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Leo Birthstone, All You Need To Know About

A birthstone is a type of gem that is associated with the month or astrological significance of a person’s birth. It may seem like a relatively modern concept, but people have been associating gemstones with people’s birth months and personalities for centuries now.

Originally, birthstones were thought to offer their owners extra strength and power during their specific astrological period, but these days the special gems tend to just hold important meanings for the wearer.

Birthstones are sometimes considered to reflect one’s personality and strengths, relative to their astrological sign.

We all know that Leos are renowned for their loyalty, their confidence, and their extroverted nature, but what is their birthstone? And what does their birthstone say about them?

Well, keep reading to find out more! We are diving into Leo's birthstone and all the other fantastic gemstones you need to know about.

Leo Birthstone, All You Need To Know About

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What Is The Leo Birthstone?

There are a few different stones considered to be the Leo birthstone, but the main birthstone for this fiery sign is the Peridot. So, anyone born between July 23rd and August 22nd may be able to find great meaning within this gem.

Some other gemstones associated with Leo's births are amber, garnet, tiger’s eye, black onyx, topaz, petalite, chrysocolla, labradorite, ruby, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, emerald, and citrine.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

The list goes on for quite a while, so we will delve into our very favorite Leo Birthstones, beginning with the main attraction: the peridot.


Peridots are very beautiful gemstones, which combine shades of dark and bright olive greens with hints of golden shimmers.

Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

The green coloring comes from the chemical composition of the gemstone, which means that it does not stem from any impurities in the stone, but rather the color is an intrinsic part of its chemical makeup. Iron is the main thing in Peridot that gives it its green glow.

The history of this precious gem is vast and varied; it has been mined for thousands of years, and has been found in meteorites, as well as on Mars and even on the Moon!

Not only has it been present in the world of science, but also in that of religion; it is mentioned several times in the Bible. Originally, peridots were called Chrysolite, stemming from the Greek word for ‘golden stone’.

Peridot has a history of being associated with luck and good fortune, and its golden properties have linked it with the sun, which makes it the perfect match for the fire sign of Leo.

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For many people, its golden glow and relationship with the sun make it a symbol of light, and power for driving away the darkness.

Peridot is also thought to help Leos to feel calmer; it can relieve guilt and anger, and instead promotes focus and strengthens perseverance. Because of these qualities, many Leos may find it helpful to wear peridot or have one nearby when they are facing difficult situations.

For those who believe in the powers of birthstones, great benefit can come from having peridot present in times of need. Even day to day, the stone’s ability to promote focus and concentration can help with work, and has led it to be referred to as ‘The Study Stone’.

Plus, it's supposed ability to drive away darkness can leave its owner feeling positive and light, which is why it is renowned for helping people to experience balance in their spiritual and emotional lives and is used to reduce anxiety and sadness.

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If you have come across the Indian belief in Chakras, you might also know that the Peridot gemstone is strongly associated with the heart and solar plexus chakras. A chakra is thought of as a center of spiritual power within the human body.

The heart chakra is thought to relate to love, relationships, compassion, transformation, and change, among other things. The solar plexus chakra is thought to help you with motivation, and to move you towards achieving your life goals.

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So, because the peridot is strongly akin with these two chakras, wearing one or being around one can help you to develop all those attributes.

As a Leo, if you feel like you need help with your relationships, or you need help finding some direction in your life. Connecting peridot with your heart and solar plexus chakras is a belief by many to help you with those things.

There are so many positive benefits akin with peridots, all of which can be extremely helpful for the headstrong, fiery Leo.

Other Birthstones Associated With Leo

Although Peridot is the main birthstone for Leos, there are alternative stones that offer other benefits to their user. Having a variety of crystals with different powers can help a Leo to find balance in their life, and to soothe their strong emotions.

While there are no definitively good or bad gemstones for anyone, some of the below gems could help you to maintain inner peace day to day as a Leo.

