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Picture Jasper: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties 

Picture Jasper is an impure variation of quartz that is opaque and contains varying levels of other mineral impurities. It is a form of brown jasper which contains very complex lines and color variations that resembles a painting.

Each piece of jasper supposedly contains a picture that carries guidance/knowledge from the past or from important locations of the planet. It is incredibly sturdy and durable harmonizing stone which can resist scratching and is not very porous. It's a rather uncommon stone that forms in incredibly old volcanic ash layers that stretch back about 100 million years.

Picture Jasper: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties

Picture Jasper Meaning and Symbolism

Picture Jasper Meaning

The Picture Jasper meaning has a deep connection to the Earth. The stone gives you a deeper sense of harmony and balance, and also gives you a better understanding of global responsibility. Its meaning stretches to the alleviation of fears and the ability to start over, redirect and recenter. It is a stone of vision that ranges in color from brownish/tan to crimson.

Metaphysical Properties

The vivid colors inspired the name. The term "jasper" refers to dotted or speckled stones. Because it is made up of bands of small quartz crystals that are firmly packed together in an alternating pattern, the stone was given its name. Picture Jasper are referred to as chert by Geologists, and as flint by Historians.

Legends Meaning in Picture Jasper

"Jasper" is derived from the Greek word iaspi, which meaning "spotted stone." Picture Jasper is believed to have mysterious and conflicting properties. Legends have it that wearing Picture Jasper from a very young age can protect you from drowning and ghosts. Picture Jasper should be worn on the right side, and wearing it as a grid will have all the wishes of the bearer be fulfilled.

Picture Jasper has been worn over time by people in the belief that it brought you good luck. According to Viking and German Legends, it is believed that the shaft of the magical sword of Siegfried, the Dragon-slayer, was decorated with Red Jasper, which supposedly gave him courage.

Another Legend has it that Picture Jasper transpired when during Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, when a drop of blood fell on a Red Jasper. It is also believed that this stone was once an all-white stone, but later turned red because of the blood spilled around it.

Picture Jasper Meaning as Birthstone

Picture Jasper has great meaning in the world of sacred stones. It’s not a traditional birthstone or not a natural birthstone. Even though it is not an official birthstone, but as a historical birthstone. it is connected to the astrological sign Leo.

It is believed to bring patience and compassion to Capricorn and Cancer people; and Scorpio and Aries can get advantage from any type of Jasper, including Picture Jasper. Being a type of Jasper, Picture Jasper is looked at as Earth Stones.

Picture Jasper Symbolism

Picture Jasper is can help you with any life transitions from birth to death. It is a harmonizing stone of creativity and deep thoughts, and will give you strength to make personal changes, and provide an extra boost in achieving your goals. It has a strong link to Earth energies, and as a result, it can assist you in bringing harmony to your life on a variety of levels.

In antiquity, Picture Jaspers were used as a jewel to represent prominence, power, and fortune. Its use has also been documented in a few ancient manuscripts. Green Jasper was commonly used in ancient times, but ancient Egyptians preferred Picture Jasper, which they used to make jewelry out of. Many ancient societies employed this lovely stone to make swords, vases, and plates.

Picture Jasper Zodiac Sign

As mentioned earlier, Picture Jasper is not a birthstone. It is not specific to any zodiac sign either. It is, however, affiliated with the zodiacs Leo, Capricorn and Cancer. Picture Jasper stone is viewed as a direct message from the Earth itself. This protective stone instills a sense of proportion, brings comfort, alleviates fear and breeds harmony.

It helps keep people calm and composed, while allowing them to be patient and practice compassion. As mentioned earlier, Scorpio and Aries zodiacs can also extract benefit from Picture Jasper.

How Mystical Powers Play Significant Role?

In the Bible, Jasper is considered to be the mother of all gems. Picture Jasper has the power to help you see the beauty in stuff that were previously unknown, or were taken for granted. It brings joy to everyday living that you may have otherwise missed out on.

Possessing Picture Jasper helps you in numerous ways. It mitigates fear; removes negative energy; helps in creative visualization; stimulates vision. It also helps in gaining a better knowledge of other cultures and is often used to surpass writers’ or artists’ block.

As it is an ecological stone, it can be used in your home, office, or business to get rid of technological, environmental, or geopathic pollution or radiation. You can simply place this harmonizing stone in your surroundings, and you will enjoy more patience, stability, and creative energy.

