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Pink Tourmaline Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Tourmaline crystals are extremely popular with collectors and crystal healers. The beauty of Tourmalines is that they come in a myriad of shades and hues, each one bringing beauty and versatility.

One of the most prized as well as expensive members of the tourmaline family is the Pink Tourmaline. It is also a beautiful and gentle healing stone whose soft colors offer balance to heart. It is while nourishing you on an intimate level.

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Pink Tourmaline Meaning and Symbolism

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful pink crystal that stands for love and friendship. It helps heal hurt feelings and makes your heart feel happy. Imagine it like a magic eraser for sadness! It can even help you understand things that happened in the past so you can feel better today.

Pink Tourmaline Legends and History

Tourmaline has been adorned since medieval times. But it wasn't until the late 1800s when the luxury jewelry Maison Tiffany and Co. propelled its demand as well as popularity.

It has also often been mistaken for ruby throughout history.

In fact, the red gems found within the Russian crown jewels are not ruby but deep pink tourmaline crystals.

Such cases of mistaken identity continued until scientists recognised tourmaline as a distinct mineral species in the 1800s.

An anecdotal story about this lovely pink gem revolves around the last empress of China- Tz’u Hsi.

On her demise, a pillow made of pink tourmaline was used to support her head. It is as it was her favorite crystal.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning as Birthstone

It is also a popular birthstone for the month of October, apart from Opal.

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers added it as another birthstone for October.

It is also the preferred gemstone for the 8th wedding anniversary, with its pink beautifully capturing the essence of your marriage.

Pink Tourmaline Symbolism

Super feminine as well as full of spark, it also embodies love and is associated with compassion and gentleness.

It is also a crystal aphrodisiac with energetic vibrations that encourage romance and passion.

Moreover, Representative of the kind of love that goes very deep, this stone helps to reach out to the universe.

It also infuses your aura with the energies of love and kindness as you surrender to divine love.

The stone has a reputation for attracting kind thoughts and helps win affection, trust, as well as prestige.

The redder varieties also tend to inspire confidence, bravery, and honor.

It is a very positive crystal for those who work with it, bringing strength during any trials in one’s life.

It is also a beautifully supportive crystal for the renewal of love and healing old wounds.

This stone's calm and relaxing energy symbolizes the harmony of love as well as peace.

Moreover, wearing it turns one into a beacon of its loving energies, influencing others towards greater kindness as well as tolerance.

Pink Tourmaline Zodiac Sign

The astrological also influence of pink tourmaline comes from the planet of Venus as well as the zodiac constellation of Libra.

Venus and Mars rule the rubellite in all their different facets.

Venus also represents the goddess of love and harmony. She is the muse to artists in all their endeavors.

Mars is the warrior who is called to action.

Together they also help our creativity to be manifested on the earthly plane.

They also help us through difficult times in our relationships.

It is also allocated to the Sagittarians. This is because they have the rusty-pink Mars as their mutable planet, and the metallic elements causing the tint are formed in correspondingly cool temperatures.

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Mystical Powers of Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline possesses unique electrical properties. When heated or rubbed, it develops a positive charge on one end and a negative charge on the other. This polarity is believed to neutralize negative energy and channel beneficial electrical energy for healing purposes.

Additionally, pink tourmaline is a powerful tool for past-life healing. It helps release deeply ingrained negative patterns from previous lives, allowing for greater spiritual growth and release from old baggage.

By helping you see your soul contracts as well as karmic patterns, you can also choose to make changes on your soul’s path.

Pink tourmaline also appeals to the fae and also helps you communicate with the angelic fairies.

It provides insight, enlivens imagination, as well as attracts inspiration.

Symbolism Powers
SYMBOLISM Courage, Revitalization, Health
MYSTICAL POWERS Higher consciousness, past life healing, piezoelectric
HEALING POWERS Also unblocks energy, positivity, physical strength, self-confidence.

How To Wear Pink Tourmaline Jewelry?

Pink tourmaline is also sought after and highly popular as cut gemstone jewelry.

Its soft colors lend themselves to use in jewelry, making them even more accessible to serve humanity.

Carrying a pink tourmaline can also give you a sense of joy and relaxation.

Beautiful rubellite tourmalines are often seen in contemporary jewelry and look fantastic when set with diamonds.

The Mohs hardness of pink tourmaline is 7-7.5, making it sufficient enough for a ring as well as resistant to daily wear.

Speaking of clarity, we can also find transparent crystals with exceptional clarity to large opaque crystals.

