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Pisces Birthstone Discover About The Phenomenal One

The twelfth sign of the zodiac is no other than the wonderful Pisces. Those born between February 19th and March 20th belong to this sign.

Pisces has the ruling planet of Neptune, and it is a water sign. Therefore, Pisceans feel a certain closeness to the water, and their symbol is the fish.

Each zodiac sign has a birthstone, and each one carries different meanings and qualities. It is said that each birthstone reflects qualities in people that are born in that month.

Early astrologers believed that each gemstone could bring healing powers and protection against evil people, for those born in that particular month, hence why they are still referred to as birthstones.

This article is going to be discussing the Pisces zodiac sign, covering all the different birthstones associated with it, as well as the characteristics of Pisceans, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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The Sign Of The Fish

The Pisces water sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbol represents the division of attention that Pisceans are constantly experiencing - fantasy and reality.

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign, the final sign, meaning it has absorbed all the lessons from the previous eleven signs.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

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This makes them the most empathetic, compassionate, and psychic members of the astrological wheel.

This makes them very sensitive souls, who can easily feel engulfed by their emotions and must remember to try and stay grounded.

The water signs tend to be the most easy-going of all the zodiac signs, and they have a sweet sense of intuition, meaning that Pisceans are likely to have lovely relationships with others in life.

They are also very imaginative and creative, making wonderful artists and musicians.

As they are ruled by Neptune, the body that governs dreams and creativity, Pisceans love exploring their endless and creative imaginations. Neptunian energy matches that of the ocean, it is mysterious, magical, yet often scary.

As mentioned earlier, Pisceans can let the weight of their emotions build heavy on them, giving them a tendency to experience sadness and get lost in victimhood.

As a result of this, they can lose sight of the tremendous inner strength and courage they have.

Because of this, Pisceans benefit from zodiac crystals that will bring out this inner strength, reminding them of their confidence and encouraging them to use their voice, so others don’t overstep their mark with them.

Pisces Birthstone Discover About The Phenomenal One

Pisces Birthstone

As a sign that is powered by pure emotion, they’ll benefit from water stones, blue stones, and other stones that will ground them, reminding them of their strength. As nurturers, they need stones that will help them stand firm in their own power.

They would also benefit from unblocking their throat chakra, making them more confident to speak up for what they believe in and stand up for themselves.

Unblocking their base chakras will also be of great use, as that is what will keep them grounded.

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Below are some stones that are associated with the Pisces zodiac sign.


As the Pisces sign belongs to those born during February 19th and March 20th, then the Pisces birthstone, Amethyst, is the first on the list.

Image by …♡… from Pixabay

It is a purple variation of the quartz and is a very spiritual stone that can help those who want to unblock their crown chakra, helping them connect to a higher power.

Ancient civilizations have benefited from this crystal since 25,000 BC, being drawn to its healing powers in people such as the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ‘Amethystos’ which translates to ‘not intoxicated’.

The Greeks used to believe that using the Amethyst crystal would protect them from being intoxicated and would prevent them from falling down drunk.

As Pisceans are well-connected with their spiritual side, Amethyst can aid in this, helping to solidify that relationship.

It is also a stone that holds significant value in calming and healing energy, which can benefit Pisceans when they are experiencing anxiety and overwhelm from too much emotion.

Aquamarine - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

Aquamarine is the birthstone that belongs to those born in the month of March. It is a cool-headed, free-flowing stone that can help those Pisceans flow fluidly through life, rather than staying stuck in one spot, as they often can.

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

This stone also strengthens the throat chakra, which will help Pisceans speak out and let their voice be heard.

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Aquamarine also promotes creativity, courage, hope, and self-expression, all aspects that can really resonate with the Pisces zodiac sign.

This stone can also help pregnant women, protecting them and their babies from any harm.

This crystal is known as the mermaid stone and is thought of as the ocean in crystal form. It is thought that sea merchants would keep Aquamarine on them, in their pockets when out at sea, to protect them from the fear of drowning.

The Egyptians also valued this stone, using it as a symbol of happiness.

