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12 Gentle Crystals For Good Dreams (With Pictures)

Do you want to have good dreams on a regular basis? Are you looking for natural ways to improve your sleep quality? If yes, then you should definitely consider using crystals.

These natural stones have many purposes. From promoting balance and healing to cleansing the body, mind, and spirit, crystals are considered to be extremely powerful tools in all facets of spiritual development.

12 Gentle Crystals For Good Dreams (With Pictures)

More importantly, if you suffer with nightmares, it may be possible that crystals can help you unwind and offer you some relief. This will turn your dreams into something far more positive.

12 Gentle Crystals For Good Dreams


This stone has been known for centuries as an excellent healer. It also acts as an effective stress reliever while also promoting the act of relaxation.

Image by Thomas from Pixabay

Amethyst is known to calm the racing thoughts of people who struggle with insomnia, It is by promoting peace, love, and harmony in place of more pessimistic thoughts.

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There's some debate whether you should have Amethyst in your bedroom for sleeping. It is a valued member of the quartz family and serves to magnify energy in any room.

That being said, you may not want to have it in extreme proximity to your sleeping space if you're looking for a profoundly restful sleep.


Agate is said to increase psychic abilities while transforming negative energy into positive energy.

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

It's also important to mention that Agate brings calmness and clarity to the mind. This makes it a great choice of crystal for those who wish to connect with their intuition.

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Especially those interested in exploring the complexities of spirituality through dreams.

Agate also has many soothing properties and is excellent at calming feelings of inner anxiety and anger.

So if you're struggling with nightmares or night terrors due to stress or a generally overworked mind in your day-to-day life, then you may want to invest in Agate.

Keep it close by as you sleep for a peaceful rest full of good dreams.


Also referred as the "Stone of Awareness", this blue crystal has an overwhelmingly soothing energy that can bring about a sense of inner peace. It is to help calm your thoughts when you need it the most.

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

In addition, it also encourages astral traveling and deep angelic connection.

Because the stone can ease feelings of anxiety and fear, it is a great crystal for quieting your mind at night. As a result, you will have a far more restful and rejuvenating sleep that ensures you remain asleep through the night.

Angelite is also a great stone if you would like help remembering your dreams.


Also called Celestite, this crystal is usually associated with divinity, spirituality, and celestial beings. The stone is best when it is used to help you remember or interpret any dream that you feel has some type of deeper meaning.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

It's also useful if you're feeling as though you need to delve into your spiritual path through late night dream exploration. Or if you're looking for guidance from higher spiritual beings. Celestine is also great at guiding you from the astrological plane.

In addition to helping you dream, Celestine can protect you against night terrors and nightmares which will lead to better dreams overall.

Clear Quartz

This stone is used to clear out negativity and emotional blockages and is an excellent way to improve communication skills and strengthen relationships.

Image by Ursula from Pixabay

Clear quartz is best known for promoting vivid dreams, dream recall and dream insight which can be very useful if you are having strange dreams that require further exploration.

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Quartz crystals are also highly programmable, so it is easy to set an intention for them. Simply program the crystal and use it according to your needs.

Dream Quartz

Dream quartz are aptly named for their ability to help you experience good and positive dreams.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

This quartz crystal is noted for its ability to improve dream recall while also warding off negative energies, leading to a more positive dream in return.

Dream Quartz contains lithium, which helps to calm your mind and send you off into a deep sleep full of good dreams. Dream Quartz also emanates a gentle, soothing energy that is conducive to states of lucid dreaming and deep meditation.

Just be warned that this crystal can be quite difficult to find, and is also relatively expensive.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is believed to help one connect with their higher self. It's a spiritual gem used to purify the aura and keep negative energy out. And also leading to a better and more fulfilling nights sleep.

Image by Graciela Zerpa from Pixabay

The crystal carries an abundance of positive energy that strengthens its wearer and becomes a direct line to truth and self-awareness.

It harmonizes the mind and body which has a connection with a more fruitful rest filled with nothing but good dreams.

Feel free to keep it under your pillow for deeper and more meaningful sleep, or to establish a more direct connection with the stone in general.


Before we continue on, we must emphasize that Moldavite is not for the faint-hearted. It is an intense stone of transformation and a powerful aid for dream work and meditation that works to increase your sensitivity to intuition.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Positive dream journeying with crystals is an amazing experience if you can do it right.

Though this crystal will be a little difficult to navigate at times, the journey it provides is always important to help you achieve the good dreaming experience that you truly want.

When you use moldavite, you must also use a grounding stone such as Hematite to keep your body protected as your consciousness begins to travel.

The energy that is produced by this crystal can take some getting used to, so be sure to allow weeks or even months to adjust.


Moonstone is a magnificent crystal that will undoubtedly help you to drift off into a restful sleep every night.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

This crystal is best known for its ability to reduce emotional stress. If this is a large reason as to why you're having trouble sleeping at night then it will be an excellent crystal for you!

Moonstone is also called the stone of new beginnings because it helps people who are having trouble adjusting to new changes in their lives.

Moonstone can also help ground you when using other crystals, like the calming stone tourmaline. This will help you to feel far more comfortable at night. Furthermore, moonstone is a gentler stone for helping you dream.


Rhodonite is a great choice if you want to calm your mind and help yourself relax after a long day.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

In fact, the stone is said to relieve tension while simultaneously promoting relaxation. It makes it the ideal crystal for anyone who suffers from insomnia.

The stone is also believed to increase energy levels and is also a symbol of balance. It also means it can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, you can actively use Rhodonite to help you get a better night’s sleep without the stress of nightmares. Simply place it on your bedside table or carry it with you wherever you go.

Rhodonite is also believed to improve concentration and focus, making it ideal for students and full time professionals.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a useful crystal for many circumstances. It is largely considered to be a stone of healing. And it is especially helpful for someone who is suffering from chronic pain or insomnia. But that's not all.

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Image by Sue Rickhuss from Pixabay

This stunning crystal reduces anxious and fearful energies and instead promotes feelings of compassion, love, and security.

This will send your mind into a relaxed state that will enable you to let go of the things that are keeping you up, especially throughout the night.

As a result, the stone is believed to have properties that help you to fall asleep faster while also protecting you against night terrors. This implies its suggestiveness in terms of providing good dreams.

One way to use this crystal is to place it under your pillow before going to bed. Another way is to wear it around your neck while meditating.


Selenite is a wonderful stone that provides both serenity and peace to any individual. It symbolizes what your mind should truly be like; free of worry and clear of all issues.

Selenite is also a powerful stone that can help you stay calm and focused throughout the day.

In terms of dreams. Selenite is believed to protect you against nightmares and has also been revealed as an effective treatment for insomnia. This has been said to result in better nights sleep and good dreams.

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Selenite can also help you get rid of bad habits - including late night procrastination - that may be impacting your sleep. So if you have a habit that is causing you problems, keep Selenite next to you.


Between the stress of daily life and any difficult situations we might be thrust into. Having a good night's rest is extremely important as it helps to recharge our body, mind, and spirit.

If you are struggling with nightmares or night terrors. It's a good idea to invest in a crystal (or several) so you can have a nice sleep.

Not only will this keep your mind calm and reduce anxiety. But it will also prepare you to face the stresses associated with daily life.

There are many crystals out there that can help to bring about good dreams, so you can choose the ones that best suit your exact needs.

12 Gentle Crystals For Good Dreams (With Pictures)