  • Wear a pink tourmaline necklace over the heart to heal the pain that is stored there.
  • This heart-opening stone is wonderful to wear in a wedding ring or band.

It also helps to release anxiety or depression and promote peace.

  • Wearing pink tourmaline over the thymus chakra will help attract new romance, others will be warm to you, and all aspects of love will be favorable.

Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties and Benefits

  • Energizes and also detoxifies the whole body.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Also, regulates metabolism.
  • Steadies the heart.
  • Assists with heart attack recovery.
  • Helps heal gynecological conditions.
  • Eases skin disorders and rejuvenates skin.
  • Relieves muscle spasms and weakness.
  • Also, effective for chronic lung complaints.
  • Relieves chills, coughs as well as colds.
  • Balance brain biochemistry and also help promote a balanced mental state.

Emotional Healing

Pink tourmaline's soothing and compassionate energy makes it an excellent companion for those in need of emotional support.

It also strengthens the emotional body, and helps one feel safe and protected.

Pink tourmaline also clears emotional debris on a DNA level.

It also relieve stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and rekindles one's passions.

It also promotes the peace and relaxation needed to alchemize destructive feelings, thereby restoring our beliefs in kindness and happiness.

This stone's positive, feminine energy remedies past blockages that may be holding you back and transforms the fear that blocks the free expression of the heart.

With its soft touch, pink tourmaline melts away feelings of doubt and replaces them with trust.

Spiritual Healing

Pink tourmaline has also many positive attributes in the spiritual healing realm.

It is most important for spiritual work and symbolizes compassion, warmth, and empathy.

This crystal is a female balancer that helps you accept devotion and receive universal gifts.

If you are feeling the aches of spiritual growth and ascension, allow this stone to share and reconfirm the commitment of the universal forces of unconditional love and oneness.

The soft, cool color of this stone draws in strong and loving energy to us in the physical and spiritual realms.

Use pink tourmaline for channeling from higher planes, especially wise teachers who have chosen to work with humankind from the spirit world.

As a receptive stone, pink tourmaline promotes spirituality, wisdom and contemplation.

It also improves communication across the various levels of functions in the human body, connecting spirit, soul, and mind in a single harmonious whole.

Carrying this stone will also refresh and cleanse your etheric body, even in the presence of destructive energies.

Healing Benefits

  • Pink tourmaline encourages creativity and survival skills.
  • It generates profound relaxation.
  • Brings inner peace and security.
  • Brings an influx of joy and happiness to your life.
  • Aids great communication.
  • Good for vitality and fertility.
  • It can transform the feeling of numbness into a renewed passion.
  • Helps with motion sickness and sleep issues.
Healing Properties Metaphysical Properties
PHYSICAL CONDITIONS Nervous system, detoxification, blood circulation
EMOTIONAL CONDITIONS Relieves stress, anxiety, Promotes peace, relaxation
SPIRITUAL PURPOSES Spiritual growth, Contemplation, Etheric cleansing

Pink Tourmaline at Home

Pink tourmaline is an ideal stone to place in the bedroom of your home, as it is a crystal aphrodisiac that encourages sexual pleasure.

Pink tourmaline is a good earth booster for the west sector of your home.

It can also be kept in the family room to promote harmonious family life and healthy expression of love.

It also unleashes creativity and fertility.

At Work

Pink tourmaline is your most useful ally in the workspace.

It increases self confidence so that we are able to open ourselves.

This crystal is good for tactfulness and helps bring a diplomatic approach to any situation.

It will help you to make difficult decisions or deliver bad news with compassion.

For those who often need to work with the public, pink tourmaline helps spread personal charm and strengthen leadership quality, attracting more popularity and support.

Place the stone in the northwest area of your office to attract the right kind of people, ideas, and opportunities to help you succeed.

People and Relationships

As a symbol of dedication and devotion, the pink tourmaline is instrumental in attracting love and romance.

It helps you love yourself, first and foremost and inspires others to love you too.

For those who are in love, giving each other this stone is a good way to express their pure emotions for each other.

The crystal bestows you with harmonious feelings, enriches your sex life, and promotes compassion and true love.

This pretty crystal is an excellent one to use in a relationship that is going through a difficult period because it heals hurt, deflects quarrels, and lends mutual understanding.

It also can re-inspire and re-heal our hearts to trust in love again.

For Children

Pink tourmaline is also known to be a gentle calming stone for children who are sensitive to this world.

Its calming as well as balancing energies may be useful for children who have insomnia.

This crystal heals early childhood abuses and helps us trust and love again with childlike innocence.

It is also helpful for girls and boys approaching puberty.

