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Be As Bold As Brass - 14 Must-Have Crystals To Build Your Confidence

We all need a confidence boost from time to time.

Whether we are preparing for a big presentation, or we need to talk to someone about an important matter.

It is an essential skill, but not all of us are going to have the capability to access it easily. It takes time and practice!

This is where the crystals come in.

Image by Aldk from Pixabay

There are a number of ways to use your crystals in a confidence-building manner.

A simple way is getting the crystal in a piece of jewelry (or you can make the jewelry yourself).

Since you can keep this close to you at all points of the day, without having to actively incorporate it into your routine, it can be an easy method to increase your self-esteem.

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If you don’t want to wear these crystals as jewelry, try meditating with them. You can also place them on the chakra point that you feel needs the most cleansing.

Proximity to the crystal is essential. This will help you find your confidence much faster. You will be much more practiced in incorporating the newfound energy in your everyday life.

Carry on reading to find the best crystals for a confidence boost!

14 Must-Have Crystals To Build Your Confidence

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is one of the most powerful crystals for confidence.

As a stone of protection, its main source of strength lies behind its ability to focus the mind and connect with your root chakra.

This is important because the root chakra is the foundation/starting point from which the rest of your emotional, mental and physical balance comes. It is square one.

When the tiger’s eye connects with this chakra, it grounds you. It also helps you to realize how strong and stable you are.

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This is where your inherent confidence will stem from.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay


Amazonite’s marbled beauty is unparalleled, and so is its ability to calm us and bring us stability.

It is often referred to as the stone of hope because it can easily rein in the chaos, replacing it with positivity and self-confidence.

As well as this, it has been known to carry some good luck.

Knowing that we have fortune on our side will immediately fill us with relief, soothing any anxiety and stress that may be rising because of current circumstances.

With this relief and luck comes the belief that we can achieve anything.

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crystals for confidence
Image by Lucia Breve from Pixabay

Red Jasper

While red jasper is often useful for its spectacular healing properties. This tranquil stone doubles up as a spiritual guide – one that will fill you with courage.

Interestingly, red jasper has been used for hundreds of years as a grounding tool.

People say that even ancient shamans would keep it on necklaces around their necks. A way of ensuring they had complete control over their own will.

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Its strength and belief in your own guidance is sure to fill you with confidence. This is also by believing you can achieve great things will soon be very natural for you!

crystals for confidence
Image by Nat from Pixabay


The way this crystal can catch the light is absolutely stunning – its fiery temperament and shining core is more than enough to inspire you and fill you with inner belief.

The sunstone’s specialty is found in the way it allows us to set boundaries.

This is because the confidence it instills is the same energy that you will use to claim your space.

You deserve to be heard and acknowledged!

Let your confidence burn bright, and use this newfound fire to make big decisions that benefit you.

crystals for confidence
Image by olga volkovitskaia from Pixabay


Carnelian naturally finds itself engaging with three of the most important chakras for confidence – sacral, heart, and root.

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With this connection, carnelian gives courage and vitality.

On top of this, the carnelian’s spiritual formation carries the message of trusting yourself.

Self-confidence and self-belief are the foundation of maintaining full confidence in everyday situations.

With it, you will develop a new level of eloquence that you wouldn’t believe yourself capable of!

crystals for confidence


A wonderfully bright crystal, citrine is full of healing and recovery.

For this, you can channel the citrine’s energy to re-discover your confidence and self-esteem.

On top of this, with regular use citrine can provide positivity in dark times.

So, if you are looking for a support boost that not only fills you with confidence but happiness too, then citrine is a great choice.

Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay


Garnet is one of the strongest crystals you can find.

Its cleansing energy is brilliant at purifying negative auras, and with this comes a renewed sense of purpose and life.

Described as the color of blood, garnet is very much in tune with the body’s processes.

It connects the physical state with the spiritual state and flushes out all the anxiety and stress that may be clouding your decisions.

Once you have healed and removed all the things stopping you from achieving your goals, your confidence will be through the roof!

