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Powerful Gemstones That Pisces' Must Have

Pisces is all about going with the flow and diving in deep. They are some of the most easy-going people out there. But, they also feel emotions very deeply and need to find ways to channel that emotion outwards.

Some Pisces channel their emotions into their work, their art, or music. Others find help through the power of healing crystals.

They can be use in giving Pisces a voice when things get too much. Or use them to help by neutralizing negative energies that were previously weighing down their hearts.

So, as a Pisces, you will probably be looking for some useful healing crystals or gemstones to do just that - help neutralize negative energy and empower you.

But with so many different kinds of gemstones and crystals out there? Or how can you know which ones are the best for you?

That’s where we step in - here are some of our favorite gemstones that work great for Pisces. Plus some handy information about using these crystals. So, let’s make like a fish and dive in!

About Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. It is making them last in the cycle before it starts again with the Aries sign. They apply to those born under the constellation of Pisces between the dates February 19th and March 20th.

This zodiac sign is symbolizing the image of two fish swimming side by side in opposite directions. The fish are identical and parallel, representing the duality of the Pisces personality.

The symbol of two fish have a few different origins in Greek mythology.

One source suggests that the fish represent Aphrodite and her son Eros who transformed into fish to escape the monster Typhon. While, other sources say the fish represent the marine mythical creatures that helped Aphrodite with her birth as she emerged from the sea.

Either way - there is a clear connection between Pisces and the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Pisces are renowned for their deep emotions and ability to feel a lot of empathy for others. It is making them some of the most romantic individuals in the world.

They are also very sensitive which makes it easy to overwhelm a Pisces with emotion.

Pisces are also very fluid and adaptable, which is perfectly represents their connection to water and the ocean. Their element is water, which is related to healing and creativity, which fits the personality of Pisces perfectly.

Also, their ruling planet is Neptune, which is named after the Roman god of the sea. Neptune as a ruling planet characterizes mercy and kindness. This makes Pisces very compassionate individuals who find it easy to forgive.

Image by TessaMannonen from Pixabay

This goes to show how easy-going Pisces are, but this does leave them vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

Some recurring issues and problems faced by Pisces is their naivety and sense of martyrdom. Their sensitivity makes them very easy to upset or offend. Which can create a cycle of victimhood that gets old very quickly.

However, they are quick to forgive but this could mean that their willingness to move on from upsets could lead to others taking advantage of their good nature. It is pushing boundaries because they know that the Piscean will only forgive them later anyway.

Pisces are definitely a ‘go with the flow’ type of personality. But, their willingness to just forgive misgivings quickly means that they will often just let things slide without the real problem being resolved - leading to further upset later down the line.

Powerful Gemstones That Pisces' Must Have

Birthstones And Crystals

Pisces are emotional beings. They cry and laugh in equal amounts and on a far more extreme scale than other zodiac signs. All of these emotions need an outlet.

Some Pisces invest their emotions in their hobbies like art or poetry. And others turn to music and others use crystals or gemstones.

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The best kind of gemstones for Pisces are the ones that can calm and soothe emotions. It is draining the negative energy away from the Piscean and into itself.

Because of this, Pisces use a lot of gemstones, constantly filling one up while another is recharging.

So, you will definitely need a gemstone that can take a lot in so you can relieve yourself of those powerful emotions that just won’t let your heart rest.

Grounding gemstones that work to clear your base chakra are also a great way to help out a Piscean so they don’t get swept away with all the drama of their emotions.

However, Pisces can also benefit from stones that offer strength and courage as it gives Pisces the ability to put their foot down to those taking advantage of their forgiving nature.

When it’s time to put an end to letting things slide and cause a change in behavior, a Pisces can use a gemstone to help support them through that process - whether it’s demanding an apology or setting up boundaries with firm consequences.

A great gemstone to help with this would be a gemstone that helps unblock their throat chakra, allowing for more clear communication when faced with possibilities of conflict.

While birthstones are always the go-to when it comes to finding the right gemstones for each zodiac sign, they are not the only options available.