Ancient Greek Mythology has written that Aquamarine washed up on the shore, from the treasure chests of the sirens, linking this stone directly to the mysterious waters.

Aquamarine is said to have wonderful healing properties, and as our human bodies are made from 70% water, it is no surprise that this ocean stone can provide us with an array of benefits when in our possession.

Red Jasper - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

Red Jasper is another stone that really resonates with the Pisces sign. This crystal is one that will really strengthen that base chakra, helping you stay grounded.

Image by Nat from Pixabay

As Pisceans are carried by water, they are regularly floating away, and need earthy, or fire stones to bring them back to reality and help keep them grounded.

This crystal also has some tremendous protective powers, helping to keep those trusting Pisces safe from anyone who would try to take advantage of their sweet, kind souls.

Despite its fiery essence, this stone is known as a nurturer, providing a deep and warm comfort in times when you require it most. It will feed back to you your own inner power, helping your mind and body re-energize.

Some variations of the Red Jasper can have an orange glow, while others can be as red as bricks. This is due to the high levels of iron that are in this stone, which is what makes this stone give off such grounding vibrations.

These vibrations are also because this stone is full of memories of the earth’s core, further adding to its grounding nature.

Ruby - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

Another fiery stone that all Pisces individuals need is the Ruby. As it is a fire stone, it works well to balance out the water elements, making sure that Pisceans have a good amount of inner fire within them, ready to use it against anyone willing to take advantage.

Image by 杰杰 张 from Pixabay

The Ruby also works to balance the heart, helping those who require it get a pang of self-confidence, something that really is beneficial to Pisces.

The Ruby has been highly thought of by the Hindus, being the crystal in the highest position in the order of gems. It was named the ‘King of Gems’ due to the blood-red color, and its intensity was thought to protect those who wear it from evil.

Back in the days of Yore, these gems were worn by warrior chiefs, kings, and political rulers, as they were known for strengthening leadership skills and decision-making.

This is a notion that would really benefit those who belong to the Pisces sign, and they are constantly torn in two and can sometimes find it hard to make decisions.

Jade - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

This stone has some gorgeous shades of green and is a very spiritual crystal. It is connected to the heart chakra and really appeals to the side of Pisces that loves deeply, and trusts with all that they have.

Image by zhangyu5_18 from Pixabay

This stone brings about health, harmony, and prosperity, along with an uplifting joy that will lift the spirits of any serious Pisceans.

Jade will also give you a boost and some courage to let go of any people-pleasing habits that you are adopting, something that is very common with the Pisces sign. It will also help you stand strong on your own two feet, encouraging independence.

This crystal has been a part of the world for thousands of years, used in tribes and towns all over the globe. In Spain, the gem was known as ‘Piedra de Hijada’, which means ‘Stone of the Loin’ and could be in reference to its healing properties for the bladder and kidneys.

Ancient cultures believed that Jade was a dream stone, known for its metaphysical magic, and occasionally used for emotional healing, and connecting with higher realms.

Nowadays, Jade is used as a symbol of good luck, peace, and well-being.

Bloodstone - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

Bloodstone is usually dark green with some bright red markings scattered on its surface. It is known for being a warrior crystal, helping all Pisceans find their inner strength, confidence, and power.

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Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

As was stated earlier, Pisceans can drown themselves in their own victimhood, repeatedly dwelling on past stories and bad moments they have experienced.

This crystal will help people move on and let go of their past, mapping out a positive future where they are a warrior, able to withstand anything that comes their way.

As Pisces people can also tend to be a little dreamy, the Bloodstone can help keep them grounded when they need to be.

This crystal can help your body feel empowered, making the blood pump around your body, ready to take on anything life throws at you.

In the Middle Ages, it was thought that the Bloodstone was formed from Christ’s blood. Thinking that the red spots on the surface were spots from his blood, during the Crucifixion.

Therefore, a belief that this stone is sent to earth, to remind people of the sacrifice that took place. It gives off vibrations of strength to those who need it.

Lapis Lazuli - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

This is a stone for those Pisces who really want to delve in deep into their spiritual side. Lapis Lazuli is known for having a connection to the third eye chakra. It enhances the wisdom and intuition of those who use it.