Physical healing picture jasper connects with a lot of energies. Picture Jasper reminds us about our inner energy and provides physical healing energy, emotional healing energy, Chakra healing and balancing energy, spiritual energy, color energy. With its grounding energy, it absorbs negative energy and provides mental health. Picture Jasper is also beneficial for connecting with and harmonizing the Third Eye Chakra.

Meaning of picture jasper when worn according to Western Astrology

According to Western astrology, Picture Jasper is best suited for people with the zodiac Leo (people born between July 23 – August 22). This stone is also associated with Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Aries in some sense, but it is most beneficial for Leos.

Picture Jasper comes from nature and can be used anywhere. But the best way to use it is by wearing it. You can use it best by wearing it as creative jewelry near to your chakras. Wearing it enhances the stone over time, thus the longer you wear an accessory with Picture Jasper, the greater your connection to its vibration will be and the more healing powers you will feel.

You can also place your stone anywhere in your home or your workplace. When you keep Picture Jasper close to you for a long time, you'll be able to dig deep into your soul and uncover places of repressed emotion and separation.

If you are someone who typically subdues healthy feelings and emotions, then wearing this stone can help you bring out those feelings, and will allow you to give love, receive love and feel love from others, yourself, and the earth. While you bear Picture Jasper, you will notice that you become more aware of new thought processes, opinions, and even past traumatic events.

Picture Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical Healing

Picture Jasper can help you in healing from injury or illnesses. It can also help you recover faster after a long illness or a stay in the hospital. This gemstone can strengthen your immune system and remove toxins and contaminants from your body, which it then sends deep into the soil. It also helps to heal skin problems and relieve allergies brought on by chemicals or chronic lung disorders.

Picture Jasper and Feng Shui

These healing crystals are also beneficial in blocking and lowering electromagnetic smog from televisions, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. the healing energies of this gem bring about gradual physical strength and revived vitality.

Emotional Healing

Anyone who carries it can interpret a message from it because it emanates from Mother Nature. This stone is said to help with emotional recovery by allowing you to connect with the earth's energy. Seeing/Carrying a Photograph Jasper assists you in finding delight in the small things in life. It is an excellent stone to keep on hand for folks who are experiencing emotional difficulties.

Wearing over an extended amount of time might bring up hidden emotions including guilt, fear, love, and hatred. It can also bring to the surface thoughts that have been pushed to the side or suppressed.

Spiritual Healing

It is not only used as physical healing Picture Jasper but also is a wonderful stone for spiritual healing. It is an elemental stone that has electromagnetic energies of the earth which can be used in meditation to merge with the apprehension of the earth. It's a stone that reminds us that our forefathers faced similar spiritual challenges and helps us go past them.

This beautiful stone stimulates your root chakra and fills your body with endowing spiritual energy. It is a great stone for your inner silence and journey, dream work, and visioning. This stone vibrates on 8, and as a result, is highly accustomed to the spiritual world.

Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties Properties
Meaning Meaning “agate,” the Assyrian ashpu, and the Hebrew jashpeh.
Zodiac Leo
Symbolism Superlative cultivator
Birthstone September- Good luck charm and Talisman
Chakra Base or Root Chakra

Places and Location

As an earth stone, Picture Jasper can assist in the discovery of ley lines and energy power spots that run throughout the globe. It helps in the installation of electricity infrastructure, as well as the positioning of a home or other new structures. If you are confused about choosing the location of your new home, then using Picture Jasper is said to be very useful in deciding the best location for your new home.

This stone helps you in finding sources of energy within your own body, home, and workplace. It can also help you in locating the most magnetic parts of your home, as well as assisting you in arranging your furniture and creating patterns in certain locations. This crystal may also keep your office clean by eliminating electromagnetic smog from your aura and keeping you away from negative energy.

In Feng Shui, the use of Brown Picture Jasper is encouraged. It uses Wood Energy. Growth, new beginnings, nourishment, health, and expansion are all energies associated with wood. Brown Jasper in lighter hues exploits earth energy, and brings abundance, enhances vitality, and helps in physical growth.

People and Relationships

Picture Jasper is a wonderful stone to have in possession during pregnancy. It is a stone that boosts fertility and is favorable to a happy pregnancy. It gives highly protective energies to a pregnant woman during childbirth.