Petalite - Associated With Leo Birthstone

This Leo birthstone is stunning. It looks a little like the mother of pearl; it is not flashy or sparkling, per se, but it glimmers in some lights and can range from transparent to translucent.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The white shimmers that bounce off the gem are pure and radiant and have led the stone to be in connection with divine bodies.

Sometimes, petalite cite as the ‘Stone of the Angels’, and there is a belief that it can connect you with angels and other divine beings.

If you do not believe in angels, this stone can still provide you with some great benefits. It is also a belief that it connects the owner to their spiritual guides, which makes sense since it is a birthstone.

This might be a great gem to use alongside opening your solar plexus chakra, because it is for helping its owner channel their ambition into a clear path towards achievement.

Topaz - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Topaz comes in a range of beautiful colors, including gold and blue. Our personal favorite is the light blue type of topaz, which is dazzling but simultaneously soothing.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni LOVE PEACE ???????? from Pixabay

Topaz is common for its calming qualities, and for its ability to promote healthy communication.

Leos are often very confident, but they can also be quite stubborn as a result. Because of this, topaz can help Leos to communicate calmly and openly and may help them to see the perspectives of others more clearly.

This can also make it easier for Leos to accept unwanted criticism and could help them to take the positives out of other people’s remarks.

In general, then, topaz can help Leos to connect more easily with others, especially those who share differing views from themselves.

Labradorite - Associated With Leo Birthstone

This is one of the most eye-catching gemstones around. It is multicolored and iridescent, and its range of blues, golds, and greens make it resemble the Northern Lights.

Image by Martina Bulková from Pixabay

Funnily enough, this stone is most common in the colder areas in the Northern hemisphere of the world, so some people think that its color is by the magical Northern Lights.

The colors of the gemstone themselves are calming, so it is no surprise that one of the qualities of the labradorite is to soothe its owner and bring about a sense of peace.

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This can be a great addition to a Leo’s collection if they find they need help with staying calm and collected. The stone’s ability to reduce negativity also helps Leos to feel lighter and less bogged down by intense emotions.

Rose Quartz - Associated With Leo Birthstone

This is a gemstone that is strongly akin with love and romantic relationships. Being around rose quartz can help a Leo to feel more compassionate, less anxious, and can help to heal them from any emotional trauma they have experienced in the past.

Image by Oscar from Pixabay

All of these benefits can lead to easier communication between a Leo and their partner, and a stronger sense of self-love. Alongside the emotional and spiritual benefits of this stone, rose quartz is also extremely beautiful and is a joy to have around.

As you might have guessed from the name, rose quartz has a stunning pink color, which relates it even more strongly to romance and love.

Emerald - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Emeralds have a feisty green color, and the power of love to match. Green is often in connection with the circle of life; birth, rebirth, and growth.

Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

The green of the emerald is to promote the same things, particularly in terms of relationships.

Many people believe that emeralds have the power to open up the heart and mind of a Leo and make them more receptive to growth within their relationships.

Citrine - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Citrine is, unsurprisingly, a crisp yellow color, or a deeper amber color.

Image by Christiane from Pixabay

The bright sunny colors of this gemstone give them strong associations with light and positivity and are regard to bring light to every part of a Leo’s life.

These parts can include mental health, calmness, relationships, and more. The warmth of a citrine lies not only in its colors but also in its powers.

Ruby - Associated With Leo Birthstone

These red gems are one of the most well-suited gemstones to Leos. Leo is a sun sign, and rubies are sun gems, which makes them perfect for each other.

Image by 杰杰 张 from Pixabay

As with most red things, rubies symbolize love and passion. Having these can help a Leo to succeed in their romantic endeavors, and to have more self-confidence as they do so.

As well as promoting a healthy love life, rubies also enhance the inner workings of a Leo and give them the courage they need to face difficult situations.

Leos have a big heart and are already pretty confident. But rubies give them the extra boost they need to succeed and embrace their strengths.

Black Onyx - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Black onyx is for providing its owners with clarity of mind and deep understanding. When exploring difficult emotions and topics, and when they feel like they are lacking direction. Leos can use a black onyx to find a clearer path and to understand themselves and their priorities more clearly.

Image by Zsuzsa from Pixabay

This clarity helps to build one’s self-confidence and can lead to a Leo finding freedom from negative ties and unhealthy habits.

The exterior of this gemstone is dark and cold, but its powers are quite the opposite. This dark black beauty will help you to feel secure in yourself while you take on life’s challenges.

Chrysocolla - Associated With Leo Birthstone

This is a gorgeous turquoise in color crystal that is will turn your head. It is not simply a stone, but rather a mixture of three different types of stones: malachite, azurite, and turquoise.

Image by Inevera from Pixabay

This stone has a very feminine aura and can help all types of Leos to improve their communication and their empathy.

As well as contributing to healthy current relationships with others, this stone can also be a helpful companion to have. A companion while you are enduring a breakup or are in the process of cutting ties with an unhealthy friendship.

It has healing powers that can help build up your confidence and catalyze inner transformations.

Garnet - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Another red delight to add to your list of birthstones is the lovely garnet. Garnets promote peace and calmness and can help a Leo to sift through their many thoughts more easily.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Leos might seem confident all the time, but they are human too and often need to rebuild their inner strength.

Garnets can help with that. They help Leos to feel grounded and more at peace with themselves. Although garnets can come in a range of colors, including green and brown. The red garnet is the one that seems to connect most naturally with Leos.

Use one of these if you are a Leo whose fire needs reigniting.

Amber - Associated With Leo Birthstone

Made from fossilized resin, the amber does not sound like much. But it is one of the most radiant gemstones you can find. It ranges in color from bright light yellows to dark oranges and burnt ochres, and their sunny character reflects this.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

They bring light and peace to those who own them and resonate with the inner flames of a Leo.

It is a common belief that if you wear amber on your skin, for example on a necklace. You will find it easier to feel and absorb the warm healing powers of the crystal.

If you are trying to engage your solar plexus chakra, this is a great stone to use alongside it. As it connects very strongly with the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

An amazing thing about amber is that while you transform each day, so does the stone; in time it will gradually become darker in color - almost as if from giving you its lightness and warmth!

How Should I Use These Stones?

If you are thinking of implementing some birthstones into your life, there are plenty of things you can do. One way you can benefit from these stones is simply by placing them around you in your home.

They will give your house their positive energies and will act as beautiful ornamentation at the same time.

When you do this, you will pick up the stones whenever you please and hold them in your hands. Holding crystals or gemstones in the palm of your hand can bring great comfort.

What many people like to do is start wearing gemstone jewelry. It is a conclusion that having the gems on your skin makes it easier for you to benefit from its attributes. For it makes it easier for the gem to transfer its powers into you.

You can find necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and more made from your favorite gemstones. This way, you will have these positive presences on you at all times, they will also look beautiful on you!

Cleansing The Stones And Gemstone Jewelry

Before you start wearing your gemstones, you should consider cleaning them. It is a regard that gems can perform at their highest ability when cleaning it is regular.

Many people see crystals as conduits for messages from the universe into your body and soul. To drain and recharge it to work efficiently and cleanly is a belief.

If you want to cleanse your gemstones, you can run them under cool water for a few seconds. This will cleanse them fully and start the recharging process.

When you dry your stones, try to place them in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight, or moonlight. It is so that they can absorb the energy of the universe’s power sources.

Leo Birthstone, all the facts!

Final Thoughts

Leos have so many amazing attributes, which deserve augmentation and celebration. What we love about all of these birthstones is that they enhance the qualities of a Leo. Qualities that are already naturally present, and make it easier for them to be in balance and equal.

For any Leo that is struggling to balance their confidence with their empathy; their fire with their coolness; their creativity with their logical side. Try finding a stone that will help you hone in on the attributes you have. For you will need to strengthen or refocus it.

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Birthstones are a great way to connect more strongly to yourself, as well as the universe around you.

Our very favorite Leo birthstone is the dazzling green peridot. It is the perfect starter stone for any Leo that is looking into gemstones and their powers.

Leo Birthstone, All You Need To Know About