Image by starbright from Pixabay


Jade will promote self-confidence, simply by allowing harmony into your life.

Confidence is partially related to personality, and jade is well-known for its ability to stabilize personality, while calming the mind and thoughts.

Jade’s beautiful green color is symbolic of peace and luck. This may just be the answer you need for instilling faith in yourself.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

If you recognize luck in your own life, you will take each obstacle as it comes, noting that you can handle anything life throws at you.

With this prosperity, and peace of mind, confidence will naturally flow through you.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has a huge amount of historical significance – it is said that the ancient Sumerians believed their gods lived in this stunning stone.

Opposing this, ancient Egyptians though of the lapis lazuli as the night sky – the dark blue is the huge expanse of atmosphere, and the gold flecks are the stars.

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Either interpretation will help you channel your hidden confidence.

This is because it is associated with courage and wisdom – whether that is through a god’s omnipotent characteristics, or the night sky’s magical presence!

So, if you are looking to take charge of your life, let the lapis lazuli empower you. It will guide you to a future filled with self-confidence and wonder.

Image by Enric Caujapé from Pixabay


Rhodonite is another balancing formation. With its intricate patterns and pale pink hue, it will bring with it a nurturing essence, a calmness.

If your lack of confidence stems from some experiences that make you feel as though you can’t be your true self, rhodonite will bring you back down from this anxiety and remind you that you are okay.

It is very much in touch with a person’s yin-yang, and within a short amount of time using rhodonite, you will learn that no one can hold you back but your own fears.

It’s time to achieve your highest potential!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is commonly used as a ‘cure-all’ type of crystal.

While it may not specifically have the exact properties to restore your confidence, it ultimately stands for self-love – which, in turn, will bring you faith in yourself and your abilities.

This crystal works with the heart chakra. It is found at your heart level, in the center of your spine.

This is also where we physically feel confidence in our bodies.

When that boost of empowerment suddenly hits you, it builds in your chest, allowing you to strive for your goals without hesitation.

With the rose quartz keeping you in touch with your heart chakra, along with other confidence-boosting crystals keeping you grounded, you won’t have to worry about lacking confidence again.

Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay


The moonstone is famous for its healing properties.

This doesn’t just apply to physical healing, however, as it is also very powerful when it comes to inner strength.

Known for its ability to manifest new beginnings, it will help you cleanse all of your old insecurities and anxiety.

If you are looking to enhance your intuition, while activating your spirit and vision, then the moonstone’s opalescent beauty and powerful balancing nature are a must-have.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay


Ruby is the crystal of joy! It won’t allow you to bring yourself down or listen to your negative self-talk.

If you want to find your laughter again, then the ruby’s infectious positivity will bring you back to your old self.

It is said that red is the color of self-confidence. If that is the case, then the ruby is the epitome of self-belief.

With confidence comes fearlessness, and this crystal’s energy is intended to fill you with enthusiasm.

You will no longer want to hold yourself back, that time has passed. Get ready to welcome the new you.

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay


Sodalite is a beautiful, marble-like stone that can have a huge impact on your emotional healing and mental balance.

It is the perfect confidence companion because it will relieve your stress in important decision-making situations.

With this, you can take a step back from your self-doubt.

With sodalite’s potent, calming nature, you will soon be able to look at nerve-wracking situations with an objective viewpoint.

This means that you won’t get an immediate panic, but instead, you can think clearly about what the next steps to take will be.

Image by Resi Innocent from Pixabay

To Sum Up

Finding your confidence can be a difficult task.

Some people may have it innately, and others may have to learn how to access it after some soul-searching.

The use of crystals to help us find self-confidence will only be a source of support, a quiet encouragement.

It will still take some hard work – but the end result will be more than worth it!

Using a variety of the mentioned crystals to help you will eventually lead you to the self–belief and boldness that already lives in you.

Be As Bold As Brass - 14 Must-Have Crystals To Build Your Confidence