This stone can be beneficial for romantic relationships too. It is a transformer stone, and can be very helpful in improving your current relationship. Picture Jasper also helps your efforts to grow and transform into a better mate and lover by giving you the strength to deal with your challenging relationship. It will allow you to look at love and relationship with a more positive and healthier outlook.

As mentioned earlier, Picture Jasper is considered the stone of the Earth Mother. It is believed that Mother Earth using this stone to speak to her children with a message from the past through pictures and patterns.

This stone can be placed in a room where your young children stay or sleep, and you will notice that they will learn to be more tolerant, steady, and creative. It also minimizes lucid dreaming and promotes restful sleep.

Picture Jasper is also a popular stone among healers. This is an excellent stone for grounding the free-flowing emotions of those who have been through a traumatic event, or are going through some crisis. If you have repressed painful experiences, Picture Jasper can help you bring those memories to the surface in a calm and effective way, as well as help you heal from them by balancing your Chakras and leading them in their spiritual function.

Picture Jasper and Numerology

Picture Jasper is a harmonizing and nurturing stone and holds a valuable connection to the earth. It allows you to form a greater bond with Mother Earth. Picture Jasper’s connection to the earth is so strong that it is also regarded as the stone of global awareness.

This stone can stimulate your creative vision, release your fears, reduce anxiety, and inspire harmony. This stone is also used to unearth your hidden thoughts and hidden emotions such as grief and hope to be examined and processed. This stone has a numerological association with the number 8. It vibrates on 8, and is acquainted with the spiritual world.

Picture Jasper Beauty Products

Picture Jasper is a stone which is appreciated for its beauty and appeal. When combined with other stones, it is a wonderful beauty apparel. Because of its durability and hardness, this gem is perfect for jewelry making. Each Picture Jasper is one of a kind, and it shows a different scenic side, and minor variations make them even more beautiful.

Using the picture Jasper for Design, Designers have a variety of options using picture jasper's earthy browns, charcoal greys, and rich oranges.You can use it in a bracelet, in the form of a ring, as a necklace, and many other forms. When used as beauty products, Picture Jasper is usually polished by hand, one stone at a time.

Picture Jasper Shapes and Forms

Picture Jasper is an amazing form of Brown gem and is characterized by masterful scenes and landscape patterns formed over time by nature. It is a microcrystalline Quartz stone that is opaque and one of the most famous and sought-after stones in the world.

Jasper is a variety of impure silicon dioxide that produces unique patterns during mineral consolidation, resulting in a variety of stone types. Because of its unusual shape and resemblance to a flower, it is also known as Desert Rose. Picture Jasper is a unique stone that is distinguished by its unusual banding or veining, which is caused by silicate or petrified mud.

Picture Jasper and Chakras

Picture Jasper is a stone used for rituals related to the Earth’s vision. It is very closely related to the Chakras. Both Picture Jasper and Chakras attract balancing energies which align physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the higher realm. Picture Jasper boosts perseverance which is very useful when working with the chakras associated with grounding and protection. This stone is filled with energies of stability, harmony, and protection of all kinds of harm.

Picture Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Picture Jasper can make you feel more energized both physically and spiritually by only balancing the base chakra. This stone is usually associated with the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is located below your belly button (about two inches below your navel).

Sacral Chakra is responsible for stimulating creativity and imagination, as well as sexuality. Picture Jasper helps you regain stamina and security for the spirit, which results in better leadership by one’s power. It is said that this stone balances the Sacral Chakra with the third eye, or Brow Chakra, which is located between your eyes and is slightly indented.

Picture Jasper and Wealth

This stone is very profitable in business endeavors. It promotes initiative and is particularly beneficial in all business endeavors. This stone, which you can wear or carry with you, can encourage confidence, creative inspiration, and practical application in beginning and running your business. The energies of Picture Jasper will guide you in controlling your urges and stop you from being reckless with your decisions. Picture Jasper will stop you from doing something that can hurt your project or business just because it sounds interesting and excites you.

How do you use Picture Jasper for Protection?

Since ancient times Picture Jasper has been a sacred and powerful stone of protection, for both the physical and spiritual realm. It is a protective and nurturing stone and is believed to carry energies of harmony, stability, global consciousness, and protection from all kinds of harm. It will help you keep a handle on things, will give you a sense of security and stability, and will bring you comfort during your low days. Picture Jasper also has the ability to protect your health in an overall aspect.

What is the Color Energy of Picture Jasper?

Picture Jasper is a beautiful form of brown/tan jasper that has very complex lines and color variations that resembles a painting. It is a comparatively common stone, and is found all over the world. It is predominantly found in Africa, Brazil and Indonesia. Picture Jasper from different parts of the world has different colors and patterns. It exhibits the rich brown rays of natural earth. Picture Jasper varies in all shades of brown to other earthly colors, and its brown crystals allows you to relax, reconnect, and regain your composure.

Most Popular Crystal Healing Techniques

Crystal healing is a very popular technique that uses crystals and other stones for curing conditions and protecting from diseases. Crystal healing techniques allow positive healing energies to flow into the physical body and push out the negative, disease-causing energies.

Picture Jasper has amazing healing grounding energy. Picture Jasper has the power to protect your health; can heal you physically. Emotionally, and even spiritually. This amazing grounding stone has numerous healing properties and can assist you in unlocking personal healing procedures that you may not be aware of. Simple Ways to use Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals are a great in dealing with stress and anxiety. If used properly, the magical powers of crystals can help you in reducing anxiety. To ease your anxiety, you can combine crystal with Picture Jasper. You can place it on the root chakra area and breathe to relax. You can also place a small stone between your feet for a small amount of time, which will help you with centering when you feel excited. You can also meditate with the stone, whose calming and grounding energy will help with nerves, stress, and anxiety.

Make a Health Crystals Body Grid

Health Crystals Body Grid is a wonderful idea for manifesting. The concept of health crystal body grids is a very compelling one. To make a crystal grid you would need to first select a location for the grid at your home. You should create the grid by forming patterns that are inspired by sacred geometry, and by placing stones that align with your intentions.

You then need to write down your intentions and goals on a small piece of paper. You would also need a center crystal, a Quartz point for activation, and a crystal grid cloth. The Health Crystals Body Grid will allow you to consciously shift the energy around you, and the powerful network of stones will provide you with a meditative experience.

Picture Jasper and Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, Picture Jasper should be placed in places where you visit frequently. You should also take advantage of it before starting any new ventures.

Brown Photograph Wood Energy is used by Jasper and is thought to be the energy of growth, new beginnings, nourishment, health, and expansion. Wood Energy is generally associated with the east and southeast areas of a home or room. Picture Earth Energy, which is the light brown energy of honesty, resourcefulness, balance, patience, and stability, is used by Jasper in lighter hues.

Feng Shui also allows the use of Picture Jasper in the form of jewelry. You can use it as rings and belts to protect your energy.

Best Crystals to Combine with Picture Jasper

Even though Picture Jasper is a powerful stone on its own, it may be enhanced by mixing it with other crystals to create a powerful grid. Pyrite is an important crystal to use for connecting with the spirit guides or other beings outside of this world. Picture Jasper is a good match for Pyrite because it helps you stay aware of all the fresh knowledge you're learning on your spiritual adventures.

To connect with Angelic energies, you should combine Picture Jasper with Amethyst Crystals. Because of their purple color, which is thought to enhance the third eye location and promote psychic powers, these gems have attributes comparable to Picture Jasper.

Another good combination of Picture Jasper is with Quartz crystals. Because Picture Jasper is a stone of serenity, it pairs nicely with stones associated with the Crown Chakra. This includes stones such as Angel Aura Quartz, Blue Topaz, Seraphinite, and Danburite. Picture Jasper can also be combined with clear or white stones, such as Rose Quartz, to revitalize the soul, while black stones, such as Black Tourmaline, will shield you from harmful energies.

Picture Jasper and Meditation

Picture Jasper is a great stone for contemplation and interconnectedness. Picture Jasper can help you stay balanced, grounded, and concentrated in your daily life. It's a wonderful stone to have in your house or office, as well as for spiritual ceremonies and meditations. It provides a calm and harmonious energy for meditation. Wearing this gem can provide you with a calm demeanor for meditative state.

Mediating with this stone can reawaken your soul. This stone's lovely lines, hues, and shadows are excellent for dream work and visioning, and it can also be used for divination and foretelling the future. It aligns your mind, body, and spirit and allows you to feel vibrant and aware. Meditating with Picture Jasper allows you to access sacred energies from around the Earth. Using this gem while meditating will merge your consciousness with the earth, and can help release all your tensions.

Picture Jasper Meaning and Symbolism

Picture When you need to conduct emotional or spiritual work that may otherwise be tough, Jasper can help. This amazing stone can help center your meditations and keep you grounded while you do your spiritual work. It will assist you in relying on the earth's grounding strength and the energy of your ancestors to achieve your spiritual and contemplative objectives.

It improves your psychic abilities, intuition, and foresight, as well as your ability to hear messages from the earth. It provides a calm and harmonious energy for meditation. It is particularly helpful in joining with the energies of Mother Earth and all levels of the Goddess energies.

How to Cleanse Picture Jasper?

Picture Jasper boosts your immune system and cleanses toxins and pollutants from your body. It is also important to cleanse the stone too.

Because it is an earth stone with a strong connection to the earth, it is critical to keep it close to the ground in order for it to continue to perform correctly. Cleaning Picture Jasper regularly is a good way to keep the stone functioning properly. After you've used your stone, it's a good idea to cleanse it, especially if it picked up on some of your own sensations and emotions.

Properly cleansing your stone will clear it of the negativities that it has absorbed. There are several methods that you can use to cleanse your Picture Jasper. It can be cleansed by soaking it for a day in the soil of a healthy houseplant or placing it out in the sun for several hours or overnight. You may also clean it carefully with water and a soft cloth, or set it on top of a Quartz cluster.

Another approach to purify Picture Jasper is to smudge it with sage. Any negative energy that may be sticking to your stone will be cleared away by the smoke from the herb. Another way of cleansing your stone is to cleanse it with salt. You can use a saltwater bath, dip it in salt directly, or use an indirect salt contact method.

How Do Picture Jasper Work for Disease?

Picture Jasper is a very useful stone for combatting diseases. This stone greatly benefits your immune system and gets rid of all the terrible toxins from your body. It is especially beneficial in treating prolonged illness. You can place it on bedside tables in hospitals, as it keeps the body functioning and connected to the earth while battling diseases and renewing the spirit, giving it strength, desire to fight, and increased vitality. It can alleviate the problems with digestion such as constipation, prostate, and obesity. It is also very helpful in the healing of skin allergies caused by chronic lung diseases.

Picture Jasper Physical Properties

A form of Chalcedony or microcrystalline Quartz formed through the hydrothermal process, Picture Jasper is an incredibly sturdy, durable stone that resists scratching and is not very porous. This stone is opaque, especially when tumbled and polished.

Physical Properties Properties
Origin No Synthetics
Names Used None
Is it Mineral? Yes
Color Browish
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Opaque
Cleavage Conchoidal
Tenacity Saturation of its color
Density (Weight) 2.65
Diagnostic Properties Conchoidal
Chemical Composition Silicon dioxide
Chemical Classification Silica
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Uses Ornamental, Jewelry, beads in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
Occurrence Found in veins and cracks in volcanic rocks
Hardness (Mohs Hardness) 6.5 to 7

Picture Jasper History

The name Picture Jasper simply means spotted or speckled stone. It gets the name due to the patterns revealed when the stone is cut. The design supposedly looks like a painting, with each pattern and each stone having a different composition.

Records of use of Picture Jasper has been found in many ancient texts. This stone symbolized power, importance, prosperity in antiquity. It's said to assist us to gain knowledge and wisdom through connecting with the Earth and ancient civilizations' energies. Green jasper was thought to have the capacity to drive away evil imaginations by the Bishop of Salamis in the early days of Christianity.. Picture Jasper used to be worn as an amulet against phantasms, evil spirits, and witchcraft. It also prevented fever and swellings. It also used to be worn on the breast to prevent epilepsy, stomach pain and colic, and stopped nosebleed and other fluxes of the body.

In many ancient cultures, Picture Jasper was used in crafting jewelry, weapons, dishes, and vases. This crystal was used to make bow drills during the 4th and 5th millennia BC, and archeological investigations at the ancient city of Knossos in Crete show that it was also utilized to make seals as early as 1800 BC.


Picture Jasper is a great stone to keep you grounded and connected to the earth. It has amazing healing properties and will help you in getting rid of all the negative energies from your system. This stone helps you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Picture Jasper will be a great aid throughout your stressful moments, bringing you the peace you need to be strong and standing. It will assist you in recognizing and overcoming your insecurities. It will absorb whatever negative energy you come into contact with or encounter, and it will provide you with the strength to deal with your problems. It will attract your interest and assist you in turning your thoughts into reality.

Picture Jasper: Meanings, Powers and Crystal Properties