparent crystals that are useful to gemologists.

Hyacinths are transparent zircons with bright colors.

Gemstones such as jacinths and hyacinths are made up of different elements.

Most hyacinths contain copper, zinc, nickel, iron, and manganese.


Garnet is a hard gemstone that is in use to make jewelry. It is very durable and can be shaped into cabochons or faceted. It is often useful in rings and necklaces. It is made up of manganese and iron, turning it orange.

Garnets are the birthstones for people born in January. They're usually red or orange, but you can get them in other colors too. There's even an orange version called Malaya garnet. It comes from combining pyrope and spessartine garnet.

Image by Sergio Cerrato - Italia from Pixabay

Garnets are in many different shades of orange. Spessartite is found in many different colors, including reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Hessonite garnets are sometimes called "New-Year babies'' because of their resemblance to babies born around the time of the new year.

Garnets are zodiac stones that has an association with Capricorn and Aquarians. They represent passion, commitment, and insight.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Orange Gemstones

Orange gems are very beautiful stones. Their color is very bright.

They are also very expensive. You should know about the different types of orange gems before you purchase them.

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Color Symbolism

The color orange also has a connection with happiness. People who wear orange often express positive feelings.

Orange gems look great with white metals. You should choose an orange stone if you're looking for something bright and shiny.

Titanium, platinum, silver, and white gold look great with orange. An orange gemstone will be the center of attention when worn with these metals.

Warm Skin Tones

Orange gems look nice on everyone. But if your skin tone is warm, then orange makes it warmer.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to learn all you needed to know about orange gemstones!

The Must-Have Orange Gemstones To Get You Through The Day