Pisces are always born in either February or March, making their birthstones amethyst and aquamarine respectively, but there are always more gemstones available to help unblock certain chakras.

Let’s take a look at what gemstones are available to Pisces in need of some spiritual healing!


There’s no arguing that aquamarine is the ideal gemstone for Pisces. There are so many parallels between the two - both are links to Greek mythology, magical and have strong connections to the ocean and water.

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

Aquamarine is the gemstone that is all about going with the flow, cooling tempers and soothing wounds.

Just one look at this bright blue, dazzling gemstone is sure to immediately start easing your worries and strife. It encourages fluidity, encouraging positive moods while neutralizing negative energies.

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This ocean gemstone is also great for strengthening your throat chakra, improving your communication so you can step up and let your voice be heard.

So, if you are a Pisces who plans on setting stricter boundaries to save yourself more emotional turmoil, this is the ideal gemstone to get a hold of.

Aquamarine is relatively easy to find in the form of jewelry because it is the birthstone for those born in March. So, you can easily get your hands on some aquamarine quickly and when you need it the most.


Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February so it is a gemstone that instantly appeals to a lot of Pisces out there.

Image by Jasmin777 from Pixabay

As amethyst is one of the most spiritual gemstones available, it works great for strengthening your crown chakra to help connect Pisces with their spiritual side.

Another great feature of significance from amethyst is that it helps to nurture relationships and strengthen the bonds between people.

So, if you are a Pisces who is feeling hurt and dejected, amethyst can help you grow closer to the people who will care and support you when you need it the most.

In turn, it can also help Pisces provide support for others.

Being empathetic souls, Pisces can pick up on other people’s emotions just as easily as they understand their own, allowing them to be able to read others and provide guidance even when another may try to suppress their own feelings.

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But the most important feature of amethyst is how calming and healing the energy radiated from this violet gemstone.

When a Pisces is close to it, they can feel their soul soothed and becalmed after a violent fit of emotion, making it a great comfort gem for those who need it the most.


Pisces are creative souls, which makes jade an ideal precious stone for them to connect with and hold close to their bodies.

Image by Steven Yu from Pixabay

Jade is a green spirit stone that is rich in Asian history, and has often been used in art pieces and jewelry.

Some even believe that it brings luck as jade is a gemstone closely associates with prosperity and harmony, something that Pisces would definitely crave after feeling strongly emotional.

One of the many amazing qualities of jade is how it can uplift and ground a person simultaneously.

It’s opaque body and cool, firm texture will help you feel the earth beneath your feet, preventing you from being carried away by your emotions and losing yourself.

On the other hand, it’s delicately light green color and brightness can uplift your mood and instill a sense of optimism and happiness within your heart.

This is because jade is closely connects to the heart chakra, making it easy for this stone to open your heart and start to drain the negative emotions that reside there. This ability also compliments the empathic traits of Pisces who are easy to open up to and to trust.

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So, jade is proves to be a great stone for Pisceans to use for many different reasons. It’s uplifting yet grounding, trusting and compassionate while all inspiring creativity and tranquility.

It’s easy to see why this precious stone has been used and desired in Asia for centuries, and how it could be easily just as valuable to Pisceans all around the world.


Pisces are famous for their easy going nature and their ability to forgive almost anything. Which leaves them vulnerable to have their boundaries trampled, their opinions ignored, and their feelings crushed all because others know that they will forgive them for anything.

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Image by とおる 水原 from Pixabay

If a Pisces is not careful, they could be easily taken advantage of and ignored all because the offending party knows that they can go back to them at any time and be forgiven for their actions.

This is such harmful behavior and can leave a poor Pisces feeling unworthy and unloved. So, it’s time to set up some boundaries to demand respect from others and have your voice heard.

This requires a lot of courage and strength that a go-with-the-flow Piscean can struggle to find. So, a bloodstone is the ideal gemstone to help inspire such power to equip themselves with.

Bloodstones are powerful gems with a black surface speckles with red marks that can resemble blood droplets.

They were once carried by warriors into battle to inspire strength and courage - and so, Pisces can do the same when walking into a meeting to set things right.

It’s very easy to absorb the strength and power of a bloodstone which can allow a Pisces to believe that they can do anything. It is also great to use to help a Piscean overcome their martyrdom.

Sometimes, a Pisces needs to grow a thick skin and realize that their extreme empathy means that they can sometimes be very easy to offend when they should just let something go like water off a duck’s back.

There is a fine line between being too forgiving and too easily offended. But, this duality is perfectly representing the two fish in the symbol of Pisces. And it is down to the Pisces themselves to find the balance between the two.

A bloodstone can help with this as it lends its strength and power to those who need it. It is when it comes to conflict and despair.

This can help ground a dreamy Pisces who is at risk of being swept away in their own drama, allowing them to remain humble in the face of overreacting.

And so, a bloodstone is a must-have in the stone collection of Pisces everywhere.


Communication is something a lot of Pisces struggle with - whether it’s setting boundaries, apologizing for overreacting, or demanding a proper apology after an insult.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

Fluorite is just the healing stone that can help with this. It is a bright, multicolored healing stone that promotes harmonic relationships.

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It is also an ideal stone to use to help clear your throat chakra. Furthermore, It is allowing for clear communication to explain your feelings and desires.

This can help a Pisces find a more diplomatic solution to their issues. Rather than just letting horrible insults and behavior slide in order to keep the peace.

It’s a great middle ground between demanding an apology and the harmony-loving Piscean nature.

Plus, this gemstone is great for neutralizing negative emotions. This is helping you think and see clearly so you can head into difficult conversations with a clear voice and clear mind.

It is easy for a Piscean to drown in their own emotions. It is because of how powerful they feel them. So it’s important to use a stone like fluorite to help relieve those emotions to keep yourself together in tense situations.

Using And Cleansing Gemstones

There are many ways that a Piscean can use healing crystals and gemstones. But, the most effective way is by directly pressing the stone against your skin.

Image by Irina Gromovataya from Pixabay

This is because it makes it easier for the vibrations and energy of the stone to soak into your body, directly heading to your chakras to help cleanse them.

As Pisces are such emotional and empathetic people, they benefit greatly from using gemstones directly.

You can either wear them as jewelry so they are always close to your skin. Or you can use worry stones to pass from palm to palm in stressful situations.

Plus, a lot of the gemstones recommended for Pisces to use involve clearing your throat chakras. So necklaces or chokers that feature these stones are a great idea.

We also recommend that you carry some kind of amulet or talisman that feature these negative energy neutralizing traits. So, if you start to feel very emotional or upset while out on an errand. You have something with you to help you control your emotions.

Pisces tend to go through healing crystals and gemstones very quickly. And also, they can fill up a single gemstone with all of their negative energy fairly fast. So, it’s important to remember to cleanse the stones and recharge them. So you can get the most out of them .

To cleanse your stones, you can run them underwater or smudge them with some cleansing herbs like sage. This will help expel the negative energy from the stone and wash it all away.

Then, recharge your gemstone by either leaving it in sunlight, moonlight, soil or the presence of other quartz (which method depends on the stone itself).

After this, you can enjoy your newly recharged gemstone and use it in whichever way you desire!


Pisces are gentle, emotional people who move through life as smoothly as a fish does in water. They are a joy to be around due to their easy-going nature. It is making them great companions who will support you through nearly anything.

However, they tend to be quiet and can lead them to be easily overlooked of because everyone knows they’ll just let it go. No biggie, right?

Well, with the help of some of the above healing gemstones. Pisces no longer have to suffer in silence and can now step up and voice their opinions out loud.

By using these gemstones, they can unload some of their emotions. And also, set firm boundaries for themselves so they will never be taking advantage of again. You go, Pisces!

Powerful Pisces Birthstone

Powerful Gemstones That Pisces' Must Have