ForPeople dealing with Trauma and Crisis

Supportive and healing, pink tourmaline is said to conjure patience and compassion in the face of adversity.

It helps release all bad stuff, leaving you open for the good things to fit in.

This stone helps people who are anxious, afraid, or nervous.

It helps to speak from the heart to clear old pain, relieving sorrow and grief, so we feel comfortable with ourselves.

Pink tourmaline contains lithium, a known antidepressant.

This aids in the healing of stress, anxiety, and trauma and guides those emotions into self- love.

Pink Tourmaline Gem Water

Gem elixirs are an effective way of interacting with the crystalline energy of stones.

Pink tourmaline makes excellent elixirs.

Water emphasizes its healing qualities and makes it more effective.

Pink tourmaline elixir can relieve symptoms of menopause and also promotes feelings of love.

It is also supportive in pregnancy.

Pink Tourmaline Shapes and Forms

Pink tourmaline is a trigonal (hexagonal) crystal.

It forms vertically striated prismatic rough crystals that typically occur in small clusters.

It can also occur in compact or massive habits.

Shorter, more tabular crystals may also occur.

Pink tourmaline freeforms help cleanse the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds.

Pink tourmaline spheres hold a sense of oneness, wholeness, and completion.

They help you embody connectedness and balance all around you.

Pink tourmaline wands (long, thin crystals) are prized tools for healing and magick.

They may be used in jewelry without polishing because of their natural beauty.

Pink tourmaline palm stones create a powerful connection with the energy of the crystal for calming and loving vibes. They are amazing for mediation work.

Cut slices of pink tourmaline come in beautiful and unique color combinations.

These make lovely earrings and pendants.

What Chakra Is Pink Tourmaline?

A stone of compassion, pink tourmaline activates the universal center of love and healing- the Heart chakra.

It also connects the heart chakra to the crown chakra, filling the soul with divine love.

Place this stone over the heart chakra to disperse emotional pain and increase receptivity to pleasure.

Any negativity is dispelled as the chakra is cleansed to bring you serenity and romantic energy.

Pink tourmaline resonates with the feminine yin aspect of the heart chakra.

As a healer, it communicates joy and reminds you it is safe to love again after a trauma or heartbreak

Pink Tourmaline Physical Properties

Overview of Physical Properties
Origin Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria, Madagascar, Afghanistan,
Names Used Rubellite
Is it Mineral? Yes
Occurrence Easily available
Mohs Hardness scale 7-7.5
Colors Pink, Red
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Tenacity Brittle
Cleavage Absent
Refractive Index 1.62-1.64
Specific Gravity 3.1-3.25
Diaphaneity (Transparency) Transparent to translucent
Chemical Composition Lithium, Aluminum, Sodium
Crystal System Trigonal

Is Pink Tourmaline a Protection Stone?

Pink tourmaline serves as a grounding stone that provides a protective shield around the body, and brings a feeling of safety and comfort.

It is an effective block against negative energies of all kinds, including psychic and EMF protection.

This stone casts an aura of protection around the women using them.

When the women using pink tourmaline are the most vulnerable, the stone’s circle of protection is at its strongest.

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Grid

Pink tourmaline health crystal grid will aid your health physically and spiritually.

Its healthy energy flow will attract energies that will help you feel rejuvenated and strong.

Place the pink tourmaline crystal in the middle of a pentagon grid, along with aventurine, at each corner of the pentagon.

The pink rays of tourmaline will bring the passion you need to keep your body healthy.

As you focus on the grid, you will notice how your physical and spiritual energies are as vibrant and energized as ever.

In a crystal body layout, place it on the heart chakra for emotional healing and assist with releasing past abuse and negative attachments.

Pink tourmaline and Feng Shui

Home harmony is a cornerstone of personal peace- and Feng Shui- the ancient Chinese art of placement, focuses on balance and Chi energy in the home.

Using a pink tourmaline, you can also create a wonderful environment.

  • The Southwest corner of your house is usually bright and is a crucial area to work on if you want harmonious love relationships.
  • Placing a piece of pink tourmaline here helps generate tolerance and make relationships more enduring.
  • Place this crystal next to your bed to attract love or reignite the romance.
  • Keeping this pink gem in the bedroom or family room dissolves emotional and mental energies that do not resonate in harmony with the frequency of love.

This clears away energetic clutter as well as attachments that may interfere with romance and relationships.

Best Crystals To Combine with Pink Tourmaline

Color: Pink tourmaline can be combined with other pink crystals like Rhodochrosite, Pink Spinel, Pink Calcite, and Rose Quartz.

