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14 Supportive Crystals For Addiction (With Pictures)

Crystals are often touted as a way to heal emotional wounds and addiction. Is this true? Are they really effective?

Crystals are natural stones that contain minerals and trace elements. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some crystals are believed to have healing properties, such as helping to relieve stress or anxiety.

A lot of people are known to suffer from addiction. The most common form of addiction is drug abuse. Drugs can be anything from alcohol to prescription medications.

So when you think of helping someone who has an addiction, crystals might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, crystals are very powerful when it comes to healing. There are many different types of crystals. Each type of crystal has its own purpose.

Crystals have been used to help with healing in many different cultures. So crystals are great for helping people overcome their addictions and stick to their sobriety.

If you are interested in which crystals you can use to help you overcome your addiction then you've come to the right place. We have created a list of the best crystals for addictions.

Image by Thomas from Pixabay

17 Crystals For Addiction

14 Supportive Crystals For Addiction


This stone helps to release negative energy. It also helps to bring balance into your life. Carnelian helps to clear out any negativity that may be affecting your health.

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This makes it a great crystal to use if you're struggling with depression.

Carnelian is known to help those who are struggling with marijuana addiction. It's said to help ease withdrawal symptoms. It can also help to reduce cravings.

This stone is able to give you the protection you need from the negative energy that might be making you struggle to overcome your addiction.

Image by Amy Moore from Pixabay

Black Onyx

Onyx is one of the hardest stones on earth. It’s a stone that will hold up against extreme pressure and heat. Black Onyx is excellent at absorbing negative energy.

If you feel like there is too much negative energy around you then black onyx could be just what you need. It can absorb all the negative energy that surrounds you and help you get rid of it.

Black Onyx helps to keep you focused through withdrawal. It can give you the support you need in order to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal.

Image by bastien rebattel from Pixabay


Amethyst is a calming stone. It helps to soothe emotions. Amethyst is good for anyone who is going through a difficult time. Also, it can help you find peace within yourself.

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It can help you deal with stress and anxiety. It can even help you to cope with grief.

Amethyst is good for anyone suffering from alcoholism. It helps to calm down feelings of anger and frustration. It can help you stay sober by giving you a sense of calmness.

When you are feeling anxious or stressed this stone can help to relax you and keep you from turning to alcohol.

Image by NatureFriend from Pixabay


Celestite is a grounding stone. It helps to ground you and keep you centered. Celestite is great for anyone who is struggling with addiction.

It can help to keep you grounded during times of emotional upheaval. It can help you remain positive and optimistic. This can also help you focus on the present moment instead of dwelling on past mistakes.

This is a great stone for dealing with alcohol addiction. This stone helps you to overcome the craving for alcohol. It can help you maintain your sobriety. Also, it can help you avoid relapse.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

Blue Tigers Eye

Blue tiger's eye is a protective stone. It helps to protect you from being harmed by others. Blue tiger's eye is great for overcoming drug addiction. It can help you gain clarity and self-awareness.

It can help you see things more clearly. This can also help you understand how other people perceive you. Another, it can help you become aware of your own needs and desires.

Blue Tiger's Eye is an excellent stone for helping you to quit smoking. Also, it can help you make decisions about quitting without getting overwhelmed.

It can help you set goals and stick to them. Moreover, it can help you take control of your life.

Image by Plamen Ivanov from Pixabay


Aventurine is a healing stone. It helps to heal emotional wounds. Aventurine is great for recovering addicts. It can help you release old patterns and habits.

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In addition, it can help you move forward into a new, healthier phase of your life.

It is very effective when used as part of a crystal grid therapy treatment plan. This also works well for treating addictions such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs.

Finally, it can help you recover from these addictions.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay


Lepidolite is great for detoxifying the body. They can help cleanse the liver and kidneys. They can help clear out toxins that may be causing problems.

Lepidolite is great for helping with heroin addictions. They can help you get rid of cravings. This can also help you stop using heroin.

They can help you withdraw safely from opiates by keeping your mind clear and focused on overcoming your addiction.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


Hematite is a grounding stone that helps to balance energy in the body. It can help you feel better after experiencing trauma.

It can also help you feel less depressed. Hematite is especially helpful if you have been diagnosed with depression.

Hematite can help you overcome addictive behaviors. It can help you stop drinking or drugging. It can help you overcome any kind of addiction.

This stone is great for unblocking your chakras from any negative energy which helps to assist in overcoming addiction.

Image by György Károly Tóth from Pixabay

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful cleansing stone. It cleanses the physical body and clears away negativity. Black obsidian is a good stone for detoxing the body.

It can be used to cleanse the lungs and skin. It can be used for purification rituals.

Obsidian is a wonderful stone for helping to overcome alcoholism. It can help you stay sober. This can also help you cope with stress.

It can help you deal with anger issues. Also, it can help you find peace within yourself.

Image by Hans from Pixabay


Amber is a soothing stone. It helps to calm emotions. Amber is a great stone for calming anxiety. It can help you relax and relieve stress. It can help reduce feelings of guilt.

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Amber is a great stone for helping you overcome substance abuse. It can help you to stay off alcohol and drugs. It can help to keep you safe while you're trying to quit.

Also, it can help you avoid relapse. This stone is really powerful when used in meditation.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay


Ruby is a beautiful stone. It has a strong connection to the heart. Ruby can help you connect to your intuition. It can help you understand what it means to love yourself.

It can help you let go of self-judgment. Ruby can help you forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Ruby is a great stone for overcoming drug use. It can help you quit smoking pot or other substances. It can help you break free from marijuana dependency.

Image by Mathieu Kessler from Pixabay


Citrine is a happy stone. It's a great stone for attracting wealth and abundance. Citrine can help you attract money and success. It can help you manifest your desires. It can help you attract lovers and friends.

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Citrine can help you overcome addictions. It can help you kick a habit or addiction. Another, it can help you maintain sobriety. Also, it can help you prevent relapses. Finally, it can help you heal from an addiction.

Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay


Aquamarine is a healing stone. It helps to bring clarity, wisdom, and understanding into life. Aquamarine can help you make decisions. It can help you see things more clearly.

This can also give you insight into yourself.

Aquamarine can also help you overcome addiction. This is a very powerful crystal. It can help you to stay focused on overcoming your addiction.

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a loving stone. It brings joy and happiness into your life. Rose quartz can help you to open up to new experiences. It can help you accept change and it can help you release old patterns.

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Rose quartz can help to improve relationships.

Rose quartz is a wonderful stone for overcoming addictions. This can be used as a tool to help you get through withdrawal symptoms. It can help you recover from a relapse.

Moreover, it can help you feel better about yourself which is what helps you to stay focused on beating your addictions. This is a stone that can help you to overcome all sorts of addictions.

Image by xtinarson from Pixabay

Final Thoughts

Addiction can be a tricky thing to overcome, however, with the help of crystals it is possible. Crystals are amazing tools that can help us to overcome our addictions as they allow us to stay focused.

It is worth mentioning that crystals should be used alongside the recommended treatment from medical professionals and not on their own. They help assist your recovery.

We hope this article helped you to gain some knowledge about how to use crystals to help you overcome addiction. Please share this article if you found it helpful. Thank you for reading!

14 Supportive Crystals For Addiction (With Pictures)