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Burn Some Sage - Everything You Need To Know About Sage Crystals

For centuries, crystals and gemstones have been useful in medicine and worship for their magical properties.

They contain special meaning and elemental powers that allow them to connect to the chakras of its wielders. This results to the promotion of spiritual healing and emotional support.

Each crystal has its own color that promotes specific energies and aims at certain chakras.

sage crystals

Sage crystals and gemstones have a certain green color that makes them very valuable to a lot of people. How can they help you - and which ones should you choose?

If you are in need of some special sage-colored crystals, then take a look at our favorite picks below to see which ones are right for you!

What Sage Crystals Can Do For You

Sage is a calming shade of green that is far more down to earth and humble than some other shades of green.

It still features the soft, soothing energy that all green gemstones do but it is better suited for promoting nature.

This is because sage is one of the most common shades of green found naturally in the world. From leaves, stems, stalks, and grass - sage green is all around us in the natural world. It is also the color of natural health and fertility.

Because of its connection to nature, sage is a calming color. This crystal can help you feel grounded and close to nature.

It can help you disconnect from the material and unnatural elements of this earth, like technology or materialism. This will allow you to get close to what really matters the most.

Sage crystals can be useful to remind you to ground yourself in reality. This can direct your focus to what you need to pay close attention to instead of getting mixed up in drama and nonsense that will only distract you from what really matters.

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Sage green is closely associated with the heart chakra as it inspires feelings of trust and hope. It is also a color that inspires luck and optimism but in a more balanced way than a color like gold or yellow would.

Sage green is a balanced color that can ground and uplift at the same time. This would happen even without splitting your attention into two.

Because of all this, sage green crystals and gemstones are ideal to promote healing.

It’s close connection to the heart chakra makes it a great stone to help improve your cardiovascular system.

This is because it can strengthen your heart and everything closely related to it, such as your respiratory system which features your lungs.

It is capable of giving you a breath of fresh air which will awaken and energize you. This can also help you fight off lethargy and illness. This will improve your strength and also ease the mind which can help mental illnesses related to anxiety.

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Sage green is a color of trust so it helps open your heart chakra up to shed its burdens. Over time, your heart will grow heavy and weary of all the negative energy it has built up.

Certain zodiac signs like Scorpios are infamous for such behavior as they prefer to bottle things up because they are afraid to show vulnerability.

Sage crystals and gemstones can help with this as its natural trusting aura can help heart chakras ease open and unleash its negative energy.

For those going through emotionally hard times, sage crystals and gemstones are a huge help. This absorption of negative energy and this natural trusting color can help inspire its wielders to build their own relationships and connections.

Because sage crystals are capable of uplifting and grounding at the same time, they can guide their wielders toward the relationships that require work but have great potential. This also allows them to cut off toxic people who only cause them pain. Work towards strengthening relationships with those they know they can trust.

Sage Crystals

Of course, the color green always points towards money and wealth but sage green is a little different. It has a close association with natural wealth like with luck and success. This can help you focus more on wealth in relationships and emotion rather than literal wealth.

It’s the color of abundance and fertility but in the area of plant life and childbirth instead of money. This is also the color of inspiration. So, those who are struggling with motivation and creativity can knock down their mental block and feel their passions renew.

Overall, sage crystals and gemstones can help out a lot when it comes to emotions and energy.

Unlike some green crystals and gemstones, it has a closer connection to nature. Connections rather than wealth and materialism, yet it still helps out in those fields too.

It has a close relation to the heart chakra. This makes many sage crystals aid in unblocking the chakra. It also improves the physical well-being of your most precious organ.

So - let’s take a look at some of the best sage crystals and gemstones that you can use for lots of different reasons!

Green Jade

Green jade is the go-to sage crystal because of many perfectly good reasons. It is one of the most historically important crystals out there with a reputation spanning centuries.

In the past, it was favored in many Asian countries. This was useful for many purposes including decoration, jewelry, and healing.

It naturally attracts prosperity and luck, making it the perfect stone to hold onto during events like weddings.

sage crystals

This crystal can help a new couple thrive and bring joy during such a special event. Blessing the couple with good health and success when it comes to building a happy home and family.

A lot of artists also use green jade for creative inspiration as it has historically been useful in art and decorations.

Placing pieces of jade in your workspace or studio can help the ideas flow. Overcoming any kind of block you have that leads to a renewed sense of passion for your hobby or work.

Whether it's art, poetry, sculpting or writing - green jade can help you get a new perspective to find creative success.

Green jade has been used in many different ways when it comes to spiritual and physical healing. It has been word, held and kept as a gemstone of positive energy to help bring luck and promote healing.

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One of the many powers of green jade is its ability to work as an extremely effective cleansing stone. It is best for purging toxins from the body in all kinds of organs and systems.

It can help fight infections as its cool touch can inspire a natural way to reduce fevers. This also encourage the body to help work all on its own.

Spiritually, jade can also cleanse the body of negative energy but pushing out thoughts and feelings that can drag you down emotionally.

Its natural sage color can cool irritated nerves, promote confidence, and strengthen natural positive emotions like love and compassion.

This is all because green jade is linked to the heart chakra, the source of love in our bodies. It strengthens it and cleanses it of impure energy, paving the way for more positive energies to take place there.

Because of its versatility, green jade is used by many in lots of different ways. Signs like Gemini, Aries, and Libra are naturally drawn to this sage-green stone. Especially on its ability to ground and uplift simultaneously.

People usually wear green jade as jewelry (necklaces are extremely effective as it places the jade close to the heart). It can also be carried around and placed in certain areas. This helps promote feelings of creativity, trust, and love where it is needed the most.


Peridot is the birthstone for August, so it automatically draws signs like Leo and Virgo towards it.

This crystal gemstone features a lighter shade of sage that inspires strong, positive emotions and energies in a more zestful way than powerful green gemstones like emeralds do.

It twinkles and sparkles like dewdrops on a fresh green leaf, making this crystal extremely vibrant and unashamed. It is reminiscent of new greenery, of spring shoots - the first signs of life after a long cold winter.

sage crystals

Similarly, peridot has the power to inspire such newness. Its energy can lift you out of a deep depressive mood. Inspiring new joys and passions that keep you alive and awake.

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Unlike most sage gemstones, peridot connects to all parts of your body including the mind and soul. It is giving your chakras a boost so they can fire themselves up and spring into action.

Peridot is the sage gemstone for those who want a natural boost of energy that inspires their motivations and interest in life.

It loosens the grip of anxieties and depression, leading its wielder out of the darkness and into the light. It not only heals the mind but also detoxes the body, inspiring growth and regeneration.

Thus, this is a great gemstone for new or expectant mothers to hang onto as they recover. Even if things did not go as planned, peridot will be there waiting for you when you are ready to move on and try again.

Peridot is the ideal gemstone for those who want a fresh start. Its bright, vibrant sage color improves moods and inspires regeneration. This can heal both physically and emotionally the pains of the past.

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It is the crystal for moving forward, for perseverance, and for beginnings. These make it a valuable crystal to keep in your collection.

Many people wear peridot as it is a birthstone and easily available in lots of forms of jewelry, but it can be a little brittle. You can always keep some small pieces safe to bring out when you need its healing properties such as in the form of a small amulet.

Green Quartz

This crystal is also sometimes known as prasiolite , but commonly, people just call it green quartz.

Quartz crystals are great amplifiers. They are capable of lasering in on the positive things and making them bigger for all to enjoy.

Green quartz works similarly as it can be useful to increase positive energies. This crystal also promotes emotions such as love and trust. It also promotes ideas of harmony and peace.

sage crystals

Its shade of sage is similar to mid-spring greenery as it is lush and full of life. Bold and solid, it clearly has a lot of ability when it comes to pushing out the negatives and highlighting the small yet happy things that often get drowned out in the drama.

For example, moving to a new place means leaving behind a lot of comforts. But, it also opens the door for new experiences and connections - which green quartz can help you look forward to.

When kept as a worry stone, green quartz can be in use to point your mind toward the positive things. This can allow you to keep an optimistic mindset.

It eases the heart's nerves and worries but amplifies the small yet very much present positive energies that promote excitement, love, and passion.


Serpentine is aptly named as the pattern of its surface is akin to a snake. Snakes are often given a bad reputation but they are nature’s creatures just like all other animals, including us.

They also have the unique ability to shed their skin, symbolizing new beginnings.

Because of this, serpentine is a great crystal to use when it comes to starting afresh. Whether it's moving to a new place, starting a new job or just ending an old unhealthy habit, serpentine is a stone to hold onto to embody its energy and inspire confidence.

sage crystals

Snakes are bold creatures that slip amongst the growth, feeling at home wherever they are. Serpentine can help inspire its wielder to feel similar emotions. Allowing them to feel brave and courageous so they can face what is ahead of them.

Alternatively, it also encourages its wielder to simply shrug off the negative energies just as easily as a snake sheds its skin.

So, rather than protecting you itself, serpentine encourages its wielder to be more active and use their own strength to protect themselves.

Serpentine is another great worry stone but it also works well when made using amulets and jewelry as this makes it easier to carry around.

This convenience makes it far easier to take with you during trying times, like during tests. This way you can embody the energy of snakes wherever you go.