Chakra: This stone also works well with most heart based stones: Rose Jade, Rose Coral, Kunzite, Pink Opal, Rhodonite, and Dolomite.

Crystal Family: Pink tourmaline can also be combined with its mineral cousins, Watermelon tourmaline, Black tourmaline, Green tourmaline, Blue tourmaline and Dravite.

Element: As the ruling element of pink tourmaline is water, it can also be paired with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Obsidian, Peridot, and Zircon.

Purpose: Combine it with Black tourmaline or Onyx for emotional protection.

Pink Tourmaline and Meditation

Meditating with pink tourmaline is also a powerful way to reap its many healing benefits.

It also helps release emotional stress or negative attachments that no longer serve you.

Here’s how you can meditate with this stone:

  1. Find a calm place to meditate and hold this crystal in your hand.
  2. Then place it over the heart, close your eyes, and breathe through the heart space.
  3. Repeat the mantra- I am loved, I am worthy, I am capable.
  4. Allow this crystal healing energy to directly absorb into your heart space.
  5. Focus on the sensation of confidence and joy radiating from your heart as the feelings surround your whole body.
  6. Then slowly come back into the room.
  7. Ground yourself by putting down your root deep into the earth, visualizing your connection to the earth's center, and standing up as well as stamping your feet.

How To Cleanse and Charge Pink Tourmaline

It also needs to be cleansed of any negative energy that it might have picked up from others on its long route from the depths of the earth to your home.

Depending on your personal preference, there are a multitude of ways in which you can care for as well as cleanse this crystal.

To clean the stone physically, you also need to gently wash it in warm, soapy water and pat dry with a clean cloth. Using a soft brush, remove the dirt from its surface.

Water- The stone can also be recharged by immersing it in clear mineral water.

Hold the crystal under water for several seconds. You can also run it under tap water, soak it in a glass bowl, or place it in a mesh bag in a running stream.

Light- The moon also provides calming energies.

Place the stone under the moonlight and let it recharge in the lunar energies of the full moon.

However, prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

Smudging- You can smudge pink tourmaline in incense smoke or sage.

Take a sage wand and light the end with a match, letting it burn for a short time.

After blowing out the flame, fan the smoke with a feather or your hand over the crystal.

Move the sage wand in a clockwise direction as you smudge.

Singing Bowls - Singing bowls can also be a good way to cleanse.

Place the crystal in a singing bowl and also allow the musical vibration to replace negative energy with positive.

Amethyst Geode: If you have a large amethyst quartz geode. You can also put the stone on it overnight to purify and rejuvenate it.

Programming: To charge or program a pink tourmaline with your energy. Place the stone in the palm of your power hand and concentrate on the goal. It is also visualizing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hand into the stone.

Affirm your positive intentions and send them telepathically into its structure.

How Did Pink Tourmaline Get Its Name?

The name ‘Tourmaline’ also comes from the ancient Sinhalese word ‘Turmali’, which means ‘stone with mixed colors.’

It is also called rubellite, from the Latin word ‘rubellus’ meaning reddish.

Where Is Pink Tourmaline Found?

This stone can also be found in many locations across the globe.

Moreover, rich deposits have been mined in Mozambique, Nigeria, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the U.S states of California as well as well as Maine.

But the highest quality pieces are from Brazil and Namibia.

How Is Pink Tourmaline Formed?

It is also formed within veins of rock from molten magma of volcanoes.

When the magma cools, it develops cracks or voids that fill with water and minerals such as iron, lithium, or manganese, crystallizing and forming tourmaline.

What is the Color Energy of Pink Tourmaline?

Moreover, the color of pink tourmaline is caused by manganese, and ranges from hot pink to magenta.

The pink color also carries has robust and invigorating energy and is nurturing, supportive and full of universal love.

Furthermore, pink is usually considered a love energy color.

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Pink crystals are also powerful conduits of love as well as romance.

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While this can all be applied to our relationship with others, it is even more potent with the self.

Rubellite’s color frequency resonates powerfully at the thymus center and is therefore effective in balancing physical, emotional, and mental stress.

It also unblocks sluggish root centers, allowing the life forces to flow freely.


Moreover, Pink tourmaline attracts love in both the material and spiritual world.

It brings the most important kind of love of all- for yourself.

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Though it is becoming increasingly rare and expensive, it is an influential crystal companion to add to your collection.

Finally, Use it as an endorsement towards enlightenment. It is fusing all aspects of love together with its pink light of compassion, tenderness, healing and harmony.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses