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Crazy In Love - 17 Radiant Crystals For Love And Romance

The desire for love and romance is one that's common to nearly everybody. To love and feel loved is so fundamental to our spiritual health that people often feel lost and unhappy without it.

Fortunately, there are some amazing crystals that can help to attract love into your life.

Crazy In Love - 17 Radiant Crystals For Love And Romance

They're not going to just drop Mr or Miss right outside your front door, but they can help you to manifest what you need and set the right intentions to give you the extra help you need to make your wishes come true. Let's look at some of the best crystals and stones.

17 Radiant Crystals For Love And Romance

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone with many uses. One of these is attracting both friendship and romantic love into your life.

Image by Graciela Zerpa from Pixabay

It helps to bring out the best in others as well as yourself. This makes it an excellent crystal for those who want to be more loving and kind.

If you have trouble getting along with other people, lapis lazuli will help you to bridge the gaps that separate you from them and help your relationships to blossom.

Cultivating love in yourself is important if you wish to receive it from others, and lapis lazuli can absolutely help you with that.

Keeping it near your body will attract energies of both compassion and wisdom.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another wonderful stone that attracts love and romance into your life. It brings together all the elements of love: passion, devotion, tenderness, affection, and intimacy.

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Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay

It also helps you to heal emotional wounds and break free from past hurts, including both a broken heart and rejection.

It's especially helpful when you've been hurt by someone who doesn't deserve your love. You'll find that rose quartz works wonders on your self-esteem and confidence.

It will help you to become more open and honest about your feelings, which is vital for you to find a healthier love in the future.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a wonderful heart chakra healer. It can fill it with positive energy and help you to recover from any hurt that you've endured in love. It can also help you to overcome fears and anxieties related to love and romance.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Green aventurine has a strong connection to the heart chakra, and this gives it the ability to help you to release old emotions and move forward with new ones.

It can help you to let go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. In short, green aventurine helps you to create a healthy relationship with love.


Amethyst is another great stone for attracting love and romance into your life. It's associated with the crown chakra, which is where we store our highest aspirations.

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Image by Thomas from Pixabay

When you wear it, you'll feel like you're reaching higher than ever before. It's a powerful stone for healing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

It's particularly good for helping you to deal with stress and anxiety. It also helps you connect with your intuition and psychic abilities. These are essential tools for finding love.


Aquamarine is a beautiful blue gemstone that's very popular among lovers. It's known as the "love stone" because it's believed to increase the amount of love available in your life.

Image by sara graves from Pixabay

It's said to strengthen friendships and partnerships as well as romantic relationships, where it helps you to grow love as opposed to lust.

The calming energy of the sea is powerfully present here. It's also thought to improve communication skills, which are essential for maintaining a good relationship after you've found it.


Sapphire is a lovely stone that's often used to attract love into your life. It's a stone of truth and integrity. It helps you to keep your promises and stick to what you say you'll do.

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Image by Monika from Pixabay

It's also a stone of loyalty and fidelity.

Sapphire encourages you to stay true to yourself and your values. It helps you to maintain your sense of identity and purpose.

All of these qualities make sapphire a perfect stone for bringing love into your life.


Citrine is a brilliant yellow stone that's often referred to as the "sunshine stone." It's a stone of happiness and joy. It's considered an excellent stone for promoting romance and encouraging love between partners.

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Image by Dieter Staab from Pixabay

It's also a great stone for helping you to manifest money and abundance in your life. It helps you to get out of debt and live comfortably. Overall, it's an excellent stone for healing and balancing your emotions.


Opals have long been regarded as symbols of love and romance, and they represent purity and innocence. Opals are especially effective when you want to find someone who shares your spiritual beliefs.

Image by Alyssa from Pixabay

They're also helpful if you need to heal past hurts or forgive someone who wronged you. This is why opals are so important for people in long-term relationships.


The moon is a symbol of feminine power, femininity, and beauty. Unsurprisingly, they have a powerful feminine energy. Moonstones are one of the most popular stones for women looking to attract love into their lives.

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

They're also a great stone for boosting self-confidence and improving your mood, which can help you to stabilize your relationships.

It's also an ideal stone to hold close to you while you're manifesting, as its potent energy can help increase your power.


Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. They're a stone of passion and desire. Diamonds help you to express your feelings, and they can be extremely beneficial for strengthening bonds between couples.

Image by zombie cygig from Pixabay

If you're single, diamonds will help you to attract a partner. They're also a wonderful gift for anyone celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a stone that's often associated with the sun. Yellow jasper is a stone of optimism and hope, as well as growth and change.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

It's a stone that helps you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life.

It strengthens your intuition and helps you to see things from another person's perspective. These properties make it a wonderful stone for attracting love into your life.

It's also a powerful stone for removing negative energies from your aura.


Turquoise is a beautiful blue stone that's often associated with the sky. It's a stone of inspiration and spirituality. It's a stone for nurturing friendships and building strong partnerships.

Image by ❄️♡????♡❄️ Julita ❄️♡????♡❄️ from Pixabay

It also brings with it powerful energies of peace and tranquility that can bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

It's especially helpful if you want to set intentions to build more stable relationships, and is also a wonderfully calming aid for when you're meditating.


Carnelian stone is a gorgeous orange color. It's a stone known for bringing courage, strength, determination, and endurance. Carnelian is a stone of protection and safety.

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Image by Amy Moore from Pixabay

It's a stone used by many warriors throughout history.

It's also a stone that can bring potent sexual energy by recharging the sacral chakra, so it can be really helpful if you want to develop the sexual side of a relationship in a way that treats it as a healthy part of mutual love.

Pink Topaz

This is another great source of feminine energy. Pink topaz has a soft pinkish hue, and this makes it a lovely gemstone for enhancing your femininity, making it ideal for attracting a lover.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

It's a stone associated with healing, compassion, and harmony, as well. It's a stone to use when you want to improve your emotional state, and it can also be very useful for relieving stress and anxiety.

This is a fantastic stone to use during meditation, as it can help you to connect with your inner wisdom.


Amber can help you make the law of attraction work for you by filling your heart chakra with energy, raising your vibration, and helping others to be attracted to your incredible spirit.

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Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Amber is an excellent stone for improving communication skills and boosting self-confidence as well, all of which are hugely important when you're seeking love.

It's a stone that can help you to manifest what you wish for, particularly in the romantic sphere.

You may find yourself feeling inspired after using amber, and this can be a good thing, because it means you'll have lots of ideas about how to create a loving partnership.


Garnet is a deep red stone that's often associated with fire, passion and desire. For that reason, they're one of the best aphrodisiac stones available, and are the ideal thing for when you're looking for someone for tonight.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

However, they're also great for rekindling passion into a pre-existing relationship and work really well with both your heart chakra and your sacral chakra.


This stone has a very high vibration, and one of its greatest powers is its ability to keep your chakras in balance - particularly your heart and root chakras.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Rhodonite is a wonderful stone to use when you need to feel grounded and safe, and it helps to boost your confidence levels too.

It's a stone you can use to attract abundance and prosperity, but will also work to attract love and friendship into your life.

Final Thoughts

There are a wealth of crystals and stones that can help you meet your goals in love and romance, and these are only some of them.

Experimenting with these stones, including using them together, will put you in the right space to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Love is there for you, go and get it!

Crazy In Love - 17 Radiant Crystals For Love And Romance