Image by Eugenio Cuppone from Pixabay

If your third eye chakra have block, it could lead to loss of concentration, inability to connect, and frustration. By using this crystal, it will awaken this chakra, enabling you to focus, and see clearly.

Another strength of this stone is its connection to the throat chakra. Therefore, like other stones on this list, the Lapis Lazuli will help those Pisceans who struggle with confidence. They will have a voice, and speak up for what they believe.

This stone will tap into their inner voice, making them feel heard.

Delving into its origins, the Ancient Egyptians not only used it as a jewel. But it would also be ground into eyeshadows and elixirs, for its beautiful blue color.

In Islam, it was a stone that was used to protect people from the evil eye. And Buddhists also used it as a healing energy to achieve inner peace.

It is a stone that show people deep, inner truths, revealing the magic of one’s own mighty will. It encourages self-expression and encourages bonding relationships, forging close friendships with those who are true to you.

Fluorite - Associated With Pisces Birthstone

This is a bright stone, that also has a strong connection with the spiritual world. The Rainbow Fluorite pairs well with the easygoing water energy that guides Pisces into a healing state.

Image by Jasmin777 from Pixabay

Fluorite promotes a positive mindset. It works wonders on those Pisceans who find themselves in a rut of negative thinking and sadness.

It also carries meanings of confidence, self-love, and direction, all aspects that Pisceans would benefit from.

This stone is originally found in the Tropics of Mexico and Brazil. Therefore making it no surprise that it brings about sun-like energy to those who use it.

The word Fluorite comes from the Latin word ‘flux’. It refers to this crystal’s ability to flow in harmony with other gems. It resonates with the overall mood of this stone, enabling the user to feel balance and joy in their life.

How To Use These Stones

There are various ways you can use these stones. These crystals are known to carry vibrations that have harmonizing energy.

These vibrations then synchronize with our own. And our unique vibrations will take on the qualities of the crystal, smoothing everything out.

Direct healing will take place, especially when the crystal comes in direct contact with your skin. You can wear them like a necklace around your neck. Or roll a stone in the palm of your hand, or even just have them close to where you sleep.

No matter what method you use, having these crystals close to you, will keep you fine-tuned and in balance. It will help you live your life to the fullest.

How To Cleanse Stones And Jewelry

Cleaning your crystals and ridding them of any dust is not the only thing you must do. There are other things you need to do to keep them working at their full potential. You also need to re-charge them, getting rid of the negative energy they may have absorbed from you.

You can use the rain to cleanse them with water or soak them in a bowl of tepid saltwater.

Furthermore, you can also put them outside, or on a windowsill that has access to a full moon. For this will recharge them, ready to take on any vibrations they need to balance out.

Smudging them with a sage stick is also a great way to cleanse them from their energy. But if you don’t have one, you could use a candle.

Burying them underground for around 24 hours will also allow the earth to absorb any unwanted energy from them. It will help them to recharge, ready for use again.

You can also use a cleansing crystal. Selenite works well for absorbing unwanted energy, as do quartz stones.

Pisces Gemstones and Crystals

Final Thoughts

To conclude, those who are part of the Pisces zodiac sign are full of love and compassion. And due to them being the twelfth and last of the zodiac signs, they are full of wisdom. Having learned many lessons, passing them onto those who look up to them.

While they are full of positive and loving emotions, their sensitive side can often get the better of them. Therefore making them feel overwhelmed and weighed down by all their feelings.

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They may also have the tendency to repeatedly dwell on any negative experiences. And so as mentioned before, they can victimize themselves a lot, rather than push themselves forward.

Therefore, the Pisces birthstone are all beneficial to Pisceans in their own way. And with many providing them with an inner confidence and the ability to speak their minds.

With all that being said, Pisceans are beautiful individuals. They have deep and meaningful souls who love deeply, trust easily, and care endlessly about those dear to them.

If you’ve got someone in your life that is Pisces, show them extra love, as they truly deserve it.

Pisces Birthstone Discover About The Phenomenal One