Moss Agate

One of the most mystical crystals on our list is moss agate. Agate is popular for its versatility and many colors. But moss agate is the one closely connected to nature and magic.

Its color is a deep shade of sage with a tinge of blue, enhancing its mystery and magic. The color is reminiscent of thick patches of clover on a cool evening. This radiates energies that relate to freshness and cleansing.

Moss agate is the crystal to use for restoration and refreshment. It can help wash away tiredness and fatigue, replacing them with a far calmer yet awake feeling of energy.

sage crystals

While sage crystals like peridot awake and excite, moss agate awakens and soothes at the same time. This can help uplift and ground its wielders at the same time, bringing balance to their emotions.

It is closely related to the heart chakra and works against blockages to allow love to flow through as freely as blood.

This can help improve relationships, nurture friendships, and encourage new connections to grow and bloom like spring flowers.

Just as it works against blockages, moss agate also works against infections and disease by soothing inflammations and boosting your immune system. It is one of the best stones at promoting good physical health due to its deep connections with nature.

It’s nurturing nature makes it the ideal stone for Virgos, plus it works great when turned into jewelry like bracelets.

Because it is closely related to the heart, we recommend that you also wear moss agate around your neck so it can sit closely to your heart and do its best.


Sage crystals and gemstones are usually not ones to boast about power and physical wealth (they usually leave that job to their cousins like emeralds and malachite) but there is one deep sage crystal that embodies nature and natural divinity - seraphinite.

This crystal is deeply linked to mystical legends due to its original source being the Lake Baikal in Russia, where the lake is named after a legendary Buryat warrior who brought prosperity to his lands.

sage crystals

Seraphinite has a similar effect - it brings propensity, joy and spiritual energy that will shake and light your soul star chakra.

It is flecked with silver, making it appear almost soft to touch but it is cool and smooth just like any other crystal. It inspires divine thoughts and emotions, making it a great crystal to include during worship.

It's also fiercely protective, providing strength and working great to repel negative energies. This also makes it ideal for talismans and amulets to hold onto when things get tough.

Using Sage Crystals

So, now that you know which sage crystals and gemstones are ideal for you, it’s time to take a closer look at how to properly use them. Although we have given you some ideas already, let’s talk about the best ways to use sage crystals overall.

Ultimately, sage crystals and gemstones work best on the heart chakra so it’s ideal to make sure that you place your sage crystal as close to your heart as possible.

Direct skin contact is perfect as it allows the healing vibrations to work more effectively on your heart, allowing them to get through to the chakra quickly.

This means that if you are choosing to wear your sage crystal as jewelry, then a necklace is the best kind of jewelry to wear.

Worry stones are also great as they can be held against the skin and they are small enough to carry with you for quick meditation wherever you are.

Some sage crystals also work well when combined with other kinds of crystals that provide balance and promote healing.

The ideal gemstones to work with sage crystals would be soft pink crystals like rose quartz or morganite because both kinds of crystal works well with the heart chakra.

For extra grounding and protection, black crystals and gems like obsidian or onyx are great to combine with sage crystals.

This can protect those who are wary about opening up to others so they can use a sage crystal to strengthen their heart and protect themselves with a black crystal. This combination is ideal for Scorpios.

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And of course, there is clear quartz which works well with all kinds of crystals and helps amplify their power. So, if you want a stronger sage crystal that works quickly and effectively, combine it with a clear quartz to help enhance its power.

Finally, once your sage crystal or gemstone is completely full and worn from use, it’s time to cleanse them and recharge them. Just like you, they need emptying of negative energy in order to be able to function.

The best way to cleanse sage crystals is to use the plant sage itself for smudging. Its connection to nature and plant life complements the crystals incredibly well and helps the cleansing process be more effective.

For recharging, some sage crystals recharge better in sunlight than in moonlight or earth. Peridot is a lively crystal that requires sunlight while something like moss agate recharges more efficiently in the earth due to its connections to the ground.

Then, once your sage crystal is fully recharged, you can use it again and to inspire yourself with feelings of trust and positive energy.


Sage crystals are often underappreciated as some people prefer to go with the flashier, bolder green gemstones like emeralds but the more neutral and softer tones of sage crystals make them ideal for those who want to be instilled with confidence and power in a more natural way.

Sage crystals are closely connected to nature and so, they can help inspire luck and motivation when it comes to less materialistic and more emotional things like art and relationships.

Because of this, they are adored by those who find it hard to overcome blocks and open their hearts to others.

So, if you are looking for a new start, then pick up a few sage crystals and gemstones of your choice to try out!

Burn Some Sage - Everything You Need To Know About Sage Crystals